Best Hiring Practices

Objective: Share Hiring Best Practices so you can evaluate your own internal process and determine if process improvements are needed.
• Effective Hiring Process
• Employment Branding Opportunities
• Employee Retention

Effective Hiring Process
• No matter what business you’re in or the size of your company, your success or failure depends on the quality of your staff.
• The Hiring Process includes everything from writing the job description to conducting interviews to choosing the best candidates.

Should be:
Well defined
Does everyone know their role, requirements of the job, understand the process?
Sustainable – 
Can the process be sustained long-term or is too complicated?
What metrics are in place to measure effectiveness?

Key Steps in the Hiring Process
• Determine the need to hire a new employee
• Conduct a thorough job analysis
• Write a job description based on the job analysis
• Determine the salary for the position
• Decide what resources to use to find candidates
• Review applications and resumes and identify top candidates
• Interview most qualified candidates
• Check references
• Hire the best candidate

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