Amit Patil

4713 Aldgate Green, Baltimore, MD –21227 Mobile: 443-847-4603
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4713 Aldgate Green, Baltimore, MD –21227 Mobile: 443-847-4603
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Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant
Department of Mechanical Engineering, umbc
Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant
Department of Mechanical Engineering, umbc
Innovative mechanical engineer with efficient problem-solving skills, higher computer proficiency and excellent verbal and written communication

CAD Software Packages: Solid Edge, Catia V5, Siemens NX (Unigraphics), AutoCAD.
Simulation Software Packages: Nastran/Patran, Comsol, Ansys Fluent, AspenTech.
Programming Languages: C, C++, Matlab.
Other Software: MS office suite, MS Project, ProjectLibre, Tecplot.
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS.
Machining Skills: Lathe, Welding, Milling, Foundry and Forgery.

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maryland Baltimore County
June 2014 – June 2015 Multipurpose Modelling Laboratory (CFD)

Developed a two-dimensional model for simulating absorption of CO2 using water-based MEA with the consideration of turbulent flow through a porous medium
The model is used to study the distributions of gas velocity, pressure, CO2 absorption flux, CO2 and MEA concentrations, and temperature in the absorption column for various operating liquid/gas ratios and packing materials.
The relationship between the liquid flow rate and CO2 absorption rate is obtained for different packing materials.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Maryland Baltimore County
August 2014 – June 2015 Fluid Mechanics and Fluid/Thermal Laboratory

Lead discussion session for a class of 40-60 students.
Monitored the laboratory and assisted twenty students in each session performing mechanical experiments to demonstrate the flow pattern over airfoil and cylinder in a wind tunnel, boundary layer over a flat plate, boiling and cooling tower experiments
Contribute to the development of appropriate teaching materials to ensure content and methods of delivery meet learning objectives
Supervise practical work, advising on skills, methods, and techniques to assist the transfer of knowledge

University of Maryland Baltimore County GPA: 3.37
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Oct 2015
• Coursework: Advanced Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid/Thermal Dynamics, Multiphase Heat and Mass Transfer, Advanced Elasticity, Advanced Dynamics, Partial Differential Equation, Project Management, Biomechanics.

Visvesvarya Technological University, India GPA: 3.5
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering June 2012
• Top 10% of Class: Class Representative

Patil, Amit R., Ajit A. Vyavahare, and Prashant S. Hadapad. “Quantum Size Effect in Nano size Semiconductor Materials.” ACM Digital Library, International Conference and Workshop for Emerging Technologies 2011.

Patil, Amit R., Frank Wang, Liang Zhu, and Ronghui Ma. “Numerical Study of Turbulent Gas Flow and CO2 Absorption in Porous Media. “Thermal and Fluids Engineering Summer Conference”. 2015.

Experimental Investigation of Local Heat Transfer Co-efficient
Designed and developed a system to investigate the experimental results for heat transfer co-efficient due to normal impingement of circular jet on a detached rib.


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