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ASI DataMyte Inc. Senior Software Engineer 2001-2016

ASI DataMyte provides statistical processing and control software as well as data collection. I was responsible for the design and development and maintenance of these programs

• DCPortable – Collaborative developer for a portable data collection device. Using Windows CE, SqlServerCE, .Net Compact Framework to deliver a device allowing for the collection data from multiple different data sources. I was one of 3 developers for this very successful and current product. Written in C# and C++. My contributions included the expression evaluation dll for our formula processing, logging dll, TSQL database maintenance and user interface development. I also demonstrated the viability of using an embedded database for disconnected storage of data. My investigations into 3rd party tool selection, (Antlr, Resco, Quin-Curtis), UI controls and SPC charting tools proved to be a valuable addition to the code base.

• TranSend II and its derivatives – Principle developer for a Winforms app written in C# whose responsibilities included the configuration of the portable device collector and harvesting the collected data on the device and persisting the data in a SQL database. One derivative of this code base uses a Web service to communicate with device wirelessly using a restful web service. Another derivative provided an assembly interface for linking to an unmanaged providing headless communication with the portable collector.

• DC Pro (Workstation Data Collector) – Principle developer of this C++ and MFC desktop application for data collection. Responsible for all aspects of this app. This app is typically used on the manufacturing floor and connected to multiple gages of varying types, collecting the data and then persisting it to a database. Uses a local cache database instance when network instabilities occurred and unable to upload the collected data.

• DSE (Workstation Setup Editor) – Principle developer of this inherited codebase. A C# app used to configure the DC Pro and other collection apps. This application lays out the setup to be used during the data collection process.

• DAR – The Analysis and Reporting tool is a 3 tier database application with an MFC user interface and hosted dynamically created HTML pages. The HTML reports themselves hosted our user controls that were developed using ATL and COM. The primary technologies that we used were Visual C++, ATL, WTL, DHTML, and javascript.

• Using the .Net development environment, I created a prototype user interface to replace the MFC front end for the flagship product mentioned above. This prototype was constructed using Windows forms and C#. The purpose of this prototype was to provide a richer end user experience as well as to reduce programming complexity for the next maintainer of the codebase. To this extent, the prototype was successful. The new prototype was a multiple document interface application hosting dynamically created child documents. These child documents themselves were windows forms hosting a variety of controls, some ActiveX, some windows forms controls, and some were new user controls inherited from the .Net toolkit. All the programming of this prototype was in C#.

Fox Technical Services
Senior Software Engineer 2000-2001

• Contracted for work with Optical Solutions. They wanted a new feature added to an existing program. The feature consisted of an inventory collection process running in a background thread. Used Visual C++ to accomplished the task.

1st Street N.W.
Consultant/Contractor 1998-2000

• Contracted for work with DigitalXpress Inc. DigitalXpress used push technology to multicast data products via satellite for delivery to end users to their desktop I worked on many client and server programs to manage the distribution of these data products. The work was accomplished using a variety of technologies including Visual Basic, Visual C++, SQL, and DCOM.

Micro Component Technology Inc.
Senior Software Engineer 1995-1998

• Using Microsoft Visual C++ and the MFC, I participated in the design and development of a multi-threaded, object oriented control program for the Automated test equipment industry. It was an integrated circuit handler.
• Provide some system administration for the software group on an as needed basis. This could consist of anything from reloading their operating systems to local administration of third party tools like PVCS.
• Image processing using cameras to do device (chips) detection.

Carlson Companies Inc. 1994-1995
Senior Programmer/Analyst

• Create multi-threaded client/server applications for use in the travel industry.
• Modify and populate SQL databases.
• Maintain existing code base as new features are added and old bugs discovered.

Hughes Training Inc. 1988-1994
Associate Software Engineer -> Software Engineer -> Senior Software Engineer

• Analyze, design, develop, test, and debug software for numerous Army/Air Force contracts including:
ARIS — Proprietary tool development for reconfigurable interface software.
JSTARS — Radar simulation with animated graphics
CGS — Multi-sensor workstation with time correlated data.
VCDD — M1A1 tank simulator.
UTD — Real-time F16 flight simulation.

And many other testbed simulations.

• Our specialty at Hughes was rapid prototyping of training and simulation testbeds, user interface design, and the integration of simulators and real time equipment. Much of the work is Client/Server using accepted Unix interprocess communication methods.
• Experienced user of UIMS’s for generating application frameworks in the X-window environment.
• System administrator for our Unix network for 5 years.
• Participant in the selection of hardware and software purchases for Hughes.
• Provide technical leadership and work direction for development staff.

Hennepin County Libraries 1982-1987
Computer Operator
• Performed back-ups, data entry, peripheral diagnosis and replacement.

Languages: C, C#, C++, Ada, Pascal, Fortran, Sql
Operating Systems: Unix, VMS, OS/2, Windows
Equipment: Sun, SGI, VAX, Windows platforms

Company Sponsored Classes
C++, Shipley proposal writing, Cost/Schedule status
reporting, Hatley-Pirbhai real time system specification,
Real time programming on the SGI, Unix.

University of Minnesota, Minn, MN.
B.A. degree in Computer Science 1987
Named to Deans list.

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