Casey Kelley

Casey Kelley
Building Services Specialist at General Services Agency
I’m a fast pace oriented person. I love a challenge. I’m looking for that next step in my career. I have extensive
experience in maintenance, safety, supervision, facility inspection, all supported by training and education.
I excel in a new environments and learn quickly. I am a policy person and believe heavily in teaching and
monitoring Safety.
Equipment Specialist at GSA
August 2014 – Present (1 year 8 months)
Building Services Specialist- August 2014 to present- Inspect and Serve as O&M Contract Officer
Representative (COR)with a FAC-C II, preparing contract specifications for operation and maintenance
(O & M), full maintenance (FM), or commercial facility management (CFM) type contracts. Building
Safety Committee Manager for Memphis Service Center covering, Mississippi and South Tennessee.
Conduct OSHA and NEPA Safety, Environmental, Mechanical Surveys (SEMS) on all service center
buildings. Maintains systems to evaluate and monitor contractual performance related to such areas as
delivery, cost, amount of progress, advance payments, effective use of Government-furnished property,
scheduling and usage of facilities, and management of overhaul or maintenance and repair efforts.Serves
as primary coordinator and team leader over a variety of functional specialists, such as auditors, cost
accountants, engineers, and cost analysts, to prepare the Government position and conduct negotiations with
the contractor. Work independently, traveling to location checking and maintaining Facility Records. Expert
on HVAC systems to include Chillers up to 1500 Ton, Chill water, and Condenser Water pump systems.
Trained and Experienced on BAS, pneumatic and electronic building controls. Inspect for compliance of PM
maintenance, equipment and Building Inspection certifications and External.
Building Services Specialist at General Services Agency
August 2014 – Present (1 year 8 months)
Experience surveying building and building envelope systems/equipment and their usage and preparing
evaluative reports and recommendations on maintenance functions, operations, techniques and procedures;
developing, applying, and interpreting HVAC and refrigeration systems, all types of HVAC controls and
energy monitoring/control systems (EMCS) systems, electrical, plumbing, roofing, Fire Control systems, and
internal/external architectural/structural systems . Monitor contracts and recommend equipment and building
upgrades. Technical expert on water, sewer, historic building maintenance, repair, and Electrical systems.
Work with blueprints, shop drawings, and as built drawings. Serves as a Technical expert for Regional O&M
Program manger, Mechanical, electrical and BAS engineers.
Maintenance Supervisor at National Park Service
November 2000 – August 2014 (13 years 10 months)
Maintenance Supervisor for Hot Springs National Park. Supervise 13 permanent ( Electrician, HVAC ,
Plumber, 2 Mechanics, 1 Equipment operator, 3 tractor operators, 3 Janitorial and 1 State Certified Class
4 Water Treatment tech) and 25 project personnel. Carry a Class 2 water treatment license with Arkansas.
Proficient in Facility Management software, Supervise repairs for 8 historical Bath houses and the collection
and distribution of thermal water resources. Camp Ground and Comfort Stations. Facilitate all CAA
inspections Park wide. Initiate contracts for purchases and manage contracts into the millions. Manage
fleet vehicles and hold a class A CDL license. Dept of Interior trained to operate equipment completed
instructor courses . Initiate security and fire contracts. Completed Supervisory Training and have experience
in dealing with writing Job descriptions, hiring process and personnel corrective actions. Chairman of
Park Safety Committee and Initiates all Quality Control of all maintenance projects. Write and research
small to large contracts. Supervise two natural spring water systems and a unique historic Thermal water
system and the distribution systems they belong to. Supervise all parks landscape activities from mowing,
fertilizing, removal of trees, culvert and drainage maintenance and heavy equipment usage. DOI Trained
to operate backhoe, dozer, grader, tractor, and skid steer. Received Superior on last evaluation. Mobilized
for an emergency response tour to New York for Hurricane Sandy Nov-Dec 2012, worked at Stanton
Island, Liberty island, Ellis Island, Long Island, Queen to Supervise repair of electrical and chiller systems
and heating systems. My team was instrumental in getting the Statue of Liberty shore power after all
main electrical was decimated my Hurricane Sandy. Incident leader for major snow storm in Dec 2012.
Responsible for deciding course of actions for initial cleanup and utilities repair and long term needs and
US Fish and Wildlife at South Padre Island
November 2010 – June 2012 (1 year 8 months)
Maintenance Supervisor for South Texas Refuge Complex, Supervise 8 Maintenance Personnel and up to 40
volunteers covering 8 counties and 200,000 acres. Coordinates and provides guidance in the areas of position
and organization changes, recruitment, relocation’s, training, performance appraisals, awards, suggestion
evaluations, performance/conduct issues, and other human resources issues. Conduct and Supervise all
Refuge CAA inspections. Collateral Duty Safety Officer and Regional Safety Inspector. Responds to
billing and payment questions or issues raised by vendors. Controls Maintenance budget for three refuges.
