Bala Pandiri

Bala Kishore Pandiri Email:
Sr, Devops Engineer Phone: (972)-645-


• Having 8+ years of experience as Devops (including Cloud) experience in handling Continuous Integration,
Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and configuration management in multiple environments.
• Experienced in Amazon Web Services cloud platform and its services like EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, VPC,
VPN, Dynamo, EBS, ELB, SNS, Glacier, Auto-Scaling, IAM, Route53, AMI, Security-Groups, CloudFront,
CloudWatch, OpsWork, and CloudFormation through AWS management console and AWS Command Line
• Detailed knowledge in the design and implementation of fully automated Continuous Integration, Continuous
Delivery, Continuous Deployment pipelines (CICD) for DevOps processes in Agile methodology.
• Strong knowledge in automating Infrastructure administration and provision by developing Python scripts
and Ansible Playbooks.
• Experienced in development of the containerized platform on Kubernetes and OpenShift, containerized
applications by developing Docker files with various middleware images, patching Docker images by adding
various layers.
• Experienced in working with cluster management and orchestration embedded in Docker Engine built using
Swarm Kit and worked on creating custom Docker container images, tagging, pushing, and created Dockers
consoles for managing applications.
• Experience in Openstack Liberty environments in volume management using Cinder, network and port
management using Neutron and image management using Glance.
• Complete detailed real time experience on using configuration management tools such as Ansible, terraform
to maintain and deploy the build machines for various teams from design-code-test- prod.
• Installed Jenkins/Plugins for GIT Repository, Setup SCM Polling for Immediate Build with Sonar Type
Nexus Repository (Nexus Artifactory) and deployed Apps using custom modules through Chef.
• Extensive experience in writing builds using MAVEN, ANT, MS-build as build tools for the building of
deployable artifacts from source code and developed Bash and python scripts for automating the Build and
Release process.
• Experience in and demonstrate understanding of branching, tagging and maintaining the version across the
environments using SCM tools like Subversion (SVN), CVS and GIT/GitHub.
• Developed Ansible Playbooks to trigger Jenkins Jobs and to automate the provisioning of the AWS
Infrastructure and designed AWS virtual servers by Ansible roles to ensure deployment of web applications.
• Experienced in developing hybrid cloud environment on Azure by configuring the AD connectors on the
Azure to sync the Active Directory hosted on premise and configured User Defined routing to create a
hybrid networking environment.
• Experience in deploying the Kubernetes environment on the AWS using Kops and managed the rolling
deployments of the patched docker images on to the cluster by tweaking the Pod definition.
• Experience in developing the Azure ARM templates and triggered it through VSTS by defining various Jobs
and storage accounts to secure the environments defined in various containers of the blob storage.
• Experience in installing and configuring monitoring tools like Nagios, Splunk, ELK (Elastic search, Log
Stash, Kibana) by defining different roles in Ansible. Managed key metrics during deployments in production
• Experience in installing and configuring virtualization tools like VMWare vSphere, ESXi, VMWare vCenter.
Worked on VMotion and Storage VMotion for migrating of Virtual Machines.
• Aws Certified Developer Associate
• Aws Certified Solutions Architect Associate


DevOps Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Docker, Nagios, ELK, Git,
Cloud Platform Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
Scripting languages Shell scripting, Groovy and Python
Development/Build Ant, Maven, Jenkins, MS Build
Databases Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Big Data Cloudera, AWS EMR, Mango DB
Web/Application WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache http, IIS, JBoss, Atlassian JIRA and WebSphere
Operating System Linux (Red hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE), UNIX (HP-UX, Solaris, IBM AIX) and
Windows Server
Virtualization Oracle Virtual Box, VMware, Vagrant
Methodologies Agile, Scrum, Kanban, ITIL and Waterfall

