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Our Recruiters Specialize in Engineering and Technology Jobs

Engineering Staffing and Recruiting
Looking for talented Engineers or Technical Talent? Our technical recruiting staff screens and test the best available talent to match your engineering or technical staffing needs. We have an extensive network of qualified candidates and engineers who are ready to fulfill your employment needs.

What kind of engineering jobs are you looking for?
Our engineering and technical staffing recruiters, can help you find engineering jobs that match talent with the perfect company. Our professional recruiters work with top companies, giving you access to some of the most desirable positions available.

Materials Test & Inspection 
Managing Director
Mike Schlicht
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext. 104
Local Phone: 763-561-1061

Automation & Controls Engineering
Managing Director
Evy Trost
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext. 110
Local Phone: 763-561-8303

R&D and Manufacturing Services
Managing Director
Shannon Becker
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext 101
Local Phone: 763-561-8322

Senior Technical Recruiter
Brad Coleman
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext 108
Local Phone: 763-561-7610 ext 108

Technical Recruiters
Lisa Lindemann
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext 111
Local Phone: 763-561-7610 ext 111

Mark Armstrong
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext 115
Local Phone: 763-561-7610 ext 115