Control and schedule maintenance on over 3,000,000 dollars in equipment. Manages administrative
requirements for the organization’s facilities, property, and supplies. Key aspects of facilities management
include facilities security, safety management and mishap investigation, facility operational activities,
and telecommunications and audiovisual support for the organization. Manages administrative aspects of
office supplies, office property, and office moves in support of organizational program, projects, and/or
missions. Built and implemented Maintenance plans for roads, equipment, and buildings. Planed Complex
maintenance meetings with 3 Refuge managers and Complex Manager to coordinate and prioritize all
Management priorities and projects. Completed 90% of all Management priorities in six months. Received
Outstanding mid-year review in April 2011. DOI certified for equipment operation of Dozer, Backhoe, Skidsteer
, Ag-Tractor, and Trac-Hoe. Completed Department of Interior Supervisory Course. Familiar with
(SAMMS), Ideas, quick time. Attended DOI Supervision Training 2, Collateral Duty Safety Officer training,
Dept of Interior Advanced Supervision Training, Dept of Interior training on how to give a training Session
and Financial Management and personnel conduct training. Received exceptional on last evaluation.
Shop Superintendent / Recruiter at US Air Force Reserve
November 1997 – June 2012 (14 years 8 months)
AIR FORCE RESERVE Retired- November 1997 to July 2011, Lead Recruiter, In-service Recruiter, Line
Recruiter, Escort Superintendent AL Dhafra AFB United Arab Emirates [UAE], Shop Superintendent
for Aero Ground Equipment Flight after completion of Craftsman status, Lead Recruiter 5 years:
Trained Recruiters, to place individuals in mission sensitive positions to include medical, upper and
middle management, by completing testing, background, security, and medical screens. Certified Brooks
Group IMPACT sales representative, completing 240 hours of training, initiated perpetuation to gain
leads for direct placement of qualified personel, in critical career fields. Life time goal percentage is
143. Flight Superintendent for a forward deployment in the Middle East oversaw 61 personnel 200
Third Country Nationals (TCN) 30 government vehicles and managed security for over 10 million in
contracts. Responsible for training, supervising airmen, and mediating contract and conflicts between
Third Country Nationals, and Air Force Contractors. Shop Superintendent for Aero Ground Equipment
Flight, maintains and controlled GTC accounts. Supervised repairs on aerospace ground equipment, such
as turbine and diesel motor generator sets, air compressors, and hydraulic test stands. Test and operates
equipment for serviceability and performance in accordance with technical data. Disassembles and assembles
malfunctioning accessories and components of aerospace ground equipment, such as diesel engines, engine
driven generators, air compressors, non powered hydraulic- pneumatic sets, air bearings, bushings, shafts,
end plates, brushes, springs, coils, armatures, push rods, valves, exhaust manifolds, tubing, hoses, and
defective wiring. Repairs, adjust, and operate turbine and diesel motors.
Skills & Expertise
Supervisory Skills
Facilities Management
Contract Management
Facility Management
Project Planning
Environmental Awareness
Program Management
Project Management
Customer Service
Emergency Management
Security Clearance
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Construction Management
Personnel Management
Personal Training
Maintenance Supervision
Maintenance Scheduling
Maintenance Management
Maintenance Engineering
Leadership Development
Change Management
Process Improvement
Performance Management
Senior NCO Academy Air Force
Certificate of Completion., International/Global Studies, Personnell Management, 2007 – 2008
Grade: 3.8
Activities and Societies: Senior Non commissioned officer furturnity.
Community College of the Air Force
Associate’s Degree, Applied Sciences, 1998 – 2006
Grade: 3.0
Activities and Societies: Obtained Craftsman status as an Aero Ground Equipment Technician and
Community College of the Air Force
Associate’s degree,, Human Resources Management, Applied Science, 1997 – 2006
Grade: 3.0
Contracting Officer Representative (COR)
Federal Government October 2014
Casey Kelley
Building Services Specialist at General Services Agency
1 person has recommended Casey
“Casey is an enthusiastic master of recruiting zone management and lead generation. He continuously
searches for opportunities to expand his professional knowledge and technical expertise. Casey was
consistently recognized as a national recruiting award winner. I strongly endorse Casey Kelley as a man of
principle, professionalism and capability”
— David Beach, worked directly with Casey at US Air Force Reserve
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