Chandana Avasarala


Pipeline Integrity & Materials Engineer

Houston, TX

Chandana Avasarala

8181 Fannin Street, Apartment# 2032, Houston, Texas 77054 ( 940.536.8126

Qualifications Profile

Materials Engineer
Dynamic, self-motivated, and success-driven Materials Science Engineer with
Industrial and Research experience in Titanium and Aluminum Production, Quality
Control, Sample Preparation, Micro and Macro Hardness Testing in targeting
Materials Processing and Designing Engineering roles. Offering a focused skill set
coupled with international research experience from Switzerland to India. Exemplify
strong analytical and technical skills in developing new products and processes;
evaluating and modifying existing processes; identifying product defects; and
executing necessary course of action. Possess outstanding ability to lead and guide
other professionals to ensure high-quality and timely completion of assigned
Professional Experience

Enterprise Products, Houston, TX, USA
American natural gas and crude oil pipeline company

Pipeline Integrity & Materials Engineer
Sep 2013–Present
• Carry out key tasks such as liquid pipelines data management, pipeline design
review & validation, as well as calculation and verification of the maximum
operation pressure (MOP) in accordance with 49.CFR 195 and 49.CFR192.
• Complete design of Piping General Arrangement Layouts, Plot Plans & Piping
• Review all vendor documentations to assure the compliance with the design and
technical requirements.
• Piping Modelling of lines, Isometrics extraction & Checking of Isometrics with
respect to P&ID’s and support marking in the lines according to stress analysis
• Study the change in class location maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) to
make sound decision on final action item determinations for oil and natural gas
pipelines. Identify the DOT class location (Class) and high consequence area (HCA)
in compliance with state and federal regulations for both transmission and
gathering and natural gas pipelines.
• Oversee the development, maintenance, coordination, and analysis of GIS data
related to pipeline open data standard (PODS) based database, shape, layer, keyhole
mark-up language, and custom map files.
• Ensure proper coordination of data between departments and external vendors while
providing extensive assistance.
• Demonstrate solid awareness in maintaining the appropriate pressure of pipelines
and regularly update the pipeline details to guarantee accurate and comprehensive
• Assume full responsibility in driving the automation of record management by
creating and implementing electronic management filing system.
Centre for Research and Technology – University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA

Graduate Materials Research Assistant
Jan 2011–Aug 2013
Advanced Metallic and Manufacturing Processes (AM3P) Group

Project Lead
• Oversaw industry-oriented project comprised of characterization of Titanium
alloys from ATI metals involving solid metal cutting, heat-treating, polishing,
metal sample characterization, hardness testing, and micro-structure images
generation from material characterizing techniques, as well as reporting and
concluding the results.
Key Achievements:

• Characterized, generated, concluded, and reported results for over 100 samples
comprised of Ti6-4, Ti-425, Ti5553, Ti-15Mo, Ti-17Mo, Ti-10-2-3, Ti-Mn, Ti-Fe-, and
Titanium alloys of ATI metals within 10 months.
• Utilized beta-transus temperature in establishing improved heat treatment
procedures for Titanium alloys.
• Successfully operated the box and tube furnaces for aging the Titanium alloy
samples within 12 consecutive days regardless of bad weather.
Research Lead

• Conducted research on a series of Ti-xMn binary alloys with varying compositions
of Manganese fabricated from Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS).
• Took full charge of processing, fabricating & designing metal samples from LENS,
thermal processing, generating and correlating the hardness, composition, and
micro-structural data, as well as X-ray Diffraction (XRD) of the Titanium alloys.

Key Achievements:

• Accomplished the study regarding the alloying effects of Manganese which acted
more as beta stabilizer than Molybdenum.
• Reported and concluded the precise value for Mo- equivalency equation, along with
the extended compositional range between martensite start and finish at room
temperature and martensites.
• Presented detailed documentation of conflicts in the lattice parameter values
from TEM and XRD experiments.
• Created the best etchant and etching procedure for the Ti-xMn samples that
prevented corrosion effects and obtained best microstructural images from the
optical and scanning electron microscopes.
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland

Nuclear research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory
in the world; birth place of world wide web containing powerful data processing
Nuclear Materials Intern
Jun 2010–Aug 2010
• Spearheaded the research on various high-thermal conductivity materials,
comprised of carbon fibers, thermo pyrolytic graphite, carbon foams, and adhesives
associated to Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) tracker upgrade.
Key Achievements:

• Devised a comprehensive product list as support to CMS tracker upgrade.

