Adam Recksiedler

Adam Recksiedler
1853 141st lane NE
Ham Lake, MN 55304

To earn an exciting electrical engineering position at a company that can benefit from my
motivation to create.

Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, Expected May 2016
College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota­Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN
Cumulative GPA: 3.42

Computer Languages: C, Matlab, Assembly, Visual Basic
Software: Matlab, ORCAD, Hspice, Pspice, Mathematica, Autodesk Inventor,
Comsol Multiphysics, Solidworks, Microsoft Office
Other: Soldering, Signal Processing, Data Acquisition, Strong Electrical and Physical Intuition

Work Experience:
Electrical Intern at GEDI LLC​ ­­ Long Lake, MN ­­ Sept. 2014 to May 2015
• Developed matlab code to determine the generalized inductance matrix of a 14 Brook’s coil pulse
• Experimentally measured the inductance matrix of the pulse transformer using four­point
measurements taken with Measurement Computing™ data acquisition modules interfaced with
• Fielded questions about my company’s “Brushgun” (an EM launcher similar to a railgun) design
at the 2015 Pulsed Power Conference.

Electrical Engineer at GEDI LLC​ ­­ Long Lake, MN ­­ May 2015 to Present
• Developed Matlab code to control the full operation of my company’s EM launcher.
• Used analog input data acquisition board to monitor 20+ (more will be added) differential
voltage measurements for diagnostic and feedback purposes.
• Used a virtual COM port to dictate the operation of two TDK­lambda power supplies.
• Used a digital output module and analog feedback to switch multiple medium voltage
relays and control the operation electromechanical equipment.
• Helped to design custom signal conditioning circuitry.
• Designed, along with the lead mechanical engineer, switchgear for the 14 megajoule capacitor
banks to perform charging and discharging.
Electrical Engineer at GEDI LLC​ (Continued) ­­ Long Lake, MN ­­ May 2015 to Present
• Oversaw and assisted with the construction of 14 1MJ capacitor banks
• Designed and constructed other necessary mechanisms to benefit the project.

Electrical Engineering Intern at LHB​ ­­ Minneapolis, MN ­­ May 21, 2014 to Aug. 22, 2014
• Developed detailed wiring termination sheets from complex power and control designs for use in
• Upgraded old spreadsheets used for sizing cable tray by instituting Excel macros and formulas
• Redlined electrical plot plans and modified valve control schematics for a large industrial facility
cable relocation project utilizing internal design staff, and prepared final “IFC” drawings under
professional engineer supervision.
• Researched, identified, and assembled all power, control, and instrumentation drawings for two
4160V booster pump upgrades, and prepared final design packages for construction.
• Created efficient 480V load summary spreadsheet to be utilized for estimation of peak
demand load versus total connected load in a project that will relocate control and power cables
into a centralized location housing motor controllers and PLC panels.

Other Experience:
Engineer, Solar Vehicle Project​ University of Minnesota, Twin Cities January 2014 to May 2015
• Worked on engineering a new electric motor to be used in the 2015 competition
• Collaborated with other engineering students to arrive at a motor design which is optimized for
• Learned about motor controllers and telemetry to a greater extent

Member, Go First​ ­­ University of Minnesota, Twin Cities ­­ Fall 2013 to Spring 2014
• Modeled a radio controlled vehicle in SolidWorks
• Used a 3D printer to realize SolidWorks models

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