Bryan Fredrickson

Bryan Fredrickson
3004 N Woodrow Ave
Tampa, Florida 33603
(239) 682-3314

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 2005-2008
Graduate Engineering (Non-Degree Seeking)

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI Graduation: 2004
Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Computer Engineering
Minors: Computer Science and Mathematics

Employment Experience
Inspirata, Tampa, Florida (2015 – 2016)
Software Architect
• Architect software infrastructure for new clinical medical image software product implementing cancer tissue detection and analysis, and grading of H&E stained tissue biopsy samples.
• Implemented software development process for software launch including source control, build management, agile methodologies, software configuration control, and quality assurance.
• Managed Matlab to C++ algorithm migration and optimized processing flow for improved performance of cancer detection logic, algorithm, and libraries toward deployable software product.
• Introduced multi-processing, distributed computing, and GPU acceleration to transform research oriented background batch image processing into high performance on-demand medical imaging diagnostics as a service.

Vastec, Tampa, Florida (2014 – 2015)
Software Architect
• Architected, developed, deployed, and directed production maintenance of C# .Net solutions for document image processing of secure federal government documents
• Development industry leading OCR(Optical Character Recognition) image processing algorithms and image enhancements
• Developed scalable distributed multi-server document image processing software and infrastructure
• Initiated and led organizational improvements of internal software development process and tools for source code revision control, configuration management, and defect tracking.

IBM – Defense Solutions, Saint Petersburg, Florida (2012 – 2014)
Hardware/Software Engineer
• Developed software and signal process algorithms in C/C++ for Embedded Linux soldier-portable software defined radio for Special Forces SIGINT applications. Developed algorithms for RF signal wavefront angular directional detection and wide-band scanning for RF signal collection and analysis. RF signal data and filter tuning designed and analyzed using Matlab.
• Lead developer of covert undetectable encrypted data file exfiltration for Special Forces operations via seemingly innocuous html web traffic using client-side browser extensions in javascript and custom backend apache webserver module scripts in python.
• Developed mobile phone android applications and network communication for remote/local graphical display, interface, and management of various portable software radio signal collection units

Cobham – Defense Electronics, Largo, Florida (2008 – 2012)
Hardware/Software Engineer
• Lead engineering of R&D development of class 3 military qualified embedded servo motor controller and interface boards. Included hardware specification, component selection, migrated single threaded legacy software in C to new embedded hardware with Analog Device Blackfin DSP microcontroller and multi-threaded ThreadX RTOS and NetX TCP/IP.
• Developed software projects in C on Real-Time Linux using commercial PC104 hardware for high performance servo motor control algorithm with various customized system interfaces. PID control loop tuning, design of DSP control filters, and resonant frequency response analysis using Matlab.
• Led development and architecture of Visual C++ Navy shipboard operator control and interface station of large 2-axis direct drive servo motor inertial stabilized gimbal for integrated long-range multi-sensor/multi-spectrum sensor pod with video object auto-acquisition and image auto tracking for target detection, identification, tracking, and telemetry designation on shipboard maritime environment.
• Developed embedded software projects in C for Atmel AVR microcontroller for supporting interface and communications hardware.
• Developed Visual C++ .NET projects for system simulation, automated testing, and to support acceptance testing demonstrations.
• Designed, integrated and mitigated customized electronics and COTS electrical systems to meet military specification with military EMI and environmental considerations. Supported military program acceptance testing at third party EMI and environmental test laboratories.

Micro Control Systems, Fort Myers, Florida (2005 – 2008)
Software Engineer
• Developed real-time PC graphical user interface in Java for local/remote status and control connection to industrial embedded controller board via serial, dial-up, and TCP/IP. Implemented real-time graphics and remote file transfer for configuration and firmware upgrade.
• Developed multi-threaded real-time embedded software application for industrial HVAC controller in C for Zilog eZ80 Acclaim. Implemented RZK RTOS and ZDS TCP/IP stack
• Contributed to design of leading edge screw compressor control algorithm for high cooling output with low power consumption using electronic expansion valves
• Developed integration of various industry standard building management communication protocols over serial, UDP/IP, and TCP/IP (MCS, BACnet, Modbus, and Johnnson N2 via RS485 and Ethernet) to enable, interface, report, and control of various HVAC manufacturer equipment and building control systems.

Independent Consulting Experience

Alakai Defense Systems, Largo, Florida (2013-2015)
Software and Systems Engineering Consultant
• Maintained and developed software for electro-optical standoff distance laser optics detection of explosive powders/materials using Visual Studio .Net in C#/C++
• Improved graphical operator interface, system control logic, device drivers, and feature/functionality requirements implementation.
• Implemented electronics and software design of closed loop video objection tracking enabling stabilized line of sight laser analysis algorithms to be conduction on non-stationary targets
• Invoked as subject matter expert for systems/software engineering aspects of closed loop direct drive brushless motor control, system and device integration, control algorithms, signal processing, and image object video tracking, and software development.

Graduate Courses Work
• Digital Signal Processing – Signal analysis, and filter design, random noise signal prediction, error-analysis, and signal synthesis. Advanced studies of human speech signals processing for recognition, synthesis, and analysis.
• Digital Design – State machine design of CPLD/FPGA digital controllers. Specific emphasis on use of VHDL for logic interface, timing, and logic design.
• Advance Computer Architecture – Hardware/Software performance impacts of multi-processing, multi-core processing, and out-of-order execution processors.
• Engineering Management – Aspects of managing, leading, and development teams of technical people. Impacts of technology and law on business and technical ventures.
• Technology and Law – Managing technology with domestic and international laws affecting intellectual property, copyright, patents, and contracts

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