Anthony Stanley

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Anthony Stanley
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Lynwood, IL 60411

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Anthony Stanley
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Anthony stanley
19708 Lake Park Dr. ? Lynwood, IL 60411 ? (708) 308-1847 ?

echnically skilled Electrical, Instrument, and Controls Engineer with proven skills in troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, commissioning, installation and startup of new and existing equipment. Well adept at both instrument and electrical control systems. Over 35 years of experience in the power industry.
Key Skills

• Electrical, Instrumentation Start-Up Testing, and Controls Installation & Commissioning
• Coordinator and Supervisor Experience
• Generators & Transformers
• Switch Gear & Circuit Breakers (OCB & ACB)
• Valve Actuators, Positioners & Controllers
• Turbine Supervisory Equipment
• Advanced Troubleshooting & Testing
• High, Medium & Low Voltage Equipment
• Motors, MCC’s, MOV’s & AOV
• Calibration: Flow, Pressure, Temperature & Level
• Blue Print Reading/P&ID Drawings
• Loop Shooting of DCS Systems
• Drum Levels

Professional Experience
Startup Commissioning May 1, 2015 to June 12, 2015
Commissioning of Chillers 1, 2 & 3 for Dominion Power Station (WCEP). Setup & calibration of pH and Conductivity analyzers, flow, pressure and temperature transmitters. Calibrated cooling tower level switches (84 total), acid tank level transmitter, chemical injection transmitters & switches). Calibrated, repaired and corrected MOV feedback to PLC and DCS.
REV 1 POWER SERVICES (Bowline Generating Station)
I/C Technician March 9, 2015 to April 1, 2015
During this short outage, I was contracted to perform calibrations, testing & troubleshooting of all essential instrumentation (Pressure Switches, Transmitters and Level Switches used for essential equipment, alarms and tripping of units). Lead tech, in charge of all test equipment, work packages and submitting of timesheets. Worked directly with station management to insure all assigned tasks were completed and done so professionally and to station’s satisfaction.
Startup Commissioning September 14, 2013 to October 31, 2014
Commissioning of newly installed equipment, point to point loop checks, calibration & troubleshooting of all instrumentation, electrical and control devices to DCS. Performed walk downs of all major systems: DW, CCW, BFP, FW, Sample Analysis, Ignition, Gas Detection, etc. Setup, cal’d and tuned drum levels and by-passes for all three units. Attended morning startup meetings and conducted daily STA meetings with techs. Worked directly with ‘Construction Engineers’ in performing PTP’s and Test Procedures. Assisted engineers in correcting faulty designs of AOV and Gas Detector installs. Navigated Burns and McDonnell’s DL (Document Locator) data base to check P&ID, electrical and instrumentation drawings. Worked directly with vendors to finalize install, setup, troubleshooting and operation of new equipment.
AET – AMERICAN ELECTRICAL TESTING CO. (Millstone Nuclear Power Station)
Relay and Transformer Testing April 8, 2013 to May 17, 2013
Contracted as Commissioning Engineer to assist with protective relay and transformer testing. Performed calibrations, functional tests and repairs of protective relays and timing relays. Performed high voltage tests to breakers and switchgear.
REV 1 POWER SERVICES (St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station-FPL)
Field Engineer/Test Engineer/Supervisor May 2012 to November 2012
Contracted to assist with an Extended Power Uprate (EPU). Performed point to point loop checks and troubleshooting of all instrumentation, electrical and control devices to DCS. Tested all control wiring of SBCS, LEFM, TCW, BFP and FW systems. Supervised I&C Dept. in performing Work Order Procedures and troubleshooting of newly installed control equipment. Assisted Test Engineers in performing PTP’s and Test Procedures. Navigated NAMS to check CRN’s, drawings and ECO’s. Attended daily startup meetings and conducted daily safety meetings.
dominion (State Line Station)
Instrument Controls Engineer 2002 to 2012
Maintained and repaired all instrument and control devices/equipment throughout the power plant. Installed, calibrated, programmed and headed startup of station’s transmitters and control equipment. Setup and repaired all valve actuators, positioners and controllers. Advanced troubleshooting of all instrument and electrical systems. Specializing in electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems. Experienced in navigating WDPF for troubleshooting and repairs. Limited programming experience.

Key Results:
? Calibrate, Troubleshoot and Repair – Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature Transmitters
? Troubleshooting, using PLC’s and DCS (Allen Bradley, WDPF & Ovation)
? Blue Print Reading (Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, 1 Line Diagrams & Ladder Logic)
? Well Skilled in Computer Software – Microsoft Office, Outlook, CAD, NAMS and SAP
? Calibration of H2, N2, O2, pH and Conductivity Analyzers and Monitoring Devices
? Drum Level and Pressure Transmitters. Drum Level Electro Eye-Hye Indicators
? Coordinated, Setup, Installed, Fabricated, Configured and Created Drawings for New Instrumentation
? CEM (Stack Emissions Control)
? Troubleshoot and maintain HVAC Systems, Fire Systems, Ignition Systems & Soot Blower Systems
? Air Dryers, Hydrogen Dryers, (Level, Pressure & Flow Controllers)
Southern COMPANY & Mirant (State Line Station)
Instrument Controls Technician 1998 to 2002
Same Job Performed As Above. Headed numerous projects:
• Prove all loops to DCS on newly installed instrumentation and control systems.
• Calibrate all station instrumentation per preventive maintenance program.
• Drum Level Transmitters and Eye-Hye Indicators
• Installed and maintained Ultrasonic level and flow controllers, station wide.

Key Results:
? Same As above
commonwealth edison (State Line Station)
Electrical Technician 1983 to 1998
Testing, Troubleshooting, and repair of all electrical systems and controls throughout the power station. Systems consisted of high, medium and low power transformers and switchgear, generators, motors, and all associated control circuits. Testing and commissioning of 480V, 4KV, 138KV, and 345KV breakers.

Key Results:
? Co-ordinate Electrical Testing and Installation with Contractors
? Electrical Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Repairs (Using Prints; Schematics, Wiring, 1 Line Diagrams & Ladder Logic)
? MOV’s, Motor Controls & Pump Controls
? Skilled with: Low, Medium, and High VAC Circuits, Circuit Breakers & Switch Gear
? Transformer & Generator Trouble Shooting and Testing.
Technical Training
• Allen Bradley “PLC Training”…..Dominion (State Line Station)
• Electrical Troubleshooting & Blue Print Reading….. Dominion (State Line Station)
• Stack Emission Controls (CEM)…..Factory Testing (Richmond, Virginia)
• DCS Training…..(WDPF & Ovation) Emerson
• Limitorque, MOV Maintenance & Repairs……..Commonwealth Edison (PTC)
• Fisher Valves & Actuators…..Novaspect, Inc.
• PLC’s – SLC 500…..Joliet Junior College
• Instrument Controls Training…..Bethlehem Steel Co. & Commonwealth Edison (PTC)
• Advanced Blue Print Reading….. Commonwealth Edison (PTC)
• HVAC Training….. Commonwealth Edison (PTC)
• Crane & Man Lift Training….. Commonwealth Edison (State Line Station)
• Electrical Maintenance Training…..Commonwealth Edison (PTC)
• Mechanical Maintenance Training…..Commonwealth Edison (PTC)
• Mc Daniels Fire System Training….. Southern Energy (State Line Station)

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Current Career Level: Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

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Target Locations: Selected Locations: US-IL-Chicago South

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