Chuck Cole


Consulting, semi-retired - Vice Chair Twin Cities IEEE Computer Society

Apple Valley, MN

Chuck Cole
Senior Technical Lead in EO and Avionics, also Business Development

Apple Valley, MN – 952-322-3281

Willing to relocate to: Orlando, FL – Melbourne, FL – Cape Canaveral, FL
Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Consulting, semi-retired – Vice Chair Twin Cities IEEE Computer Society
self-employed – Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN – 2013 to Present
seeking regular position)
• Arranged and conducted group events in February and March 2015
• Developed technical training events for educators, including staffing and budgets
• Advising and consulting Star Tribune newspaper to resolve automation technology problems in 24/7

Staff Engineer
Honeywell Defense Avionics – April 2012 to November 2012
Sr HW lead to transition man-portable EW type IED suppression system from R&D to Low Rate Initial

Principal Investigator & Product Development Leader
Minnesota Defense – 2007 to 2012
Principal Investigator & Product Development Leader (contract 2005-06)
• Developed specialty e-textile cables for rugged wearable computers and RF telecommunications gear.
• Developed test procedures and spec requirements including ampacity, losses, tensile strength, connectors,
• Used novel elastic materials and constructions. Maintained or restored signal integrity through lossy
• Led activities: planned development, circuits, procurements, tests, and staff development. Plan & track via
MS Project.

Honeywell Avionics – Sr Staff Systems Engineer for Director of Engineering labs (2002-03, accident recovery
in 2004)
• Analog and digital design, and operational problem solving, applying systems engineering and team-building
to establish measurement traceability and automation for tests of short run MEMS IC-based airborne gyro
• Augmented semi-automatic test procedures (LabView, MatLab, and C) for MEMS & Laser gyro G&N products
to identify specific test methods, hardware and PC SW issues, measurement requirements, and margins of
• Resolved chronic analog and digital rate table test setup problems causing test aborts and work stoppages
in formal tests for MEMS gyro units. Issues included all hardware, all software, interfaces, and the rate table.
Saved a major capital asset.

Sr Principal Applications Engineer
Lucent / Agere – 1997 to 2001
Design and technical support for mixed-signal ICs & devices for hard disk drives.
• Principal customer contact and technical lead for evaluation of critical specs by behavioral modeling for the
design start and the product verification for custom mixed signal ICs into multi-gigahertz bandwidths, including
failure analysis.
• Certified with Cadence Analog Artist and other quantitative tools like PSpice, OrCAD, Spectre, & Verilog-
AMS, including Roscamp and lossy transmission line effects in high-speed sensor/transducer interfaces and
signal integrity.
• Project Engineer for design, development, and test of electro-optic receiver and laser drive ICs for
subminiature CDROM
• Technical lead with customers for both Design and CAE groups to resolve spec and modeling differences in
design of custom mixed signal ICs. Design validation and reviews using both modeling and bench proofs.

Principal Engineer in a nanometrology sensor
Hysitron, Inc – 1996 to 1997
MEMS sensor, precision analog circuits, and product development. Subcontracting for HW fabrication, SW,
and assembly.
• Developed miniature electrostatic analog sensor-transducers and preamps for nano-scale force and
• Refined existing products for producibility, stability, interchangeability, and traceable calibration.

Team Lead
High-Technology – 1991 to 1995
at 3M Adv. Technology Labs for development and test of advanced analog fiber optic aircraft strain sensors.
• Developed 6cm square CCD back for standard Hasselblad film cameras for Dicomed. Co-contributor in patent
• Designed upgrades, implemented calibration procedures and tests for the robotic forklifts used to automate
24/7 delivery of paper rolls to presses at the Star Tribune Newspaper. This system uses PLCs, uCs, and
wireless RF.

Sr Staff & Technical Director
Unisys Defense – Computer Division – 1986 to 1990
Customer contact & capture lead for advanced avionic system development programs.
• Led design team for developing DoD 32-bit fault tolerant RISC chip set. Mentor CAE. Led foundry migration
of designs.
• Principal Investigator for defense R&D programs with fiber optics, optical beam steering, LANs, & embedded
processing. Modeled complex discrete event systems and transient waveforms. Patent review staff.

