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Certified Welding Inspector equipped with solid management and interpersonal skills seeking Q.C. position. Focused on building reputation for excellent service and quality construction.
• AWS CWI – AWSQC1 15112401 Exp. Date: 11-1-2018
• ASNT VISUAL TESTING ; LEVEL II Exp. Date: 8-12-2020
• Good computer skills in MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel or any other commonly used software
• Knowledge in WPS/PQR
• Knowledge in welding inspection
• Knowledge in isometric drawing, ortho drawing and P&ID
• Knowledge in preparing punch list
• Knowledge in underground pipeline inspection (jeeping)
• Knowledge in verifying the dimensions and inspecting the alignments of spools
• Knowledge in Hydro testing
• Knowledge in inspecting valves, bolts, studs and gaskets and flanges
• Knowledge about receiving, handling, and storing of piping materials
• Knowledge in inspecting pipe supports
• Professional & independent worker & team player
• Proficient in meeting deadlines, and going extra miles
• Constantly pursue new & modern technologies
• Good oral and written communication
• Accuracy and attention to details
Quality Control – CWI
UCS – Shell Martinez, CA Aug 2017 to Oct 2017
• Visual inspection for pipe and structural welds
• NDE requesting, flagging and reviewing reports for PT,PMI on pipe welds
• Punch list preparation, reviewing and submitting
• Package walk down with Q.A. and pre walkthrough
• Flange inspection and bolt up and gasket inspection
• Submitting the BOOK(final package) to the client
• Daily welding report and inspection report submitting
• Welding Rod room handling and issuing welding rods for welding
• Creating field weld number, flange number and request for information (RFI)
• Inspect spools, measurements, valves
• Inspect fit up

Quality control – CWI Jan 2017 to Jul 2017
Fluor – Baytown,tx

• Inspecting pipe and structural welds for any defects – visual inspection
• Flange inspection and bolt up inspection
• NDE flagging welds for xrays, pmi, ut and pt
• Punch list preparation
• package walkthrough
• hydro testing

Pipe Fitter Sept 2016 to Dec 2016
Turner / SWS – Garyville, LA

• Hydro testing
• Walk through finished packages
• Punch list preparation and inspection followed by isometric drawing and p&id
• Demo spools, valves, supports
• INSPECT new spools, supports, valves

Pipe Fitter / CWI- Q.C. May 2016 to Aug 2016
S&B – Chocolate Bayou, TX and Mont Belvieu, TX

• Walk through finished packages,
• Pre walk through
• Inspect welds, bolt up and flanges
• NDE flagging
• Demo spools and erect pipe
• Fit up pipe ,bolt up spools
• Install supports, fit spools and valves
• Bolt up spools, valves
• Hydro testing spools
• Punch list inspection,
• Install blinds, spec blinds, spacers

Pipe Fitter/Q.C. Nov 2015 To Apr 2016
Fluor – Baytown, TX

• Underground pipeline pre-inspection and inspection
• Welding inspection
• Jeeping underground pipelines for any damages and fixing the damages
• Punch listing packages and walk through finished packages
• Certified Fluor JLG and Scissor lift operator
• Spool fitting, cutting, grinding, rigging, read the drawing and find out the spools in the laydown yard
• Coordinate the spools according to the drawing
• Installing supports for pipelines- guides, anchor supports

Pipe Fitter / Q.c. Assistant Jan 2015 to Jun 2015
Turner Industries – Houston, TX

• Worked in punch list crew and commissioning crew for final installation and inspection
• Inspecting and preparing the punch list packages
• Inspecting the valves, gaskets, bolts and studs and other piping accessories
• Certified Turner Industries JLG operator and SCISSOR lift operator
• Inspected, examined and tested installed systems and pipelines and cooling water pumps using pressure gauge, hydrostatic testing and other methods
• Modified, cleaned and maintained pipe system, units, fittings and related machines and equipments following specifications and using hand and power tools
• Determine layout requirements by reading and interpreting blueprints
• Cut ,fit grind and bevel pipe and plate according to the drawing
• Installed supports ,valves, spools according to the Isometric drawing and P&id

Process Pipeline Fitter and Welder Nov 2014 to Dec 2014
Process Pipeline Services – Cleveland , OH

• Cut, laid out, full scale drawing of pipe systems, supports and related equipment followed by blueprint and P&id
• Operated scissor lift for overhead installation of pipelines and supports
• Welded tubes and supports as per Isometric drawing
• Install pumps , valves, meter as per drawing

