Antonio Galvan

Antonio Galvan
808 Third Street
Lockhart, TX 78644
(832) 457-2022

Career Objectives
I’m a dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment.

Summary of Qualifications
Instrument Tech. NCCER, Texas electrician licensed and electrician NCCER plus.

Work History
Instrument Technician June 02,2015 – Present
Turnaround in a chemical plant unit. Work with Endress Hausser transmitters calibrating and troubleshooting. Work with SIS systems, calibrating and stroking valves, RTD`s, thermocouples and field transmitters installation. QA/QC work walking down folders from I/O room to the field device. Commissioning and start-up support.

Houston Controls
Instrument Technician Sept 01, 2013 – June 01, 2015
Worked two turnarounds calibrating Foxboro Transmitters. Troubleshooting and repair. Work on Bettis and Fisher valves. Use Fluke 744 calibrator and Foxboro communicator. Worked troubleshooting and replacing RTD’s. Walk out loop folders, loop check and loop sales.

Meitec, Texas
Instrument Technician Dec 17, 2012 – Feb 02, 2013
New construction job Oil Tank unit. Work with bench calibrating and installation of Yokogawa transmitters and Honeywell. Work with Field bus system, troubleshoot and repair. Stroking valves, loop check and loop sell. QA/QC work walking down folders from Provox cabinets all the way to the field. Commissioning and start-up.

Orion Industrial Services, Wynnewood, Oklahoma
Instrument Technician Aug 01, 2012 – Nov 22, 2012
Worked turnaround in Alky unit. Disconnecting valves and transmitters and send them to deacon area. Bench calibrates transmitters and installation. Check and repair thermocouples and RTD’s. Loop check and loop sell, commissioning and start-up.

Burrow Global, Port Arthur, Texas
Instrument Technician Apr 16, 2012 – Jul 27, 2012
Worked at Motiva with Field bus system doing troubleshoots and calibrations on field instruments, worked with safety interlock systems, commissioning and start-up

Orion Industrial Services, Kansas
Instrument Technician Feb 06, 2012 – Apr 06, 2012
Turnaround doing troubleshooting, calibrating instruments, installing RTD’s, loop check and loop sell. Calibrating and stroking valves, commissioning and start-up.

Ref-Chem, Texas
Instrument Tech Dec 05, 2011 – Jan 27, 2012
Worked turnaround, bench calibrate new Yokogawa transmitters, field installation, calibration, loop check and loop sell. RTD installation, troubleshoot, loop check and loop sell. Calibrate and stroke valves, commissioning and start up. Used 475 heart communicator, low and high pressure pumps, RTD simulator as well as 744 calibrator.

Orion Industrial Services, Kansas
Instrument Tech. Sep 19, 2011 – Nov 22, 2011
Worked turnaround along with plant Techs performing troubleshoots and repairs, demo and installing new Honeywell instruments, calibrating transmitters, stroking valves, loop check and loop sell. RTD installation and loop sell. Worked in Marshalling panels, Honeywell TDC 3000. Commissioning and start-up.

Austin Industrial, Texas
Instrument Tech. Jul 08, 2011 – Sep 15, 2011
Worked turnaround with plant Techs, shut down equipment, performing PMI`s, pressuring and calibrating transmitters, switches, stroking valves, commissioning and start-up.

S&B, Texas
Instrument Tech. Apr 15, 2011 – Jun 27, 2011
Work with Fieldbus system and tryconix. Installing new Honeywell transmitters, calibrate with 475. RTD installation, Stroke valves, loop check and loop sell, pre-commissioning.

Triad Electric and Controls, Texas
Instrument Tech. Jan 19, 2011 – Apr 10, 2011
Pre check field transmitters, calibrate, demo and repair. Bench calibration, install new transmitters, stroke valves, pre-commissioning and loop sell, used 375 and alltek simulator.

Advantage Instrumentation, Huffman, Texas
I/E Tech Nov 15, 2010 – Dec 16, 2010
Install and terminate field instrumentation, assisted with loop check, start -up and commissioning of new instrumentation. Work with communicator and temperature simulator. Stroke valves calibration and loop sell.

Houston Controls, Deer Park, Texas
Instrument Tech. Jul 25, 2010 – Oct 15, 2010
Assisted Lyondell Basell maintenance Techs with pre-commissioning, work with Technicians to troubleshoot and repair instruments, calibrate, install new thermocouples, used communicator and temperature simulator.

I/E Tech. Sep 20, 2009 – Jul 17, 2010
Terminate field instrumentation, assisted Technician to calibrate and loop check, used 475 Heart communicator, assisted for start-up and commissioning. Stroke valves and loop sell.

Contech Controls, Texas
Instrument Tech. Jan 15, 2009 – Aug 21, 2009
Demo and install new Rosemount and Honeywell instruments. Worked in I/O room with PLC and DCS. Loop check and instrument calibration. Pre-commissioning Loop sell.

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