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Claude Falcon
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EXPERIENCE I’ve been serving the chemical, refinery & nuclear industries now for over 25 years. I have repaired and calibrated most brands and models of instruments, valves, analyzers, and vibration equip. Worked with PLC’s DCS’s,& Mod 5 control systems. Worked with most calibration equipment including the latest models of Flukes, Harts, Meriam and others. I am NCCER certified Instrumentation Technician, Instrumentation Technician Plus,Industrial Electrician,Industrial Electrician Plus. NCCER ID# 6261145. Jr. Valve Tester,Equiptment Cert.s – Aerial Lift,Scissor Lift, Fork Truck Lift.
EMPLOYMENT October 5, 2015 to October 25, 2015. Worked for Crane Nuclear at STP as I/C Tech. Working instr. & valves etc.
April 5, 2015 till May 15, 2015. Worked for Vector at PDI as instrument tech. Repaired/replace instruments, repaired valves. ( Job ended )

December 21, 2009 till March 19, 2015. Worked for Westgate at Dow Chemical as a contract in house maintenance Instrument Tech. Repaired instruments(pneumatic & electronic), valves, vibration probes.

November 23, 2009 till December 18, 2009. Worked for Vector at Entergy. Checked, repaired, & calibrated instruments. Repaired and calibrated valves. (I/C Tech.)

July 31, 2009 till September 15, 2009. Worked for Ames
at Turkey Point (RTE Outage)as I/C Tech. Worked from
September till November 18, 2009 as Jr. Tester (Used Viper Tester)

April 20, 2009 till July 24,2009. Worked for Ames at Turkey Point (RTE Project) Repaired and calibrated valves. (I/C Tech.)

November 17, 2008 till April 6, 2009. Worked at Dow Chemical for Westgate as Instrument Tech. Performed instrument loop checks, trouble shot and repaired instruments and valves. (I/C Tech.)

September 29, 2008 till October 25, 2008 Worked for Crane Nuclear at STP. Repaired & cal. valves.(I/C Tech)

May 19, 2008 till September 12, 2008 Worked for UEI Contractors at Terra Chem. Co. (Amonia Producer) refurbishing plant. Repaired instruments (pneumatic & electronic), valves, analyzers, and loop checks.(I/C Tech)

April 19, 2008 till May 2, 2008.Worked for Crane Nuclear at Cooper. Repaired and calibrated valves.(I/C Tech.)

March 12, 2008 till April 17, 2008. Worked for Crane Nuclear at STP. Repaired and calibrated valves.(I/C Tech)

Before working as a contract Instrument Tech. I was employed by C F Industries (Amonia/Urea Producers) for approx. 19 years. Repaired instruments (pneumatic & electronic) analyzers, valves and electrical controls.

EDUCATION Upon request, copies of Diplomas and Certificates are available: NCCER (Instr.& Elect.), Fisher Controls DC2, John H. Carter PLC, Valve Tech., Provox Cert. parts 1,2,3,Gould Modicon Div. Programmable Controller, ITI Industrial Instr. Beckman Ind.,CHR Inc., Instr.& Elect. Elements (In house training program) Electronics Tech. Diploma, Nox, Co/Co2, sulfer,Ch4,NH3,Ar,Silica, O2,and Disalve O2 analyzers Certificates, Parker Inst. Tube Fab. training, Drafting training. Equip. Cert.-Aerial Lift, Scissor Lift, Fork Lift.
Thank You for your consideration.
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or 225-678-6465

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