Project Examples

Handling project demands and meeting customer needs during tight economic times:

Ways NER can help you achieve your goals.  Some of our capabilities may surprise you...

Like many companies in this economy, you are likely running a lean organization and working hard to do more with less. You still have deadlines. You face many challenges and may struggle to get the resources you need when money is tight. Yet you still have to meet design, development, test and production goals.  You may have a variety of tasks to be done and no one to do them.  Maybe you just need some support to catch up on work that has fallen behind.

Most likely, your internal staff is focused on the most critical tasks.  It can be difficult, if not detrimental, to pull someone from their primary job to do something that would take only a few days or weeks to do.  But your organization may not be in a position to hire employees. This is where NER comes to the rescue. 

Solutions: Fast response, short-term availability, talented consultants, cost effective. RESULTS! 

For many years, NER, Inc. has helped numerous engineering and manufacturing organization deal with short-term challenges to get projects done on time. We've delivered consultants with the experience to meet their project needs.  Some customers needed several people for several months; others needed one person for a couple of days.  We have the talent available, we understand the work, and we deliver fast, cost effective service.  Here are a few examples of how we might help you: 

CE Mark Certification - Our customer had a new VME board that had gone into production. They wanted CE certification for the EU market but could not dedicate internal resources to analyze requirements, conduct the tests, and coordinate the effort with the lab.  They called NER, Inc. on a Monday and in two days we had a Consultant in place.  The work was done on time.

PCB Design and Layout Changes - Our customer had a design come back from their design partner and they wanted to make some changes before it went to layout.  Their timeline was critical and their partner could not do it for several days.  The design was created using Altium Designer software, which our customer did not have.  They needed a Consultant who already owned Altium to do the work, which was expected to take about 30 hours.  The request came in on Tuesday, and our Engineer was at our customer's location for file transfer and review two days later.  NER's engineer worked over the weekend to complete the project by Monday in order to meet their delivery deadline. 

DCS Automation Project - A process controls engineering company was bidding on an automation upgrade project involving a competitive legacy system being migrated to their DCS Platform.  Their customer, the end user client, was concerned they lacked the technical expertise on the installed legacy system to make this project a success.  As part of their sales strategy, they approached us and requested a contract resource with the technical expertise of the legacy system.  We found the resource and as part of their bid, they included the contractor as a member of their technical team.  In doing so, they established a competitive advantage, increased customer confidence while commanding a premium over other competitors.  This was a very competitive bid but in the end, the project was awarded to our customer who in turn released a purchase order to us for the legacy system resource.

Medical Device Software Verification - A medical device customer was updating a product and the development effort porting from an Intel to an ARM processor was underway.  They needed a lead Software Engineer to oversee development, verification and documentation efforts.  The company was in a hiring freeze but was able to handle the cost via the engineering budget.  We provided three Software Engineers to work for 6 months to get the software work completed resulting in the upgraded product going into production on time.  This was a much cheaper alternative than contracting with an outside design firm and a much more flexible solution. 

Avionics Software Test - Our avionics customer received a new contract for an updated version of an air data computer.  They did not have the budget to hire a Lead Software Test Engineer but needed someone with Level A experience.  We provided an Engineer that week that had the significant DO-178B experience necessary to perform the testing and verification for a 9 to 12 month contract. 

Big Contract Win for Small Company - A small but established company developing embedded control products won a large military contract.  We were called on a Wednesday with a request for 5 people, including Software, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineers and Designers.  They wanted people available the following week.  Within 5 days we had 15 consultant candidates submitted for consideration, and the five positions were filled for the 6 month contract.  Had the customer been forced to hire talent directly, they would not have gotten the work done on time and would have spent significantly more money in the process.  ** By augmenting their engineering staff, they were able to take on more business and deliver results to their customer on time

Field Service Equipment Deployment - A radar systems manufacturer had a large schedule of installations. Working on a tight timeline, a narrow window to complete the work, weather constraints, challenging field locations and access sights all major factors, they could not complete the tasks with their internal staff. To hire Technicians would have been expensive, especially as the work was spread out and short term; they needed Techs in the US and Canada for one or two weeks at a time, with gaps of weeks between projects.  We deployed Field Service Technicians to those locations for one and two week projects.  The customer only paid for the time worked and did not need to manage the employees or deal with employment issues.  The work was completed on time or ahead of schedule for each project.

National reach.  Broad technical competency.  World Class Service and Support.

Whatever type of technical work you might need done, if you find you are short of help and need a fast, cost effective solution, feel free to call us to discuss how we may help.