Brian Cis

Brian Nathan Cis
2119 Westwood Dr.
Stafford, TX 77477

Career Objective:
Professional Quality Assurance Representative and Quality Control Inspector seeking a permanent full time
career opportunity with a stable company.

Summary of Qualifications:
Brian Cis has 13 years of experience in the Petrochemical, Pipeline, and Power Industry, as a 3rd Party Owner
Representative, QA Over-sight, QA/QC Inspector, and Industrial Pipefitter/ Boilermaker.
He started in the construction industry in 2002, and has successfully excelled in piping, supervision, and
inspection. Brian is a well-versed Fabricator, experienced in Structural Steel and Pipe Fabrication of pipe sizes up
to 96” in diameter, and worked with a variety of metals, including Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Chromes, and
Nickel Alloys. His specialties include welding processes, pipe stress alignment to rotating equipment, including
pumps, and compressors, and field running large and small bore piping. Past experience includes inspection and
execution, Hydro/Pneumatic Testing, updating and Red Lining Drawings, producing As-Built Drawings, Pipe
System Walk Down & Punch out to ensure system is complete. His responsibilities have also entailed ensuring
that all mechanical piping is built to specifications, applying codes, construction drawings, and P&IDs. He is
proficient with piping, vessel, and equipment drawings, details, and P&ID’s.
Project experience include:
• Refineries
• Chemical Plants
• Power Generation Facilities
• Pipeline Oil and Natural Gas
• Commercial HVAC and Utility Systems
• New Construction and Turnarounds
• Fabrication Shops

• Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) # 14031051
• OSHA 10 hour in Construction Safety and Health
• National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) # 4799044
• MAC Unlimited, LLC #R08241106
• Industrial Pipe Fitter Certified, Industrial Pipe Fitter Certified Plus, and Rigging Fundamentals


September 2015 – February 2016
Fluor Chevron Phillips Cedar Bayou, Baytown, TX

QA/QC – Fluor/ SGU USGC Petrochemicals Project JV
• Welding and HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) Piping Inspector
• Ensuring all piping/ HDPE fabricated and installed to applicable specifications and codes, including NFPA
(National Fire Prevention Association) requirements.
• Inspecting and monitoring of underground piping excavations and backfills.
Brian Nathan Cis
2119 Westwood Dr.
Stafford, TX 77477

• Monitoring hydrostatic testing of HDPE piping, reviewing packages and insuring all required
documentation is present for client review/ acceptance. Ensuring all testing equipment and gauges are
calibrated and have correct, up to date documentation.
• Keeping a solid line of communication with construction management and supervision, ensuring everyone
understands the applicable code/ specifications requirements of their task.
• Witnessing and accepting/ rejecting holiday spark testing on underground metallic piping.
• Monitoring all torqueing activities being executed on HDPE piping and ensuring the proper torque values,
sequences, and calibration are utilized.
• Performing visual inspections on roots and final welds of metallic piping and ensuring proper welding
processes are being performed with proper filler metals.
• Visually inspecting all final fusions for defects and reviewing all data logged information for each fusion
completed. Ensuring proper heats used, soak times, and fusion times meet required specifications,
• Communicating and troubleshooting with project engineering to support construction activities.
• Ensuring welders and workers performing HDPE fusions are all properly qualified and trained accordingly.
• Keeping constant communication with client Quality Assurance.
• Writing, following up on, and closing Non Conformance Reports and Surveillance Reports as required.

February 2015 – September 2015
Intertek ExxonMobil, Baytown, TX

Quality Support – Turnaround and Majors Projects
• 3rd Party ExxonMobil Owner Representation for Quality over-sight
• Visually inspecting all work and welding being performed on equipment and piping prior to signoff.
• Monitoring welding activities and ensuring the applicable Qualified Welding Procedures are being
followed accordingly.
• Ensuring contractors meet all requirements and steps on the applicable repair/ quality plan.
• Performing audits on contractor quality control and ensuring they are meeting client specifications and
• Reviewing all contractor handover packages, ensuring all NDE and certification requirements are met
prior to signoff and handover.
• Attending daily meetings with upper management, discussing all concerns and progression related to
safety, quality, and execution of work being completed.
• Coordinating and directing all the NDE companies/ crews and ensuring they don’t exceed available budget
• Communicating with client execution and engineering about any quality concerns or deviations.

