Byron Bazemore

Byron Bazemore
1513 Stuart Road, Reston, VA. 20194
(703) 309-5159

Education: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA
Date: September 2005 – 2010
* BS May 2010 Graduated Cum Laude, Major: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry; Minor Microelectronics
* Masters of Science December 2011, Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
GPA: 3.5/4.0

Special Denmark Technical University, Lyngby, Denmark
Studies Date: July 2009- August 2009
Study abroad at Denmark Technical University took a 5 credit class in Unit Operations

Work Bazemore M & E Consulting, Reston, VA
Experience Position/date: Engineering Management Consultant October 2013 – present
Process Engineering and Environmental Permitting Consulting
* Designed client’s Plasma Gasification (Waste to Energy) process with the capacity to handle hazardous waste and regulated medical waste which has a payback period of 3.7 years with a net profit of 4.1M per year
* Provided client with off-site permits to process Regulated Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste that will generate energy
* Air, Wastwater, and Solid waste permit development for new processes
* Assisted clients with Permit by Rule, Off-Site Permits, Title V, BACT, MACT and PSD Nonattainment permit.
* Developed client’s Potential to Emit (PTE) estimates using stack testing data, Mass and Energy Balances, and AP-42 factors for emissions estimates for criteria pollutants and Hazardous Air Pollutants
* Coordination with DEQ on variance requests for permits and public notifications
* Hosted public hearings pertaining to Waste to Energy facility being built to convert hazardous waste to syngas and amorphous slag
* Process Design modeling in ChemCad and Aspen plus for Waste to Energy systems using Plasma Gasification.
* Provided clients with Air Dispersion modeling (AERMOD and PHAST) for hazardous assessments and air permitting requirements

Project Management and Environmental Operations Consulting
* Collaborated with stakeholders pertaining to environmental compliance in 2016 via $100M Waste Gas Recovery Project.
* Lead consultant on Flare Consent Decree compliance with flaring parameters like CZ-NHV, STF Ratio, downtime, and emissions.
* Led roll out of new permitted limits on flare SO2 and waste gas base load limits for operations
* Conducted operator and shift foreman training regarding new Flare Consent Decree limits
* Assisted client on NSPS J/JA regulatory requirements. Duties involved communication with EPA and Kentucky Division of Air Quality (KDAQ) on alternative limit requests. Developed tracking tool for heaters and boilers which triggered NSPS J/JA based on 7% of original cost and 50% replacement cost.
* Start up Shutdown and Malfunction Plan (SSMP) record keeping
* Worked with FCC and Alky environmental operations. Duties involved developing environmental performance indicators in the DCS
* Completed Semi-Annual Flare CD reports, General Consent Decree annual report, Title V, and Waste Gas minimization plan update.

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, Fairfax,VA
Position/date: Environmental Project Engineer December 2011 – October 2013
* Led monthly stewarding meetings for R&D projects pertaining to air and water quality
* Created Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tracking tool efficiently track expenditures on R&D programs via SQL
* Worked with senior management to develop new R&D programs for the future
* Developed Toxchem models for the Sulfur oxide Emissions Reduction Project (SERP) due to the emissions of ammonia from ABS
* Identified SERP ammonia emission sources and potential mitigation steps to reduce the emissions
* Developed PHAST models for our European clients which led to $1.3 M capital cost reduction due to the stack height reduction
* Conducted SWOT assessment of chemical plants and refineries in the US and Australia in order ensure technical readiness of air emissions calculations/methodologies for input into the Environmental Data Management System (EDMS)
* Led effort to reduce the risk of over assisting the flare (with air or steam) in order to achieve higher combustion efficiency
* Led the 2012 updated of the Emissions Estimating Guide (EEG) and included learnings from various R&D programs
* Developed an enterprise emissions estimating tool for delayed cokers for GHG, VOC and H2S air emissions.
* Used Toxchem simulation program to estimate VOC air emissions from various refineries for government reporting.
* Led R&D program regarding wastewater treatment plant emissions for VOC emissions and refinery H2S emissions

Hewlett-Packard, San Diego, CA
Position/date: R&D Graduate Intern May 2011 – August2013
* Performed Design of experiments and Gauge R & R to characterize sources of variation and troubleshoot problems in manufacturing
* Performed Design of experiments statistical analysis to determine the effects the pre-conditioning time and lag time play on the various physical properties of the Denali developer roller in order to find optimum manufacturing settings.
* Found potential to reduce preconditioning time from 5 to 4 days resulting in 8% improvement of total manufacturing cycle time.
* Conducted a gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility(R&R) statistical analysis to determine the impact of short and long term variations, along with material variation impact on the diameter, hardness, resistivity, and flare of the Denali roller.
* Developed a scale up model to translate the resistivity performance rollers

Lockheed Martin, MS2 Moorestown, NJ
Position/Date: Project Management Engineering Intern, December 2009 to January 2010
* Collaborated closely with Aegis PPMO staff to organize and allocate funding for a $100 million US Navy program
* Worked with Sourcing and found alternative suppliers for a potential cost savings of $300k for Aegis power supply
* Analyzed Annual Cost Breakdown Reports to make sure enough money was allocated for the qualification cost.

Lexmark International, Lexington, KY
Position/Date: GEM Fellowship Engineering Intern, May 2009 to July 2009 and May 2010 to August 2010
* Worked with chemist on ink formulation by adding various surfactants, inks, dyes, and dispersants
* Optimized the quality of ink cartridge colors via functional print testing.
* Conducted a project on the effects temperature and time have on various physical properties of ink (chemical kinetics)
* Developed three year ink predictions for physical properties (ph, settling time, particle size, viscosity, surface tension)
* Obtained Six Sigma yellow belt certification.

Honeywell Research and Development (R&D), Petersburg, VA
Position/Date: Engineering Co-op, January 2007 to July 2007
* Processed ultra-high density polyethylene fiber in the applications of body armor, rope, and vehicle armor
* Created Unit Directional Tape on the filament winder for small scale screening of various resins.
* Assisted on patents dealing with body armor, rope, and vehicle armor.
* Researched shear thinning and shear thickening fluids for stab resistant body armor.

Skills: * Proficient writing, analytical, research and organizational skills.
* Proficient computer applications: SQL, ChemCad, ToxChem, PHAST, Aermod, Aspen-Plus, Inventor, MiniTab Alice, Visio, Mat-Lab, and Visual Basics
* 2012 ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Peer Recognition award
* 2009 GEM fellowship
* 2008 Micron Scholarship Recipient
* Raytheon Scholarship Recipient
* National Society of Collegiate Scholars Member
* National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) torchbearer
* Provide assistance to the Virginia Tech Pre-College Initiative Program (PCI).

Achievements: * Established Bazemore Scholarship Fund for STEP students (first award 5/2011)
* Provided assistance to the Virginia Tech Pre-College Initiative Program (PCI)
* Human Subjects Rights certification
* 2012 ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Peer Recognition Award

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