Charles Caruso


Consulting System Architect/SYSTEMS ENGINEER

Chelmsford, MA

Charles R. Caruso
225 Littleton Road #40-104 Chelmsford, MA 01824

Home Phone: 1-651-882-7852
Work Phone: 1-702-526-7878

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225 Littleton Road, #40-104
Chelmsford, MA 01824-3385
Cell Phone: (702) 526-7878
Home Phone: (978) 455-3514
U. S. Citizen
Active SECRET Security Clearance
Inactive TOP SECRET Security Clearance

Broad C4ISR and Air Defense Guided Missile Systems background, with
extensive Systems Engineering experience to provide technicalleadership
for DoDAF compliant C4ISR Systemsdevelopment.


Huntington Beach, California
November 2003 to Present
* Consulting System Architect/SYSTEMS ENGINEER – Contracted with Boeing
to Lead the Architecture Integrated Product Team (IPT) of a National
Architecture Support and Engineering Analysis(AS&EA) Collaborative
Team. The team isco-located with the U. S. Air Force Lead System
Architect at theElectronics Systems Center (ESC), Hanscom Air
Force Base, Massachusetts. The IPT is responsible for developing DoD
Architecture Framework (DoDAF) compliant products for the
Network-Centric U. S. Air Force Command and Control(C2) Constellation.
The IPT is made up of Architects from Lockheed Martin, Boeing,
Raytheon, IBM, and L3 Communications.
… Currently providing Lead System Architect support to Joint
Expeditionary Force Experiment 2006 (JEFX06). JEFX 06 objectives
include development of a Service OrientedExperimentation and Test
Infrastructure;experimentation with initiatives that explore Network
CentricOperations (NCO); and Development Tests (DT) andOperational Test
& Evaluation (OT&E) for the Theater Battle ManagementCore Systems
(TBMCS) that includes thenewly developed Theater Battle Operations
Net-centric Environment(TBONE).
… I lead the development of DoDAF compliant System Views (SV) for
a ?To-Be? C2 Constellation ServiceOriented Architecture (SOA). This
architecture supports C2Constellation integration with the Navy?s
FORCEnet and Army?s LandWarNet into the DOD Global Information Grid
(GIG) forworldwide Joint Force Command Net-Centric Operations and
… All System Architectures developed using Popkin?s System
Architect and a Capability Based Methodology.

Eagan, Minnesota
April 2003 to October 2003
* Consulting Systems Architect/SYSTEMS ENGINEER – Contracted with
Lockheed Martin to developDoD Architecture Framework compliantSystem
Views (SV) and TechnicalViews (TV) for the U. S. Navy Multi-mission
Maritime Aircraft (MMA)proposal.
… Developed architecture views using Popkin’s System Architect
software. Systems Views providedarchitecture descriptions of three MMA
critical system design domains: systems development, communications,
and software.
… Analyzed Link 16 (TADIL-J) and Link 11 (TADIL-A)
interoperability requirements to support the architecture; assisted in
the development of the MMA Type-A Specification.

Las Vegas, Nevada
June 1999 to April 2003
* Retired early from The MITRE Corporation. Events of 9/11/2001 changed
my retirement plans.