• Identified structural materials to support structure in the CMS pixel detector
that ensured efficient heat transfer between the cooling pipes and the silicon
• Communicated the available and cost-effective high performance adhesives to glue
the sheets to the cooling pipes to guarantee high conductivity.

Defence Metallurgical and Research Laboratories (DMRL), Hyderabad, India
Research laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organization,
responsible for the development and manufacture of complex metals and materials
required for modern warfare and weapon systems

Materials Research Engineer
Nov 2009–May 2010
• Supervised and conducted research on the “effect of cooling rate on
microstructure and properties of Titanium alloy IMI 834” which included processing,
characterizing, and studying of microstructures acquired from thermal processing
treatments under various quenching media.
• Performed result analysis resulting in the identification of best quenching media
for alloy and discovery of improved mechanical properties. Led and guided trainee
engineers to ensure safe and efficient production and research operations, while
adhering to allotted project budget and timelines.
• Developed standard operating procedures for routine sampling and testing.
• Kept informed of current industry practice and innovation, along with
technological trends and advancement.
• Performed new product development focused on emerging materials systems, while
ensuring timely coordination with designated personnel on production processes.
Key Achievements:

• Held full accountable for the successful identification of best quenching media
and thermal treatment for alloy, as well as discovery of improved mechanical
• Generated and submitted comprehensive report detailing the hardness and strength
effects with decreasing cooling rate from the evaluated mechanical properties.
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Hyderabad, India
Power plant equipment manufacturer and operates as India’s largest engineering and
manufacturing company
Process and Manufacturing Engineer
May 2008–Nov 2008
• Evaluated existing processes and configured manufacturing system to reduce cost,
improve sustainability, and develop best practices within the production process.
• Piloted a group of 10 trainee engineers, including development of innovative
solutions and execution of new raw material testing in accordance with safety
measures within the ferrous and non-ferrous manufacturing plants. Created and
maintained SOPs; managed processing documentation; and developed and monitored in-
process testing equipment and methods.
• Collaborated with Technical and Quality departments in introducing new products
to the market, as well as in improving the quality of products.
• Conducted failure analysis to identify defective product or process, as well as
monitored the execution of necessary corrective action.
• Actively participated in executing engineering projects and created appropriate
Key Achievements:

• Successfully completed industry-oriented live project on “Enhancement of
mechanical properties of Aluminum-Bronze Impeller” by performing four effective
melting and casting of aluminum-bronze alloy.
• Developed the best chemical composition and cooling rate by analyzing the
hardness, chemical composition, microstructure, and mechanical test results during
heat treatment for better mechanical properties.
• Succeeded in producing aluminum bronze impellers for the gas turbines that
ensured ideal chemical compositions and processing methods, thus stabilizing
financial budgets.
• Education
Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering: 2013 | University of North
Texas, Denton, TX, USA

College of Engineering Graduate Scholarship: 2011; 2013 | Toulouse Graduate School
Scholarship: 2012
Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering: 2010

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Hyderabad, India

Student Member, Indian Institute of Metals (IIM)
Technical Acumen

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) | C, C++, and Java |
Adobe Photoshop

Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, and iOS)

ImageJ | Materials Image Processing and Automated Reconstruction (MIPAR)

Scanning Electrode Microscope (SEM) | Focused Ion Beam (FIB) | Transmission
Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) | Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)

Mechanical Testing Machine (Instron) | X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

49.CFR195 | 49.CFR192 | API 1110 | MOP/MAOP – Validation/Establishment

B31.8, ANSI B16.5 | API5L | API 1163 | MOP Records Verification | Pipeline Open
Data Standard (PODS)


Certificate of Merit, Pitting Corrosion Paper Presentation, National Institute of
Technology (NIT) Warangal, India

Organizer, National Level Symposium Frontiers of Metallurgy and Materials
Technology (FMMT) 2009

Organizer, Technical Festival Metallon 2006 and 2008

Sports Secretary, Brilliant Grammar High School, Hyderabad, India

Supporter, World Vision India | Member, Lions Club | Volunteer/Organizer, UNICEF
Member, Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) | Member, Materials Advantage, University
of North Texas
Member, Association of Iron and Steel Technology
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