September 2014 – February 2015
Jacobs Field Services ExxonMobil, Baytown, TX

QA/QC Inspector – BTAP and Maintenance
• Overseeing and inspecting all fabrication, welding, and NDE in piping fabrication shop. Ensuring piping
meets all client specifications and applicable codes/standards.
• Witnessing and signing off on all hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of pipe spools.
• Performing inspections on assigned maintenance and capitols work. Ensuring all welds are tracked and
proper NDE completed.
• Building packages for hydrostatic/ pneumatic testing and mechanical completion.
Brian Nathan Cis
2119 Westwood Dr.
Stafford, TX 77477

• Inspecting all structural work completed in assigned areas and making sure it is of correct size, plumb/
level, and meets client specifications.
• Monitoring concrete, excavation, and other civil activities and ensuring proper testing is followed through
• Communicating with First Line Supervisors and client quality representatives.
• Assisting Jacobs supervision with troubleshooting any quality questions/ concerns and making sure they
understand all applicable specifications and procedures.

February 2014 – August 2014
Lauren Engineers and Constructors Lyondell Basil, LaPorte, TX

Quality Control Inspector – Furnace Project
• Overseeing structural, piping fabrication, and erection.
• Ensuring all welding is completed according to proper welding procedures, customer specifications, and
applicable codes.
• Visually inspecting welds along with ensuring all NDE is completed and accepted prior to system
• Ensuring that all preheating/ post weld heat treatment requirements are met on applicable piping and
• Walking down systems prior to and post hydrostatic, pneumatic, or service testing, ensuring piping
matches drawings and P&ID’s, supporting systems are installed, and bolt-ups meet client specifications.
• Making sure all paint and insulation is installed prior to system hand over.
• Checking all packages for proper documentation, prior to the client receipt.
• Interacting and monitoring production to ensure they are in conformance with applicable procedures and
• Overseeing all testing of systems and ensuring applicable clients are present for witnessing and sign off.

October 2013 – February 2014
Wilcrest Field Services (Nextera Energy) Fortuna, ND

Quality Assurance — American Eagle Gas Collection Project
• 3rd Party Owner representation
• Ensuring all contractors conform to and understand all applicable specifications and codes.
• Checking and signing off on all material and equipment being used on project, and filing any attached
• Monitoring and inspecting all phases of execution of the pipeline being installed.
• Producing a Daily Report of all work completed, manpower, materials used, and any discrepancies
witnessed throughout the day.
• Attending daily meetings with management.
• Visually inspecting each weld completed on the pipeline and ensuring proper data logging is being
completed for each weld.
• Receiving and filing certification, qualification, and calibration paperwork of all personnel and equipment
where required.
• Checking all boring being completed under roads, pads, marshes, and wetlands.

July 2013 – October 2013
Infinity Construction Services American Acryl
Brian Nathan Cis
2119 Westwood Dr.
Stafford, TX 77477

Quality Control Inspector – Spent Acid Reactor Project
• Creating and tracking all system and equipment packages.
• Weld mapping, tracking, and ensuring all welds are accounted for and all NDT is within client
specifications and applicable codes
• Ensuring all welders on site, are qualified to weld the materials in work scope, according to codes and
• Responsible for pre-hydro, post-hydro, and mechanical completion walk downs, of all systems and
equipment, for client hand over.
• Working with production management and supervision, to ensure they understand and conform to
proper procedures, specifications, and codes, while performing work.
• Keeping files and logs of all gauges, special tools, and equipment certification and calibration paperwork.

May 2013 – July 2013
Amex Nooter BP, Whiting, IN

Field Engineer – Coker Project
• Working with engineering and the QC staff for closing RFI’s.
• Walk down FCR’s, to identify and locate added scope of work including; spring can supports, punch list
items, sample station revisions, iron added scope change requests, cosmetics, and repairs, etc.
• Identify scaffolds needed for work activities and communicate with the scaffold coordinators, according
to priorities.
• Assure that field supervisors and workers understand scope of work, priorities, and procedures to
complete tasks.
• Working with the field supervision in locating spring can supports and tracking repairs, removal of the
stops/gags and cold setting, according to system turn over priorities.
• Assisting field with identifying issues/ problems, trouble shooting, taking photographs, and relaying
information/ dispositions regarding RFI’s.

