Bryce Wibben


Performance Test Technician

Rochester, MN
Bryce Wibben
Performance Test Technician – Ciber Inc. Staffing Agency

(507) 251-0363
Rochester, MN 55904

Performance Test Technician Ciber Inc. Staffing Agency Rochester, MN
September 2015 to Present
Orchestrated successful issue resolution and performance improvements in a wide variety of computer networks and systems.
Spearheaded various benchmark and workload tests on hard drives in order to replicate customer issues and more efficiently develop solutions. Tested drives with new firmware code, fixed various hardware and firmware issues, set up servers, and configured raid controllers. Inspected and repaired program systems’ components. Supplied performance data to engineers and supervisors, and collaborated with other engineers to set up systems and run performance tests in an efficient, timely manner.
Key Achievements:
* Heavily contributed to the successful writing of scripts, effectively creating new workloads to run.
* Successfully built databases, raid 0, raid 1, raid 5, and raid 10, with optimal operational efficiency.
* Streamlined workflow and improved productivity by carefully organizing, analyzing, and preparing technical data reports.
* Demonstrated extensive knowledge of Niagara, Iometer, Dynamo, and Vesper.
* Proved ability to go above and beyond job duties in order to understand, evaluate, and resolve customer issues.

Consultation Agent Geek Squad Rochester, MN
September 2014 to September 2015
Hired to troubleshoot a wide variety of computer issues for customers.
Met with customers to determine computer needs and issues, and communicated with them pleasantly and professionally. Quickly identified issues, and developed and implemented a plan of action to meet needs and resolve issues. Spearheaded extensive research of computer systems and databases whenever necessary, in order to provide optimal service and efficiency in resolution. Troubleshot hardware issues and worked with service providers to facilitate repairs.
Key Achievements:
* Collaborated with senior management, colleagues, and customer service team to ensure consistent vision for customer service across the board, and to create the best possible solution for complex issues.
* Demonstrated unique skill set in both interpersonal skills and technical skills, along with the ability to communicate complex technical issues to customers in easy-to-understand terms.
* Successfully maintained a calm, professional demeanor when faced with high-demand, high-volume workloads.

Mobility & Technology Supervisor Staples Rochester, MN
February 2014 to September 2014
Drove revenue growth through exceptional customer service and problem-solving skills.
Interacted with customers via phone and in-person visits, and readily resolved issues and answered questions regarding various products. Walked customers through each step of the process, keeping them informed along the way for high-quality results.
Key Achievements:
* Quickly created a rapport with each customer through strong communication skills and extensive technical knowledge.
Creatively troubleshot hardware issues for customers, working quickly and efficiency for optimal customer satisfaction.

Bachelor of Science Engineering Technology & Computers DeVry University
Rochester, MN

Qualifications Profile
™¦ Computer Troubleshooting Skills: Extensive expertise in understanding, evaluating, and resolving a wide range of computer issues. In particular, extensive knowledge of computer hardware, software, and firmware; a variety of computer networks; and Niagara, Iometer, Dynamo, and Vesper.
™¦ Project Management: Proven ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, with a consistent commitment to all applicable deadlines and budget constraints.
™¦ Client Relationship Management: Demonstrated ability to foster strong working relationships with customers through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Particular expertise in explaining highly technical issues in easy-to-understand terms.

™¦ Strengths: Dynamic, outgoing, and collaborative professional with a track record of collaborating well with colleagues, leading projects efficiently, taking initiative, multi-tasking, and analyzing issues critically and thoroughly for optimal results.

™¦ Technical Skills: Hands-on experience designing, building, and testing digital circuits; using a logic analyzer to design, optimize, and debug hardware; using an oscilloscope to test for and analyze digital and analog signals; using Altera Quartus, SPICE, and NI Multisim to design and verify circuits; and understanding hardware description languages such as Verilog and VHDL.

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