Alex Gelbutovskiy

Alex Gelbutovskiy, MSc (IT)
Cell: (612) 814-7352 Plymouth, MN 55441 Email:

• 3+ years of experience in software development, testing and network security
• Knowledge of .NET framework and new product development
• Experience in home mortgage and medical industries
• Experience in Agile-SCRUM, waterfall, code reviews, fast-paced environment, and demos
• Project administration (Wells Fargo-TFS)
• Professional background in object-oriented, event-driven and rule-based programming paradigms
• Proficient white-box and black-box tester
• Strong in writing LINQ expressions and Linux shell scripts
• Strive to achieve balance between efficiency and clients’ needs
• Fan of paired and extreme programming methodologies

Technical Skills
Core programming languages: C#/ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java, Bash, Python, Batch, VBScript, C++
• .NET 3.0/3.5/4.0 & 4.5.1: Win forms, WPF/XAML, LINQ, web-scraping (HtmlAgilityPack), Spy++
• Profilers: JetBrains (dotPeek, dotMemory), Code Metrics Viewer, perfmon
Data analysis: Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, Minitab, R32, STATA
Query languages: SQL, XPath 2.0, jQuery
Web development: HTML5, CSS, SOAP, JavaScript, IE/Firefox (dev tools)
Virtualization: VirtualBox, Vagrant, VMware, Chef, Jenkins, Puppet
Applications: Visual Studio 2013 (TFS), ILSpy (.NET decompiler), NetBeans (Git), Eclipse, PowerShell, MS Office’13, WinSCP, FileZilla, ollydbg (disassembler), Yano (obfuscator), SAP ERP, Unity 3D
Databases: MS SQL Server, TOAD, SSRS, Oracle PL/SQL, PowerDesigner, SQLite
Testing: HP ALM, NUnit, NCrunch, Moq, MSTest, Selenium
Security: Kali, BackTrack, forensic registry editor (FRED), metasploit, MITM, nmap, sslstrip, wireshark
Cryptography: WEP/WPA (aircrack-ng/pyrit), ASCII encryption (PHE)
Machine Learning: ANNs, Neural Network Toolbox (Matlab), genetic programming
Hardware: hearing aids, EEPROM, CUDA (GPU), Raspberry PI, Arduino, Teensy, soldering
Other: Linux/UNIX/MAC, XML, Vim, LaTeX, Regex, FTP/SSH, Lynx/w3m, Tor, CUPS, Attachmate (MSP)

Professional Experience
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, St. Louis Park, MNOct 2014/Present
Project overview: Configuration team has been writing business rules in the web application EarlyResolution (CeleritiFinTech) for several years. This application supports default-servicing portfolio: loss mitigation workflow and collections web portal. Code vendor (CeleritiFinTech) provides multiple virtual environments: production, UAT1-4 and warranty. Business logic is expanding; human mistakes occur more frequently. Configuration team needs to build several tools that would streamline business rule audit and production deployment processes. Code vendor’s backlog is large, but the team needs new tools urgently.

Application Developer (Consultant at TEKsystems)
• Administer proprietary projects for configuration team using TFS. Average project size: 5,000 LOC
• Lead software development process, manage lifecycles, provide training to team members:
o Gazelle (C#/Windows forms): compares domain logic between any two environments
o GazelleTree (WPF/XAML): converts rule table into its tree-like representation
o Tracker (C# script): daily email notifications about updates to business logic
o ArGENTum (Loan Workgroup/SPOC Re-Assignment AGENT):150,000 production loans
o Oreo (ASP.NET): user-friendly online service for constructing business scenarios (XML)
• Perform rule-based configuration in the web application EarlyResolution (ER) application
• Support SDLC by attending BRD and FSD walkthroughs to identify gaps in the requirements
• Connected configuration team to Wells Fargo’s TFS
• Conceptualized cross-environmental comparison and analysis of domain logic
• Integrated two web browser controls on Windows form
• Used OOP, event-driven programming and set theory concepts to analyze business rules
• Built web-scraping engine using HtmlAgilityPack (XPath) to process each rule table into DataTable
• Wrote LINQ expressions which return differences between two DataTable instances
• Achieved significant cuts in time/effort when comparing rules between any two ER environments
• Helped deploy rule, valid value and role task/queue permission tables to production and UAT
• Used Test Driven Development (TDD) approach during creation of new features
• Communicated with unmanaged code library (user32.dll) using DllImport attribute
• Researched PInvoke signatures that can close pop-up messages in the integrated web browser control in Windows form (ArGENTum)
• Applied extreme programming and SOLID principles to absorb changes in requirements
• Used Grid View control to display data
• Built buttons to export results into CSV and/or Excel files
• Added rule-tagging functionality
• Worked with tree, linked list, hashsets and dictionaries
• Analyzed cyclomatic and time complexities in designed algorithms
• Used logging to monitor application performance and write exception handlers
• Communicate with CeleritiFinTech about code updates to each virtual environment and web portal
• Run frequent smoke tests after each code drop to a virtual environment
• Troubleshoot defects raised by QA team during testing cycles. Use HP ALM to track all defects
• Design SQL queries to locate specific loans for system testing in MS Access database
• Use MSP system (Black Knight Financial Services) to modify loan data
• Used Attachmate.Extra library to update loan data programmatically in MSP
• Wrote Technical Approach Documentation (TAD) and user manual for each tool
• Used SharePoint to keep track of active documents
• Application retirement (ArGENTum): moved its source code to archive repository
• Decompiled existing .NET tools using ILSpy in order to perform code reviews
• Interview candidates who would take over my responsibilities in future development cycles

Starkey Hearing Technologies, Eden Prairie, MNMar 2014/Sep 2014
Project overview: Software engineering group splits into two teams – CurrentGen and NextGen.
NextGen team needs to convert existing CurrentGen codebase into its loosely coupled variation. Audiologists and existing customers would like to have efficient signal-processing logic inside hearing aids. Project manager advises to form white-box testing team that would help identify various low-level defects.