Verizon, Temple Terrace, FL Feb 19 – Till
Role: Sr Cloud / Devops Engineer

• Architected underlying design to provision the existing product as a cloud-based offering. Creating fully
automated CI build and deployment infrastructure and processes for multiple microservices using Docker,
Jenkins, VMWare, RHEL, Kubernetes, GitLab.
• Automate entire Continuous Integration (CI) workflow to checkout code from SCM, create docker images
for daily builds using Cron jobs and quartz scheduler using shell scripts and Jenkins, spinnaker & finally
push docker images to AWS Container registry.
• Design various workflows and pipeline mechanisms using Blue Ocean plugins and JOB DSL scripts and
Jenkins file for triggering automated Jenkins jobs for testing out new feature implementation using GitHub
pull request builder plugins for GitHub repository on to staging environment before deploying it to
• Worked closely with architecture, development, test, security and IT Services teams to provision, maintain
and deploy various machines on AWS EC2/ ECS/EKS and google cloud platform using ansible and
terraform state management capabilities.
• Developed numerous AWS Cloud formation templates, Elastic beanstalk environments understanding and
gathering various client requirements, networking capabilities, cross account VPC peering to deploy the
services at both ends.
• Collaboratively automated Continuous deployment (CD) process by deploying various microservice artifacts
and established network communication to allow them to function seamlessly on Google Kubernetes
Engine and enable high availability using auto scaling and load balancing features to support and process
the bulk incoming requests between processes.
• Designed various tests for backend Web MVC spring boot application using customized unit tests to
interactively deploy docker containers for local testing purpose while development using docker compose
and docker swarm.
• Integrated and researched on various service discovery, firewall rules, IAM management of roles and log
mechanisms such as Fluentd drivers to be deployed as side-car containers along with other microservices
with docker containers on ECS & Kubernetes
• Extensively used ansible and terraform to perform configuration management of Jenkins build machines,
auto-update plugins, and maintain and manage AWS services for clients using dynamic inventory
management and ansible-tower.
• Analyzed and optimized processing times between various microservices by understanding metrics and
counters using Prometheus statistics, tcpdump, Wireshark, AWS cross region capabilities, AWS application
load balancers.
• Integrated and worked on various customized scripts to trigger automatic functions using AWS lambdas,
Bugzilla and slack, JIRA integration for automatic tracking of bug reports.
• Designed a Nexus repository to push, maintain and version control the common and shared build artifacts
between various cross functional teams within the organization.
• Perform server monitoring, Capacity Planning, Application monitoring and log monitoring using Nagios,
AppDynamics and Splunk
• Wrote Ansible playbooks and created various roles for applications, then deployed services and Java
applications in Tomcat Server using Ansible Scripts. Developed Ansible scripts to automate Kubernetes
clusters with Ansible.
• Implement Ansible Playbooks to automate deployment on Apache Web Server, Nginx & application servers
such as Tomcat, Jboss
• Implemented AWS EC2/VPC/S3/SQS/SNS based automation through Terraform, Ansible, Python, Bash
Scripts. Adopted to new features released by Amazon like ELB & EBS.
• Automated the deployment process in Docker for Applications and MySQL containers using Python and
monitored these containers using Nagios.

Environment: AWS, Openstack, Docker, Jenkins, IAM, S3, EC2, Cloud Watch, GIT, Splunk, ELB,
Nginx, Groovy, Shell Scripts, Lambda, Cloud Watch, Puppet, MySQL, Cassandra, Amazon RDS,
Dynamo DB, Elastic Search, Kibana, Kubernetes, Ansible, Maven, Ant, Nagios.

McKesson Corporation – Irving, TX Sep
17 – Jan 19
Role: Sr Cloud / Devops Engineer

• As a part of Cloud Administrator on Microsoft Azure, involved in configuring virtual machines, storage
accounts, resource groups. Remote login to Virtual Machines to troubleshoot, monitor and deploy
• Build scripts on AWS cloud for scheduling EC2 auto scaling load balancer with python SDK. Developed
python scripts to automate applications migration and monitor application health during migration.
• Managed Clusters with various Servers in Azure Cloud Resource Groups. Implemented various services in
Azure like analyzing the data. Managed to orchestrate the data using Azure Data factory.
• Automated the front-ends platform into highly scalable, consistent, repeatable infrastructure using high
degree of automation using Ansible, Jenkins, and cloud Formation.
• Used Ansible and Ansible Tower as Configuration management tool, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly
deploys critical applications, and proactively manages change. Managing the configurations of multiple
servers using Ansible.
• Proficient in Microsoft Azure Cloud services (Paas & Iaas), Application Insights, Document DB, Internet of
Things, Monitoring, SQL Azure, and hands-on experience with Azure storage, app services, web
• Created and configured Azure Virtual Networks (Vnets), subnets, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings,
Security policies & routing.
• Using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to deploy, manage, and delete all the resources together using a
simple JSON script which involve number of azure services.
• Working on Microsoft Azure components like (IAM) Identity Access Management (Active Directory and
Multi-Factor Authentication), Azure Virtual Machines, Storage Blobs, File Service, Networking.
• Created and deployed VMs on the Microsoft cloud service Azure, managed the virtual network, Azure AD
and SQL. Provisioned environments to deploy code in Azure VM and migrated application from On-
Premise to PaaS.
• Installed and configured Jenkins for Automating deployments and providing a complete automation solution
and used Jenkins to manage build results and deployment.
• Installed Jenkins/Plugins for GIT Repository, Setup SCM Polling for Immediate Build with Maven and
Maven Repository and Deployed Apps in AWS using Terraform.
• Created pipelines in Jenkins server to automate the builds of applications in sequential order and
configured the master – slave node. Installed and configured Nexus Repository Manager to share the
artifacts between the teams within the company.
• Used Docker Engine, Docker HUB, Docker Images for handling images for installations and domain
• Managed a PaaS for deployments using Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible which reduced considerably
deployment risks.
• Using Ansible application to install standard software application onto new built Linux servers. Created
automated application installer scripts using Python and Ansible for various applications to be hosted on
the servers.
• Configured Splunk for log monitoring and forwarded system stats to Splunk indexer, created dashboards
and alerts using this data
• Using Power shell to write, debug scripts to automate the processes and migrate VMs, involving copying
and creating of VHDS. Managing Windows 2012 servers, troubleshooting IP issues and working with
different support teams.