Pipe Fitter Aug 2014 to Nov 2014
JV Industries – Houston, TX and Richmond, CA

• Perform general sheet metal works as required
• Cut and bored holes in structures and pipes prior to installation using hand and power tools
• Drill holes on concrete prior to install supports for pump pipe lines
• Assist riggers in rigging for settling of spools, valves and other equipments
• Demo pipelines as per drawing using pneumatic tools and electric tools and installing new pipelines

Pipe Fitter Apr 2014 to Jul 2014
Performance – McPherson, KS and Meridian, MS

• Bolt up spools, valves, instruments and equipments as per drawing
• Punch list inspection according to isometric drawing
• Installing brackets, clamps and supports
• Measuring and lay out the pipes, supports locations using blueprints
• Scissor lift and Man lift operating for installing and removing pipelines
• Rigging spools, valves and instruments to correct location according to the drawing
• Fitting pipes, supports, valves using Isometric drawing and P&id

Boilermaker and Pipe Fitter Feb 2014 to Mar 2014 – Apr 2011 to Jul 2011
Repconn – Corpus Christi, TX and La Porte, TX

• Installed variety of valves and fittings
• Clean and Repair drainage lines and equipments
• Read blueprint to determine appropriate materials and procedures
• Bolt up spools, valves and instruments to pump and equipments
• Hydro testing installed and fitted pipelines
• Rigging spools, valves

Pipe Fitter Jan 2014 – Jan 2014
KBR – Victoria, TX

• Demo pipelines and installing new pipe lines according to drawing
• Cut, bevel, and fit pipes and supports
• Repair drainage lines

Pipe Fitter Sep 2013 – Dec 2013
Quell – Tioga, ND
• Punch list inspection followed by isometric drawing and p&id
• Installing missing and wrong bolts, gaskets, valves supports as per drawing
• Installing and removing blinds for hydro testing
• Securing pipes to structures with clamps, brackets and hangers according to blueprint

Pipe Fitter Jan 2013 – jun2013
PCL – Freeport, TX

• Confined space related works
• Rigging spools , expansion joints, valves to correct location
• Fitting expansion joints
• Draw, layouts and read and interpret blueprints and drawings
• Measured and marked pipes for cutting

Pipe Fitter and Lead man Jul 2012 – Nov 2012
TIC – Corpus Christi, TX

• Certified Man Lift operator for TIC
• Installing, cleaning and repairing drainage lines
• Measured, marked pipes for cutting and pipe system layout, installation and repair according to specification
• Rigging spools, valves, instruments and equipments
• Cut and bore holes in structures and wall prior to pipe installation
• Cutting pipes ,plates and supports using torch cutting and metabo
• Draw layout and read blueprint and interpret blue print and drawing
• Provide bolts, valves, gaskets and tools for workers from warehouse
• Lead the crew in the absence of foreman

Welder and Fitter Oct 2011 – May 2012
Good crane – Houston, TX

• Weld pipes, supports using mig, flux core, stick and tig
• Measure and mark pipes and plates and supports for cutting
• Fit up pipes, supports, valves
• Assembled and secured pipes, fittings and related equipments, according to specifications by welding

Welder, Fitter and Lead man Apr 2009 – May 2010
Thomson Industries – Kerala, India

• Lead the crew in the absence and presence of foreman
• provided bolts, gaskets, valves, instruments from warehouse according to the drawing
• read interpret the blueprint
• measured and marked supports plates and pipe for cutting
• fit supports, pipes, valves according to the isometric drawing
• Rigging spools, valves, supports in correct location
• Welded pipes, plates and supports
• Cut plates and pipes using oxy fuel torch cutting And metabo and saw-saw


L.F.C.H.S.S. – INDIA 2009

Balanagar Industries – INDIA 2010
Lamar Technicial College – Orange,TX 2010
Safety Star Industries – Nederland, TX 2011
Bit ndt inspection – INDIA 2015


Jerald Brittion Mobile: +1 707-880-7116
Jacobs Field Service – Q.A. Email:
Shell Martinez,CA

Michael Prescott Mobile: +1 312-351-4599
Construction Manager Email:
Honeywell UOP | Callidus Technologies, LLC

Daniel Blanton Mobile:+1 219-309-1142
Fluor Daniel – Q.C. Manager
Baytown, TX

Jose Estrada Mobile: +1 918-430-8171
Tulsa, OK

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