Bedford, Massachusetts
1981 to June 1999
* PROJECT LEADER- Directed a staff of engineers and administrative
personnel responsible for the specification, design, development and
test of the command, control, communications, computers, Intelligence,
surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities of the U.S. Air
Force EC-130E, Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC)
… Interfaced with the customer and translated user needs into
operational and system architectures and development requirements.
… Defined concept of operations, user system interfaces,
operational requirements, system requirements, Link 16/TADIL-J
interoperability requirements, and requirements flow down to detailed
system design, software development, and System and Operational Tests.
… I approved all contractor hardware and software designs;
provided all Government decisions regarding technical performance, cost
tradeoffs, risk mitigation, and systems of systems component analysis
and selection.
* LEAD SYSTEMS ENGINEER – Defined, specified, and tested the
integration of the Joint Tactical InformationDistribution System
(JTIDS) Class 2 terminal and Integrated Broadcast System (IBS) into the
ABCCC aircraft. Specified all ABCCC/TADIL-J (Link 16) and Integrated
Broadcast System interoperability requirements for ABCCC operations
within the joint command and control architecture; defined operational
requirements, TADIL-J message implementation, user system interfaces,
and system requirements; approved all contractor hardware and
software designs. Planned and directed all ABCCC/JTIDS Government
integration and system test programs, and provided Government approval
and acceptance of system performance from the contractor. I represented
the ABCCC program within the Joint Interoperability community that
established TADIL-J message standards. Program received a Program
Achievement Award.
… Defined, specified, and tested the hardware and software for the
ABCCC Tactical Battle Management Subsystem development and all
upgrades. Interfaced with the customer to translate concept of
operations and user needs into operational requirements, user system
interfaces, system requirements and system designs. Monitored and
approved contractor detailed hardware and software designs. Insured
design included maximum use of commercial-off-the-self (COTS) and
non-development item (NDI) equipment. Planned and directed the
Government integration and test program; approved test results and
system performance from the contractor. Program received a Program
Achievement Award.
… Wrote ABCCC Type-A System Specifications, Requests for Proposal,
conducted Source Selections, participated in all contractor Design
Reviews, and Program Management Reviews.
… I provided Lead System Engineer support to the Expeditionary
Force Experiment 1999. Integrated JTIDSinto the B-2 Bomber and
specified a TADIL-J (Link-16) cockpit display
for in-flight mission command and
control; integrated F-16 fighter aircraft equipped with the Situational
Awareness Data Link (SADL) into the JTIDS (Link 16)/TADIL-J network
… I provided Lead System Engineer support to the Saudi Arabian
Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) program. Resolved TADIL-A
(Link 11) interoperability problems between U.S. AWACS, Saudi Arabian
AWACS, and the Peace Shield Ground Defense System.
* SYSTEM TEST DIRECTOR – Planned and directed all Government
Integration and Test Programs for the ABCCC Development Program.
Ensured systems delivered to the Government met all operational and
system requirements, and satisfied end-user needs.
… Determined verification and validation methods for all system
and operational requirements; reviewed and approved all contractor test
plans and procedures; witnessed integration and verification of lower
levelunits and approved units for system integration and system test;
was Government Test Director for all formal hardware, software, system,
and operational tests. . I provided signature approval of system
performance for all ABCCC systems delivered to the Government by the
… Co-Chaired, with the Air Force ABCCC Program Manager, Test Plan
Working Groups to define and acquire test assets, test equipment,
instrumentation and test data requirements. Conducted Test Readiness
Reviews to review and document test configurations, verify readiness,
and approve start of Government tests; Co-Chaired Test Review Board and
the review of test results and anomalies.
… I flew combat missions over Bosnia in the ABCCC as Government
Test Director for the conduct of ABCCC/ JTIDS (Link 16) Operational
Test and Evaluation (OT&E).

Bedford, Massachusetts
Prior to 1981
* LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER – Defined system and software requirements,
designed, coded (Assembly language), and tested real time embedded
software for the Hawk Air Defense Guided Missile System.
Accomplishments included radar data processing, target detection and
identification, data correlation and fusion, threat evaluation,
fire control and missile launch, and data link interoperability
… Defined system and software requirements, then lead a team that
designed, coded (Assembly language) and tested, the real time software
for the Hawk Operator Trainer Simulator. This embedded software system
emulated the Hawk acquisition, tracking and ranging radars, fire
control, missile launch, missile flight and intercept, for Battery
Control Central operator training. It also emulated various radar and
missile Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) and Electronic Counter-Counter
Measure (ECCM) techniques.
* Senior SYSTEMS ENGINEER – Defined system and software requirements,
and designed system capability improvements to the Hawk Guided Missile
System. Defined Hawk system interoperability requirements for digital
data interchange via the Army Tactical Data Link (ATDL). Designed Hawk
Guided Missile sites and test facilities for the United States and
Allied countries throughout the world.
… I received a Patent Award for an Independent Orientation &
Alignment System for use in the Hawk and Patriot Air Defense Guided
Missile Systems. …….MORE, BUT WILL NOT FIT

U.S. Army – Hawk Guided Missile Electronic Technician


1976 Boston University Boston, Massachusetts
Graduate School – Computer Science; all courses completed for an
M.S. Degree; Thesis not completed

1969 Boston University Boston Massachusetts
B.S., Engineering Management – courses in Aeronautical

1970 Control Data Institute Burlington, Massachusetts
Diploma ? Computer Programming Technology


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