Abhimanyu Kamat

Abhimanyu Kamat
Recent graduate, Mechanical Engineer
• Mechanical engineering internship with Suzuki.
• Mechanical design, analysis and fabrication.
• 3-D modelling and FEA Analysis.
• Material Testing

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar for Dynamic Analysis (Impact testing) [Thesis]:
• Designed and built impact testing setup for Rutgers University
• Modeled using SolidWorks and simulated on Abaqus.
• Learnt and implemented Arduino programming for valve control and Vernier photogate data acquisition.
• Learnt and implemented the usage of strain gages by mounting them in different bridge configurations.
• Calculated stress and strain in specimen by digital imaging correlation using Matlab and strain gages
Lip Gloss Packaging
• Designed an innovative lip-gloss package for World Wide Packaging on SolidWorks.
• Designed a telescopic mechanism for lip-gloss dispenser.
Torque Characteristics of Magneto-rheological fluids
• Designed a coupler that uses MR fluids for transmission using CATIA and ANSYS.
• Machined using welding, lathe, drilling, milling and grinding machines.
• Developed magneto-rheological fluids of different composition.
• Presented a paper in AIM National Conference 2011.
Deep Cold Rolling tool
• Designed and fabricated a DCR tool which gives a smooth finish without material removal and increases the
life by reducing the residual stress on the components machined.
• Modelled the tool using CATIA, did FEA analysis on ANSYS and fabricated in the machine shop.
Dynamic Analysis of Segway
• Designed and modelled an Inverted Pendulum on Solid Works which served as the basis for Segway.
• Performed dynamic analysis of Segway.
• Lagrangian methods were used again as another approach for dynamic analysis of the Segway.
Snap-Through load analysis using ANSYS
• Linkage designed on ANSYS such that it snaps to another equilibrium position.
• Determined intermediate configurations using arc-length method.
Design of Robotic Manipulator
• Simulated kinematics of a robotic manipulator using Solid Works.
• Performed forward kinematic analysis using both geometry and transformation matrices (D-H Parameters).
• Performed inverse kinematic analysis using analytical method and inverse Jacobian method.
• Performed position analysis and velocity analysis as well.

(732) 421 8226
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Physics and Mathematics Lecturer Rutgers University
September 2013 to December 2013
• Tutored undergraduate students for SAT physics subject test.
• Prepared detailed lesson plans and tests to help mentor the students.

Part-time Lecturer (Physics) Rutgers University
August 2012 to December 2012
Conducted comprehensive lab sessions for 2 sections of 30 undergraduate students in general physics.

Intern Assembly Unit
December 2009 to January 2010
Trained in a unique line balancing technique called Maynard Operation Sequencing Technique
(MOST) which is a predetermined motion time system.
• Worked in scratch department, assembly unit and others areas in the assembly shop.

Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
January 2016

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Manipal Institute of Technology

June 2011

• 3D Modelling using Solid Works, ProE, Catia V5, Autocad, Solid Edge
• FEA Analysis using ANSYS and ABAQUS – Experience with:
• Solving truss problems for finding reactions and displacement.
• Short beam problems (plain stress and strain bending, stress conc) using triangular and rectangular
• Animation of mode shapes and frequency of beams.
• Viscoelasticity problems, buckling problems, hertz contact problems, impact problems.
• Stress intensity factor by J-Integral/ by collapsing nodes.
• Temperature distribution/ Heat transfer problems in solid and hollow rods/ spheres/discs.
• Tensile testing of elastic and non-elastic materials.
• Machining using lathe, milling, shaping, grinding, tapping, drilling tools
• Assembly line balancing using Maynard Operational Sequencing Technique

Courses Undertaken
Analytical dynamics Kinematics of Robots
Thermodynamics Thermal/Mechanical Stress Analysis
Elasticity Advanced Mechanics of Materials
Continuum Mechanics Finite element analysis

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