Principal Investigator for Air Force
Harris Corp., Government Aerospace Systems Div – 1981 to 1985
aircraft, missile, and spaceborne avionics (1981-1985).
Advanced Programs Systems Engineering Staff: Led and managed new business pursuits and special
projects. Developed subsystems for avionics architecture programs, and products, including fault-tolerant chip
designs. Principal Investigator for Air Force and other avionic architecture studies base lining the Stealth
generation of aircraft. Did multidisciplinary and interdivisional team building and development of LED/laser

Program & Systems Lead, EE Design Group Manager
International Laser Sys – 1971 to 1981
Sensor, electronics, and power designs used with F-117, F-16, F-15, A6E, ATF, JSF, F117, LANTIRN, PAVE
TACK, AQUILA (UAV), TADS (helo), DIVADS (tank), Mk-68 gun turret, Copperhead, and other systems in
DoD battlefield, fixed and rotary wing avionics, shipboard, and space environments as well as industrial smart
electro-optical sensor systems. Optical design, optical fab liaison, coating procurement, specifications and
testing to rugged mil specs, et al
• EE Leader for USAF funded development and production readiness studies for advanced tactical aircraft
laser avionics.
• Developed smart electro-optic systems using diode laser and YAG infrared (IR) sensor systems for
weapon simulation, precision targeting, drilling tools, law enforcement training and security aids, surveying
rangefinders, complex custom optics, fiber optics, line-of-sight optical data communications links, LANs,
WANs, and industrial control data links. Commercial and military products with production to 10,000s.
Calibration systems for FLIR and ISR.
• Designed miniature battery-powered electro-optic burst telemetry subsystems with embedded micro
processors, and long battery life. Designed analog, digital, flyback HV, SW, and RF circuits, tests, PIN
receivers, and test equipment.
• Project manager and architect for Laser Engagement Simulation System (LESS). Developed and delivered
50 sets of intelligent high-performance weapon simulation systems in 10mos for testing proficiency of Special
Forces. cf MILES
• Designed high speed line-of-sight diode laser data links using up to 2km free-air paths outdoors.
• Designed pulse mode surveying laser rangefinder using diode laser and accurate to 0.1″ in a mile (synthesized

Staff Engineer
General Dynamics Dynatronics Div – 1969 to 1971
Designed analog and digital modem and decom circuits for Army communications and RF telemetry systems
• Architect for process control, SCADA, and simulation systems for petroleum plants and environmental
• Implemented and delivered the first real-time SCADA system used by FL Dept of Air & Water Pollution
• Designed wide-area SCADA network for South Florida (Everglades) covering 10,000 sq miles for Katrina-
proof flood control, plus 24/7 air and water quality monitoring supporting agriculture, ecology, etc.


MBA, MSEE in Systems & Marketing, EE, Physics
U of FL, Sam Houston U, Stetson University,


Cadence Analog Artist, Verilog-AMS (5 years), Electro-optical system design (10+ years), Program
management & marketing (10+ years)


Patents – mixed signal IC, Sigma Pi Sigma


Cadence Analog Artist & Verilog-AMS

IEEE Senior Member, Vice Chair TC Computer Society


♦ 30 years experience developing high tech products, associated electronics, and chips for specialty optical
and laser systems, communications and sensor applications in all environment types and principal customer
♦ Experience with stringent life critical, mission critical, and reliability requirements – DO1788B, MIL-STD-498.
♦ Technical proficiency from top levels to circuits, devices, software, RF, microwave, optics, laser power, and
♦ Certified in behavioral, circuit, and device modeling including math and CAE issues. Grad EE /Physics
education BS/MS
♦ Extensive experience developing specialty optical sensors, some fiber optic types captured light through
the cladding
♦ EE Leader for USAF funded production readiness studies for advanced tactical aircraft laser systems and
♦ Principal Investigator/Developer for Air Force gigabit EO networking in Stealth generation tactical, laser,
& EW avionics.
♦ Principal Investigator, Sr Staff Engineer, Program Manager, Capture Manager, Proposal Manager, customer
♦ Prepared and presented analyses, reliability predictions, and qualification tests for customer & exec review
& approval.

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