Andrew Taylor

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Andrew Taylor
4551 South 2nd St Apt. 1
Louisville, KY 40214 US
Cellular: (859) 779-5811

Resume Number:

Career Focus:
Engineering & Architecture

Position Type(s):
Full-Time / Part-Time / Work at Home

$50000.00 – $90000.00

1 – 3 Years

4-Year College Degree

U.S. Citizen

Security Clearance:

Willingness to Relocate:
Any Location

Travel Preference:
50% Travel

Travel Distance:
30 Minutes

Mechanical Engineer

Overview: Engineer & Analyst:
Fastidious and creative engineering graduate who excels in planning, meets tight deadlines, and delivers exceptional
performance. Has had practical experience with design, product testing, and manufacturing. Demonstrates flexibility in
the field by managing two operations teams while tracking twelve other plant-wide projects preventing over $1,000,000 in downtime losses. Functions with a strong sense of urgency and enjoys solving complex problems. Core skills include:

CAD • Statistical Process Control • Root Cause Analysis • Research • Statistical Analysis • Project Management
Strategic Planning • Data Presentation • Client Relations • Coding • Technical Writing • Supply Chain Modeling • TOC

Professional Experience:

Metalsa • Elizabethtown, KY • May 2015 Present
Global automotive frame manufacturer providing a broad range of light duty frames, body structures, safety systems, and
other sub-assemblies to the likes of Ford, Ferrari, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, and Jaguar. Heavy emphasis on automation.

Automation Tooling Co-Op
Implements plant-wide preventative maintenance activities valued over $20,000,000. Maintains records on maintenance
activities and generates maintenance reports for senior executives in Ford Motor Company and Metalsa. Designs tooling
solutions as needed on a $500,000,000 facility.

Created organized system for data-driven preventative maintenance streamlining record-keeping and laying the
groundwork for future high-priority maintenance actions. Current impact estimated at $20,000,000.

Audited production lines allowing the first parts-level mapping of robots. System was used to prioritize
maintenance activities and identify affected areas.

GE Appliances • Louisville, KY • August 2013 December 2013 & May 2014 August 2014
In top five appliance suppliers in the world by market share, providing a complete portfolio from air conditioners to water
heaters. G.E. Appliances controls 3% of the appliance market, selling to Electrolux in September 2014 for $3.3 billion.

New Product Integration (NPI) Range Wall-Oven Co-Op
Drives completion of proprietary qualification tests for wall-oven functionality. Assists in refinement of controls systems
through data collection and modification. Supports field test units and develops solutions for observed failure modes.

Improved test procedures to ensure sample consistency. Enabled program to stay on schedule for December
launch date.

Performed thermal analysis testing to develop heating algorithms and aid in future controls development.

Maintained twenty-three field test units, assisting in connectivity and controls hardware upgrades on thirteen units.

NPI Dishwashing Tub & Structure Co-Op
Develops 39 dB sound-pack, creating G.E.s quietest, cost-effective dishwasher. Advances next steps dishwasher
silencing technology. Addresses issues with dishwasher packing and shipping. Improve ergonomics for field technicians.

Devised economical system to ensure acoustic insulation would not interfere with door balance. TOX & RHOS
qualified new material for G.E. Went from concept to line-ready part in three weeks.

Performed gage R&R on sound room and began research into dry-fan acoustic damping.

Created bags and safety labels for dishwasher toe-kick panel.

Designed part statistically ensuring easy installation for ergo-metrically difficult part in field installs.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Louisville • Louisville, KY • 2015

High School
Homeschool • Berea, KY • 2009

Technical Skills:
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: advanced Excel • Word • PowerPoint • Outlook
SolidWorks • AutoCad • CREO • Ansys • C++ • Arduino • MatLab • Minitab • PID Tuning • Tolerance Loops

Statics • Dynamics • Materials Science • Thermodynamics • Heat Transfer • Machine Design • Mechanical Vibrations
System Dynamics • Macro/Micro/Engineering Economics • Botany • Zoology

Vice President of American Society of Mechanical Engineers • UofL Student Chapter • February August 2014
Lead ASME participation in UofL Solar Flight competition. Facilitated community involvement with local library activities.

Anne Gibbons Memorial Scholarship Recipient 2014
Valued at $7,200 the scholarship is awarded to an engineering student with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Academic Commonwealth Scholarship Recipient 2014
Valued at $1,500 the scholarship is awarded to a limited number of continuing UofL students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Linux OS and Clustering • Mechanic • Professional Fiddle Player • Instrument Repair • Travel


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