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My objective is to find a job with a mixture of hard labor and office work. I have plenty experience with
working long hours. I have the knowledge to operate heavy equipment as in forklifts, class A vehicles, and
various construction equipment including cranes. in a safe manner and I am very experienced with it.

Stimulation Equipment Operator
Nabors Completion and Production Services
Start Date: November 2013 End Date: January 2015
Job Duties included
Chemical management and inventory
Performing regular class A vehicle maintenance
Operating Heavy equipment on a regular basis
Performing regular maintenance on equipment I operated
Performing regular physical activities that were needed to set up our job site

I as an employee was responsible for cleanliness and keeping track of the amount of each chemical and
product we used in my department on a daily basis.
This job was also very physically demanding. I was required to lift objects in excess of 100 pounds or
more throughout the 16 hour workday. Also the job required me to be fully aware of my surroundings at all
times because I was surrounded by dangerous equipment, piping with pressure’s up to 9000 psi,
dangerous chemicals, and sometimes dangerous h2s gas.

Start Date: May 2013 End Date: November 2013
Job Duties and responsibilities included
Building and processing orders for clients
Loading and unloading products and client’s order’s
General warehouse clean up
Reaching a set goal of minimum order’s built and shipped

my job responsibilities as an employee of activstyle included Building a set number of orders by the end of
the shift. I would get lists of 10 order’s at a time and have to complete 130 orders daily.after I completed
all of my orders I was responsible for stacking my order’s on a pallet, shrink wrapping, and then loading
them onto a trailer for shipping. Then when all this was completed I was responsible for cleaning,
organizing, and stocking materials used for the job.

Forklift Driver Machine Operator Material Handler
Kelley Services
Start Date: 03/07/2015 End Date: 08/21/2015
Job duties included: general cleanup of work area, maintaining raw materials and chemicals ensuring they
are stocked completely full throughout the work day, upkeep of inventory used on a daily basis, delivering
raw materials the material handlers need, and operating machines used in making our product.
the machines we used are ran on a combination of air and electricity and required regular maintenance
which I performed.
my job as a machine operator consisted of checking the product for quality defects and ensuring the
machine was set correctly to make the different products I made throughout the work day.
my job as a forklift driver included making deliveries to certain area’s of the warehouse in a timely manner,
ordering raw material’s and ppe if they are out of stock and routine maintenance on forklifts.
Mechanic Assembler
Brooklyn Park,MN
Start Date: October 12,2015 End Date: present
my duties include

General shop and work station cleanup and tidiness.
Use of pnuematic, power, and hand tools to assemble and disassemble parts.
Performing quality checks on all assembled parts and machines.
Reading and understanding blueprints used in the assembly of various parts and machine’s.
Maintaining minumum requirements of machines and parts assembled per work day.
Using blueprints, gauges, torque measuring devices and/or other equipment to ensure conformance to
quality specifications.

DEGREE: High School Diploma

Major: G.E.D.
adult academic program, MN

trained and certified in CPR

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