Changhao Wei

Changhao Wei
525 Harriet Ave, Shoreview, MN∙ 55126∙ 614-477-6694∙
EE professional with 2 year+ experience in Analog/Mixed-signal/RF IC design, hardware/firmware design & test. Solid understanding of CMOS, Analog, RF Circuits, ADC/DAC.
EDA Tool: Cadence Virtuoso, Spectre, MATLAB, Altium Designer, LTspice, SimVision, Modelsim
Programming: C/C++, Verilog-AMS, VHDL, MSP430 Code Composer, LabView, UNIX Shell scripting
Lab Equipment: Oscilloscope, Function generator, Spectrum analyzer, Modulation domain analyzer, Logic Analyzer
IC Design Engineer, Medtronic, Mounds View, MN Dec. 2014 – Pressent
• Performed industry leading pacemaker mixed signal IC design and verification.
• Cross-functional worked with test engineers, product engineers, system engineers and technicians to develop new generation pacemaker system level and production tests.
Hardware Engineer, Medtronic, Mounds View, MN Feb. – Dec. 2014
• Performed pacemaker mixed signal IC system emulation utilizing hardware acceleration technology.
• Supported PCB designer and system engineer for system emulation platforms development.
• Validated RF telemetry system between implanted device and instrument on application layer using System C.
Product Development Engineer, TE Connectivity, Menlo Park, CA Oct. – Dec. 2013
• Performed power electronics PCB system design and validation.
• Completed technical documents, including design specification, test report, BOM, etc.
Graduate Student Researcher, OSU ElectroScience Lab, Columbus, OH Jan. – May. 2013
• Performed RFIC design, including LNA, VCO, and Mixer, from initial evaluation to schematic simulation and verification using Cadence Virtuoso & SpectreRF for 90nm process.
• Worked on CMOS device, S-parameter, noise analysis, and transmission line; balanced tradeoffs to meet specifications.
MS, ECE The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Aug. 2013
BS, EE Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai, China Jun. 2011
Polaris Pacemaker Mixed Signal IC Integration Oct. 2015 – Present
• Performed integration of pacemaker Incremental ADC and Heart Impedance Measurement block.
• Built transistor level test bench for ADC in Cadence Virtuoso & Spectre to determine specific issues.
• Conducted chip level simulation using pacemaker Verilog-AMS model to determine timing issues of ADC.
Orion Inc. 2 Pacemaker Verilog-AMS Verification Sep. 2015 – Present
• Integrated and verified pacemaker Verilog-AMS model, including Pacing Engine, Sense Amplifier, DSP block, etc.
• Conducted chip level verification on Ventricular Capture Management and Sense Amplifier modules with SimVision to assist production tests and system emulation with other departments.
SubQ Pacemaker Prototype Design Nov. 2014 – Sep. 2015
• Designed Shock Detector prototype board, including concept review, schematic simulation, PCB design and specification tests, to deliver human heart shock detection and capture.
• Utilized MSP430 MCU, Bluetooth module and other electronic components based on schematic simulation in LTspice.
• Implemented specification and quality tests using LabView and lab equipments, processed data with MATLAB.
• Evaluated the proposed Shock Detector transistor level model in Cadence Virtuoso.
Galaxy Mixed Signal IC Emulation Jun.– Oct. 2014
• Designed hierarchical RTL models of Sense Amplifier and Electrogram Magnetic frontend in Cadence Virtuoso.
• Integrated the model with SDC ADC model, and synthesized in Cadence Palladium HW accelerator.
• Input digitized pacemaker lead signals generated by MATLAB, and verified its functionality using SimVision.
IRIS+ Electric Vehicle Charging System PCB Design Oct.– Dec. 2013
• Performed comprehensive electric vehicle charging system PCB design using LTspice and Altium Designer.
• Conducted quality tests according to safety standards such as UL and VDE.
• Performed electronic components selection, board bring up and hands-on system debugging.
Voltage Controlled Oscillator Design Jan.– Jun. 2013
• Designed LC-VCO for GSM upper frequency bands (DCS1800 & PCS1900) with tuning range of 1.6-2GHz.
• Employed Gain-boosting level locked loop to achieve 3MHz/V supply pushing.
• Achieved significant close-in -118dBc/Hz @ 0.4MHz & & far-out -155dBc/Hz @ 20MHz phase noise.
Low Noise Amplifier Design Jan.– Jun. 2013
• Designed 3-10GHz ultra wideband LNA using resistive feedback with gm-enhanced cascade topology.
• Completed whole block including 50 Ohms input and output match network designing.
• Balanced the tradeoff while achieving 5dB noise figure, 15dBm minimum gain & -5dBm IIP3.
Mixer Design Jan.– Jun. 2013
• Designed active Mixer for direct conversion receiver covering UMTS I-IV bands (1.8-2.2GHz).
• Employed double balanced structure and achieved IF bandwidth with 5MHz.
• Balanced the tradeoff with 10dB noise figure, 12dB conversion gain, 10dBm IIP3 & 52dBm IIP2.
Operational Amplifier Design Sep.– Dec. 2011
• Designed folded-cascade differential OpAmp using Cadence Analog Artist for AMI 0.6um technology.
• Balanced tradeoff among 50dB gain, 300kHz bandwidth, 65 degrees phase margin, and 0.9mW power dissipation.
• Employed miller compensation capacitor to maintain its stability as a unity gain buffer.

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