January 2013 – May 2013
Foster Wheeler BP, Whiting, IN

Quality Assurance – Coker Project
• Monitoring/ accepting hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of piping systems.
• Monitoring/ accepting restorations of piping systems to approved drawings and specifications. Assuring
proper bolts, gaskets, and torque values utilized.
• Monitoring and tracking removal of spring can stops and adjustments to cold settings.
• Reviewing, signing, and accepting/ rejecting NDE reports
• Reviewing and signing off Flange Management and Spring Can packages.

August 2012 –December 2012
S & B Construction Chevron Cedar Bayou, Baytown, TX

Pipefitter/ Fabricator
• Fabrication and installation of underground piping for firewater and sewer systems
• Installing underground tape and epoxy to keep piping from corrosion
Brian Nathan Cis
2119 Westwood Dr.
Stafford, TX 77477

• Working with welder to fabricate pipe spools to be installed underground
• Walking down punch list to assure piping packages are complete and up to quality codes
• Perform hydro tests and blow downs on piping packages

February 2012 – July 2012
Industrial Draft and Design (IDC) Shell, Deer Park, TX

Pipe Foreman – Flare Expansion Project
• Preplanning crew’s daily work load by getting equipment and material needed to complete job
• Assuring crew’s work is done the safest way possible
• Keeping up with daily crew progress and time worked
• Making sure crew’s work is done in a quality and professional manner
• Attend weekly safety and progress meetings with company and client

May 2011 – February 2012
Zachry Industrial Construction Dow, Texas City, TX

Pipe Fitter – Maintenance
• Performed maintenance on unit equipment, process lines, utility lines, and safety systems
• 24 hour call-out emergency services
• Performed work and maintenance on oxygen systems
• Provided assistance to supervisor and client with detailed isometric drawings to be sent out for
fabrication and testing
• Assisted client with troubleshooting and finding unit issues to be repaired
• Pulled materials from the warehouse including coordinating activities with the Rigging Dept. to bring
spools in from the Lay Down areas for completing Pipe Packages.
• Fabricated, hung, and field fit Large Bore Pipe Spools in Pipe Racks.
• Install Pipe Support Hangers, Spring Cans, and Pipe Shoes.
• Installed piping spools on vessels, exchangers, and rotating equipment.
• Fabricated field run small bore piping, butt weld, socket weld, and screw pipe.
• Hydro Test Pipe spools and entire piping systems.
• Walk down and punch out piping systems to P&IDs.

September 2007- October 2009
Jacobs Field Services ExxonMobil, Baytown, TX

Pipe Fitter / Lead man – Eclipse Project
• Assisted Foreman in scheduling, and planning daily activities.
• Responsible for the pipe crew of ten Journeyman.
• Pulled materials from the warehouse including coordinating activities with the Rigging Dept. to bring
spools in from the lay down areas for completing Pipe Packages.
• Fabricated, hung, and field fit Large Bore Pipe Spools in Pipe Racks.
• Installed Pipe Support Hangers, Spring Cans, and Pipe Shoes.
• Installed piping spools on vessels, exchangers, and rotating equipment.
• Fabricated field run small bore piping, butt weld, socket weld, and screw pipe.
• Hydro Tested Pipe spools and entire piping systems.
Brian Nathan Cis
2119 Westwood Dr.
Stafford, TX 77477

• Walk down and punch out piping systems to P&IDs.

June 2007 – September 2007
S&B Construction Lyondell Equistar, Chocolate Bayou, TX

Pipe Fitter – Furnace Rebuild Project
• Fabricated, hung, and field fit large bore pipe spools in pipe racks.
• Installed piping spools on vessels, exchangers, and Rotating Equipment.
• Fabricated field run small bore piping, butt weld, socket weld, and screw pipe.
• Hydro tested pipe spools and entire piping systems

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