Brian Lyu

Brian Lyu
Greater Boston Area
Mechanical Engineer

Visionary Engineer | Genuine Leader | Bold Entrepreneur | Life-long Student

I offer expertise in mechanical engineering with a strong background in the product development
cycle. Having experienced both the unit and system level of development for both industrial robot and
space grade products, I led the design and test of a diverse range of products that valued between
$25K to $25M.

A strong communicator with dangerous analytical skills, I quickly progress beyond my hired role
with strong recommendations from both colleagues and managers. Understanding that some of the
most interesting solutions comes from the most complex problems, I reel in the excitement from
challenges and dive head first into the fire.

Please feel free to shoot me a message or drop me a line if you’re interested in grabbing a cup of
coffee. I am always looking forward to learning something new!

Engineering Expertise: Spacecraft design, autonomous vehicles design, electronic design, test
process and procedure development, structural analysis, thermal analysis, FEA, and CAD.

Test Team Lead at RailPod Inc.
July 2016 – March 2017 (9 months)
Within a couple of weeks into my position as a Mechanical Engineer, I was asked to step into the
role of the Test Team Lead due to my methodical and detailed oriented approach in my work. As
the team lead I leveraged my previous experiences into a well-organized structure while adapting
to the nuisances and unique challenges presented by the product.

During my time as the team lead I increased the test execution rate by 88% all the while increasing
the number of written test cases to suit the level of production and level of manpower available
to the test team. I shaped developmental decisions in a diverse range of disciplines through
requirement driven metrics to ultimately transition from prototype to production. My responsibilities
• Structure and implement distinct test methodologies to the development of an autonomous rail-
inspection vehicle

• Cross-functional leadership role requiring a system level understanding with clear communication
skills to efficiently provide and implement solutions

• Manage and schedule necessary resources from laboratory to personal in order to support the
development of the product while promoting safety and organization through 5-S methodology

• Develop and document test plans, procedures, and results to meet rail industry specifications

Mechanical Engineer at RailPod Inc.
April 2016 – March 2017 (1 year)
I accepted this role of a Mechanical Engineer at RailPod Inc. because of my desire to not only
expand my overall skill set, but to acquire them at a much quicker pace. This search naturally led
me to this startup opportunity where I thrived under my own self-motivation and self-direction.

I was not only required to perform complex analysis, but to also dictate my own appropriate
requirements. I was not only required to learn and seek appropriate resources, but to also convey
and teach them to my team. With a heavy emphasis on cross-functional learning, the role broke
past many traditional Mechanical Engineering duties. My responsibilities included:

• Followed the development of an autonomous rail-inspection vehicle from concept to prototype to

• Analyze and validate the structural system of the major vehicle subsystems to suitable industry

• Design and prototype sensor mounts for validating and bench testing proof of concept designs
and ideas

• Document designs through detailed drawings while providing technical guidance to outsourced

• Review and provide feedback during peer design/analysis reviews

Mechanical Engineer II/ Mechanical Engineer I at L-3 SSG
July 2014 – April 2016 (1 year 10 months)
• Analyze and validate the structural system of space payloads to military grade specifications
• Analyze thermal effects on acute opto-mechanical systems

• Provide technical guidance to manufacturing engineers and technicians with regards to
engineering drawings and procurement specifications

• Co-lead dynamic environmental testing for space load simulations

• Lead Failure Review Boards (FRB) and End Item Data Packages (EIDP) as main mechanical
technical lead

• Provide guidance to new hires to help acclimate to work technicalities and culture

Research Assistant at Boston University ANDESITE
March 2013 – May 2014 (1 year 3 months)
Core member of the premier Boston University entry into the UNP-8 program where students
managed, designed, and built an innovative nanosatellite through the various stages of spacecraft

• Appointed Thermal Control Subsystem Leader to design the spacecraft’s thermal control systems
while utilizing superb communication and interpersonal skills to ensure smooth system integration.

• Created integral structural systems of the satellite, including solar panel deployment and sensor
node launch mechanism, crucial for satellite operations primarily through SolidWorks CAD

• Organized thermal test plans for prototype testing on a university based UHV vacuum chamber

• Prepared extensive technical documentations and presentations for USAF in preparation for
Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review

Summer Intern at NYC School Construction Authority
May 2009 – August 2009 (4 months)
• Aided Mechanical Engineers on creating and revising technical drawings and bill of materials on
sustainable LEED certified projects throughout the vast NYC school maintenance network

• Assessed development of new school structures through frequent field visits to project sites

Student Mentee at ACE Mentor Program
September 2007 – January 2008 (5 months)
•Received tutelage under ARUP engineers on industrial mechanical engineering work

•Worked in a dynamic group of fellow aspiring engineers and architects to create a conceptual
design, for the annual ACE competition, of a new performing arts structure to be located in Lincoln
Center for Performing Arts

Boston University
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mechanical Engineering, 2010 – 2014
Activities and Societies: Boston University Student Satellite for Applications and Training
Stuyvesant High School
High School Diploma, 2006 – 2010
Brian Lyu
Greater Boston Area
Mechanical Engineer

3 people have recommended Brian
“I’ve worked with Brian as his colleague and direct manager, I would describe Brian as an
outstanding engineer who takes great pride in his work. His great attention to detail and
thoroughness only helps bolster his reliability, whether the job consists of performing complex
analysis, design, or a tear down and rebuild in the shop. He is very self directed and can take
ownership of a project or task with minimal management. I’ve witnessed his confidence grow as
he increasingly steps out of his comfort zone and rises to the challenge when faced with unique
problems. With all that being said I can confidently say that he is a very valuable member of the
engineering team ”

—James Forte, Head of Mechanical Engineering, RailPod Inc., managed Brian at RailPod Inc.

“Beyond the job at hand, Brian is an insightful individual who sees the relationship of his work
to the customer needs and gives appropriate feedback to shape development decisions. He is
very detail oriented and can judge the impact of his team in both the long and short run. Showing
exemplary leadership, some of my fondest memories with him take place during the long nights
before rigorous deadlines. By working right alongside his team through thick and thin, Brian’s
genuine attitude towards his team has earned him their trust and has impacted the culture in many
ways. Brian, It was a pleasure to have you in my team as the Test Team Lead. I hope my nickname
for you “Mr. Methodical and Discipline” reflects your work in the future as well. Good Luck in your
future endeavors!!”

—Kugan Anandakugan, Vice President of Engineering, RailPod Inc.,,
managed Brian at RailPod Inc.

“As a mechanical engineer, Brian has demonstrated the ability to support a variety of design,
modification, improvements and analysis to support prototype and production efforts. In parallel,
leading the test team, Brian initiated a pragmatic process significantly improving the efficiency and
quality of the test process. Brian is a methodical engineer who can quickly adapt to a variety of
tasks, own those tasks, and deliver!”

—Brendan English, Founder/CEO, RailPod Inc., managed Brian indirectly at RailPod Inc.

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