Abhay Chauhan

Abhay M. Chauhan
Phone: 657-363-2920 Email: abhay7694@gmail.com
1403 Marymount St, Riverside, CA, 92501
Permanent work authorization in US (No sponsorship required now or in future)
Engineering Portfolio – http://www.abhaychauhanportfolio.com/

Master's Degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering August 2016 – December 2017
The Pennsylvania State University Cumulative GPA: 3.6/4.0

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering August 2011 – June 2015
The Gujarat Technological University Cumulative GPA: 8.32/10

Work Experience:
Building Engineered Smart Technology (BEST Technologies) (http://www.hvacbest.com/)
& HVAC Manufacturing and Technology (http://www.hvacmfg.com/) January 2018-May 2020
Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager
• Led the project of designing utilizing Pro-E & AutoCAD, ANSYS FEA & CFD Simulation and prototyping of
three types Advanced Air Handling Unit Designs based on research of CTO (Retired MIT Professor)
• Led Mechanical Design, Preparation of DXF files, Design of complex assembly tool; Finite Elements Analysis
(FEA), Project management; Coordination with Sales, Marketing & Manufacturing; Labview Programming,
MATALB/Simulink Programming, Electronics Subsystem Design, High volume manufacturing process
application, Plastic Injection Molding design, Mold flow analysis, 3D Solid Modelling, Tooling Design,
Programming of Microcontrollers, Blow Molding Analysis, Generation of complex 3D assemblies,
Manufacturing Techniques, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Lean manufacturing techniques, Experimental
design, Bill of Material (BOM), Failure mode and effects methods (DFMEAs, PFMEAs), ASME Y14.5 GD&T
• Designed and prototyped flow testing facility (Wind Tunnel) and Acoustic Chamber, to analyze flow pattern
and sound testing of different air valves, including SIEMENS GoLo with 100:1 turndown ratio.
• Led the project of finishing design and prototype of coaxial rotary actuator utilizing Stepper Motors for
Double blade Airvalve technology for SIEMENS GoLo.
• Led engineering team to design low profile air diffuser with electromechanical components and worked with
SIEMENS, JCI and Delta Controls to design control architecture for entire building system
• Products worked on from Concept to Production:
1) Three types of Air Handling units Utilizing axial fans from 10,000CFM to 100,000 CFM, based on 30 years
long research of retired MIT Professor
2) Two wind tunnel/ flow testing facility, capable of measuring as low as 5 CFM accurately with +-0.1%
3) Acoustic Reverb Chamber of 28000 ft3
4) First commercial coaxial rotary actuator for SIEMNS GoLo Valve
5) Low profile Air diffuser
6) SIEMNS GoLo – Air valve optimization for 100:1 turndown ratio
Graduate Research Assistant September 2016 – August 2017
Penn State – NASA Adverse Environment Rotor Test Stand Lab
• Lead Engineer for designing and executing experiments with ice adhesion strength testing, processing
particle image velocimetry photos, designing and fabricating a passive balancing devices for rotorcraft
• Driving rapid Prototype, motor controllers, actuator controllers and system controllers
• Repaired worn rotor blade components, rewired strain gauges & electrothermal heating systems. Eliminated
100% of ice bridging that compromised adhesion strength results by designing and machining icing shield
Mechanical Engineering Design and Analysis Co-op January 2013 – December 2014
CADD Center Ltd
Flight Design Intern April 2015 – June 2015
Aeolus Aerotech Ltd
Computational Fluid Dynamics Intern June 2014 – July 2014
Altair Engineering Inc.
• Autodesk Inventor & SOLIDWORKS CAD Experience – 3 Years; AutoCAD & NX CAD Experience – 1 Years
• Certification in CATIA V6, PTC Creo; MS Office, Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint Experience – 6 Years
• Certification in STAR-CCM+ and ANSYS Mechanical; CFD, FEA & Structural Simulation Experience: 3 Years
• Proficient in ISO 9001, Resistance Welding, Power Coating, Machining, 3D printing, Injection Molding
• Proficient in CNC lathes, Injection Molding, Plasma Tables, CNC Tube Benders, CNC Brakes, Hydraulic Shear
Projects Undertaken:
Centrifugal Testing of Ice Adhesion August – December 2016
• Experimentally determined cloud liquid water concentration and proprietary blade coating ice adhesion
• Reconfigured the test stand by designing new blades for rotor stand to eliminate artificial ice pattern
Wind Tunnel Testing of a Cylinder: Shedding Vortex Frequency Quantification August – December 2016
• Operated high-speed camera for smoke sheet visualization of Kármán vortex street
• Designed and machined new bracket-wire system to provide 300% thicker smoke sheet for improved
visualization of shedding vortices
• Quantified shedding vortex frequency using particle image velocimetry (PIV)
• Compared results with flow simulation model to determine model accuracy and experimental uncertainty
Hover Stand Six-Axis Load Cell Calibration August – December 2016
• Planned and performed accurate calibration procedure of a six-axis load cell to improve factory calibration and
measure operation loads of RC helicopter in several rotor configurations
• Compared experimental results with blade element momentum theory (BEMT)
• Physically moved load cell to Icing wind tunnel in Hammond building for studies on pitot probe icing
Senior Year Design Project
Investigation of Co Flow Jet for High Performance Wing Configuration June-Decembe 2014
• Investigated mixing and energy transfer between the jet and main flow using CFD simulations, which results
in higher circulation, higher lift, higher stall angle of attack, lower drag, and lower energy expenditure.
Design and Analysis of Supersonic Passenger Jet for low using CFD January-June 2015
• Created conceptual design for SSJ with 80 passenger, developed computational model of SSJ model in modelling
software and then creation and segmentation of finite computational domain into discrete intervals and
application of boundary conditions to obtain plots and result of lift, drag, pressure coefficient.
Experimental Project Lead – Centrifugal Testing of Ice Adhesion August 2016
Penn State Department of Aerospace Engineering
• Designated critical roles to ensure safe and proper facility operation and data collection
• Led report and presentation of experimental findings
Senior Year Design Project – Minor and Major Project Lead August 2014- June 2015
• Coordinated the contributions and deliverable schedules of four teammates over the course of two semesters
• Led initial, interim, and final presentations of senior design project to large audience (100+)
Head of Operations January 2012 – July 2016
'Help on the way' NGO
• Led team of 80+ students and prepared plans to expand our mid-day meal program to 7 government schools
in attempt to feed daily over 1300 from slum area during school lunch break
Aeronautical Department Student President August 2014- June 2015
• Led all the departmental meetings, organized all the student council sponsored activities/events, maintain
frequent contact to faculties and administration to serve best for the students' achievement
Promotional Team Lead August 2013 – June 2014
Prakarsh- National Tech Fest
• Directed promotional event for Tech Fest over 65 universities in India and designed plan to expand promotion
for 30 more institution for succeeding year's Tech Fe

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