Environment: AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins, Cloud Watch, GIT, Splunk,
ELB, Lambda, Cloud Watch, Puppet, Cassandra, Amazon RDS, Elastic Search, Kibana, Ansible,
Maven, Ant

CHG Healthcare – Midvale, UT Nov 16 –
Aug 17
Role: Cloud Devops Engineer

• Created Playbooks for Resource Declarations and worked on deployment tool like Ansible to
automate AWS instance creation and to trigger Deployments.
• Developed AWS Infrastructure from AWS CLI to support Data Warehouse hosting including AWS
EC2, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), S3 Buckets, Security Groups, Elastic Container Service, Route
Tables, Elastic Load Balancer, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail.
• Handle Java builds tools like ANT, MAVEN for building of deployable artifacts such as (jar, war &
ear) from source code & configure, setup MAVEN Profiles. Templated AWS infrastructure as a
code using Terraform to build staging & prod environments
• Implemented several Tomcat Instances by using the Dockers engine for running several
Containerized Application Servers like IIS, MS Build, Web Logic and Tomcat.
• Creating and Managing Virtual Machines in Windows Azure and Setting up communication with the
selected ports and worked on designing, building and improving cloud environments on Amazon Web
Services and Azure Cloud.
• Used Azure web roles on virtual machine instance running on Microsoft Azure IIS server to communicate
with Azure Storage or to direct connections to clients with the help of worker roles.
• Implemented Chef Cookbooks for OS component configuration to keep AWS server's template
minimal and developed AWS Cloud Formation, JSON templates to create custom sized EC2
instances, ELB.
• Worked with Jenkins for continuous integration and deployed successful builds in various
lightweight environments developed in Docker and hosted on AWS ECS (EC2 Container Service).
• Expertise working on distributed repository GIT and centralized repository SVN to pull, push and
commit source code, configure Webhook to trigger the source code from the GitHub to the s
whenever the developer does a commit to the master branch.
• Developed Ansible Playbooks from scratch using YAML, worked with various dictionaries and
encrypted sensitive data with Ansible Vault. Developed Bash and Python scripts to automate
various stages of build and release process in Jenkins.
• Expertise in implementing a production ready, highly available, fault tolerant Kubernetes
infrastructure. Working on Scheduling, deploying and managing container replicas on a node
cluster using Kubernetes.
• Automated AWS EC2 scaling & resource provisioning based of alerts form Cloud Watch & Splunk,
used Python Boto3 SDK scripts.
• Worked on monitoring tools like Nagios, Splunk and ELK (Elastic search Log stash Kibana),
developed ELK and Splunk SPL Search Processing Language to process various parameters for
• Develop PowerShell scripts to automate provisioning of various Virtual servers like Active
Directory & provide software updates.
• Configured Jenkins with Junit plugin for unit testing, SonarQube Plugin to check the code
coverage, Maven / Gradle Plugin to build the source code and upload it to binary repositories like
Nexus/ Artifactory.

Environment: AWS, Ansible, Ant, Maven, Chef, Python, Gradle, Azure, Kubernetes, Splunk, Nagios,
SonarQube, Docker, Jenkins.