Software Engineer – Tester (White-Box)
• Collaborated with the white-box testing team in Agile-SCRUM environment
• Created series of tests using C#.NET: exhaustive, smoke, integration
• Wrote LINQ expressions to compare serialized output of parameters from hearing aids
• Test automation: developed and implemented firmware upgrade test for all types of hearing aids
• Discovered memory leak in integration branch using JetBrains (dotMemory) and perfmon
• Demoed test results to the team and release coordinator at the end of every other sprint
• Used ReSharper to analyze and refactor code
• Discovered front-end defects in company’s software application for audiologists (Starkey Inspire)
• Created email notification system that processes defect report from a nightly “UT farm” run.
Implemented .NET interoperability service to export results into MS Excel workbook
• Applied AAA methodology in my test scripts
• Tested gated check-ins in the Whitebox solution
• Used NUnit and NCrunch for testing
• Executed daily system test: installed Inspire with the latest build version, then tested hearing aids
• Participated in daily stand-ups, sprint review and sprint retrospective meetings
• Submitted conceptual design of the accent transformation technology on the Patent Day

University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MNApr 2014/Dec 2014
Computer Lab Consultant
• Wrote batch scripts to automate Windows registry updates on school workstations
• Deployed Windows 7, Matlab and SQL Server on school workstations, St. Petersburg (Europe)Sep 2012/Nov 2012
Software engineer
• Assisted in development and documentation of SOAP applications
• Created web-crawler (Java) which gathered and analyzed website data (college degrees)
• Wrote triggers (PL/SQL) and bookmarklets (JavaScript)

Independent Projects
• Vulnerability assessment – Windows 7/8/10 load-points:
o Created C# monitoring application (Source control: Bitbucket-Git):
• Communication with user32.dll (PInvoke)
• Remote FTP server receives logs
• Unless FTP transfer succeeds, email transfer takes place
• Partially homomorphic encryption (PHE)
o Decryptor: decrypts byte stream of ASCII characters from an encrypted log file
o Created “champagne fountain” model to bypass file count limit on some free FTP servers
• Privilege escalation – created Admin accounts on test Windows machines (FRED/chntpw)
• VirtualBox: pioneered deceleration of online aptitude test engines
• Analyzed vulnerabilities in WEP/WPA encryption schemes with aircrack-ng and pyrit
• Invented way to bypass authentication and submit print requests (CUPS) on Windows NT network
• Discovered way to suspend account access on Windows NT network using smbclient
• Wrote Bash script that helps reveal passwords in Firefox’s SQLite DB for a Windows user profile
• Discovered vulnerability in online magazine; text-based web browsers (eg. w3m, Lynx) allow users to read all monthly editions stored in the online archive.
• Arduino/Teensy: experiments involving light-emitting diodes and digital camera sensor
• GLtron automation using SendKeys and pixel-processing (C#.NET/in progress)
• Game (07/2015 – Present): “Kiribati: The last time you walked upon my shores”. Utilize Unity 3D game engine and C# scripting to create 2.5D game about cataclysmic events.

University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MNSep 2013/May 2015
MSc in Information Technology (GPA: 3.66)
Group projects:
• “Genetic programming” (Java/Mathematica)
• “Blood bank DB” (PowerDesigner/SQL)
• “Retrieval of facial expressions” (Matlab and Neural Networks Toolbox/R)
• “Server Infrastructure Project” (Vagrant, Chef, Jenkins)
• Networking and telecommunication: NextGen MPLS service (TCP/IP)
• ERP Project

Lamar University, Beaumont, TXJan 2013/May 2013
MSc in Computer Science (GPA: 3.57)
Status: not completed, transferred 6 credits to University of St. Thomas
Group project: “AI: Mancala game in VB.NET”

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UKSep 2007/Oct 2011
BA in Economics and Mathematics
Minor: Informatics, finance, philosophy, physics
Solved problems in linear algebra and econometrics using Matlab, Minitab, Mathematica, and STATA

Harvard University, Cambridge, MAJune 2011/Aug 2011
Visiting scholar: Introduction to Java

University of California, Berkeley, CAJune 2010/Aug 2010
Visiting scholar: Labor economics

University of California, Los Angeles, CA – International Year AbroadSep 2009/Jun 2010
Major: Economics and Mathematics
Minor: Statistics with R

• Alumni society – University of St. Thomas (US)May/2015
• Alumni society – University of Edinburgh (UK)Oct/2011

• “Rule-based programming systems: analysis and comparison of domain logic” (in progress)

• FrenchProfessional working proficiency
• PortugueseLimited working proficiency

Classical music, piano, smooth jazz, artificial intelligence, languages, cars/motorcycles, travelling

Experience BACK TO TOP

Job Title Company Experience
Application Developer Wells Fargo – Present

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Desired Salary/Wage: 25.00 – 50.00 USD hr

Current Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Date of Availability: Within 2 weeks

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for my present employer only.

Active Security Clearance: None

US Military Service:

Citizenship: Other

Target Job: Target Job Title: Software Engineer

Desired Job Type: Temporary/Contract/Project

Desired Status: Full-Time

Target Company: Company Size:

Industry: Computer Software Computer/IT Services


IT/Software Development
• Software/System Architecture
• Software/Web Development

Target Locations: Selected Locations: US US-MN

Relocate: Yes

Willingness to travel: Up to 25% travel

Languages: Languages Proficiency Level
French Advanced
Portuguese Beginner

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