Future Point Technologies, India Jun 14 – Oct 16
Role: Build and Release Engineer

• Analyze and resolve complication and deployment errors related to code branching development,
merging and building of source code. Managed Linux staging and testing environments and
automated application packaging and deployments.
• Supported Puppet master server and around 500+ Clients by installing agents and managed
multiple modules and manifests. Defined instances in code, next to relevant configuration on what
running and then created the instances via Puppet.
• Installed and managed several IBM RS/6000 AIX systems which include disk management, user
management, network management, performance management, test and development projects
running on AIX 5x.
• Connected continuous integration system with GIT version control repository and continually build
as the check-in's come from the developer. Automated Static Code Analysis using Jenkins.
• Scheduled various regular, periodic and queue tasks by using Crontabs. Build Nagios monitors for
new services being deployed.
• Used different version controls like GIT and BIT bucket to manage code and managed users and
different plugins to automate the build and deployment process using Jenkins.
• Experience with Build Management tools like Maven for writing build.xml to Pom.xml. Managed
the Maven Repository using Nexus tool and used the same to share the snapshots and releases
of internal projects.
• Automated branch-based builds using Jenkins and Updating Localization database. Implemented
Jenkins Master/Slave concept.
• Automated Linux production server's setup using Puppet scripts. Documented release builds and
source control processes and plans. Worked with different bug tools like JIRA. Created multiple
Python scripts for various application level tasks.
• Worked with Oracle Database Admin to keep all the specified tables as assigned by
developments in sync for every release. Used Oracle to connect to various databases and to
check for the invalid objects after and before each release.
• Build and maintain SQL scripts and execute different scripts for different environments. Maintain
and enhance current build procedures for all software development projects.
• Created Instances in Apache Webserver and JBOSS Application server in QA and Production
environments and documented the SCM process and policies of the company and recommended
some process changes.
• Designed VMware vSphere storage configuration using SAN, ISCSI, and NFS. Worked on Fiber
Channel switches and familiar with all storage protocols.
• Configured Puppet to perform automated deployments and installed an automated tool Puppet
that included the installation and configuration of the Puppet master, agent nodes and an admin
control workstation.

Environment: Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, GIT, Bit bucket, Splunk, Nginx, Shell Scripts, Lambda,
Puppet, Cassandra, Kibana, Kubernetes, Ansible, Maven, Ant, Nagios.
Native Syntax – India
Aug 12 – May 14
Role: Linux / VMWare Admin

• Installed & Configured RHEL(RedHat) & CentOS, Virtual Machines in VMware ESXi using vCenter
Server and vSphere Client
• Using VMware vCenter, created Datacenter Environment by creating VMware clusters, adding ESX hosts
in the clusters, and implemented HA and DRS.
• Network troubleshooting and worked with utilities like netstat, iostat, vmstat, sar, top and various
third-party tools to troubleshoot user applications, file systems space issues, network problems,
hardware issues related to disks, memory modules.
• Used Remedy (Incident and Change management) for Ticketing, communicated with customers,
participated in bridge calls & worked with various teams including oracle, blackboard, ITM, TSM,
NetBackup, WebLogic, WebSphere, updated Runbooks.
• Responsible for Active directory, GPO, Domain users, Administrating users and groups and given
appropriate permissions and privilege to access our LAN and Domain environment.
• Created Standard and Distributed Switches dvSwitch in the vCenter servers for making use of
best network design and stability across the vCenter servers.
• Working on troubleshooting the triggered alarms generated from VMware vCenter Server & solve
SNMP traps rise in vCenter.
• Worked on Linux Kick-start OS integration, DDNS, DHCP, SMTP, Samba, NFS, FTP, SFTP, SSH,
LDAP integration and troubleshooting servers using utilities like netstat, iostat, vmstat, top, ifconfig
• Worked with User Administration commands like user add, group add, passwd, chmod, chgrp,
usermod. Setting up of NFS environment. Taking care of user accounts/groups using NFS
• Installation of patches and packages using RPM and YUM in Redhat Linux. Installed and
Configured Nagios server in CentOS, also developed few plugins and checks to monitor various
system related parameters, services and processes.
• Resolving TCP/IP network access problems for the clients. Develop, Maintain, update various
scripts for services (start, stop, restart, recycle) UNIX based shell.
• Support and monitoring of Windows desktops, Networking and server running on Solaris, RedHat
Linux, worked on User Administration including adding /deleting users, password aging, groups,
file permissions.
• Experienced in writing of shell scripts for automating the administrative tasks and managing using
cron jobs.
• Modified kernel parameters to improve the server performance in Linux & created logical volumes
(LVM) for Linux OS.

Environment: VMware, DHCP, SMTP, Samba, RPM, TCP/IP, Nagios, Shell Scripts, LAN, dvSwitch.

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