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Experience is focused to a variety of the oil and gas industry, for example: welding, machine shop, structural, piping, towers, exchangers, pump stations, oil rig construction, subsea products and the following codes AWS-D1.1, ASME sec.8 &9, B31.1, B31.3; (storage tanks) API 1104,570, 510, 650, 651, 653. With over 10 years in the inspection field, a prime team worker resulting in efficiently achieved goals. Have developed excellent interpersonal communication skills, a professional in recognizing/identifying anomalies and self-motivated.

*QA Inspector (Tampico, MEXICO) SGS Ago 2014-March 2015
As the process piping inspector my task was to oversee fabrication of stainless steel pipe and risers large bore piping w/ inlay and over lay welding as well as reviewed NDE reports and assisted with film review, also monitored installation. Assisted the QA supervision overseeing all aspects for jackets fabrication, accepting fit up for braces, elevation and alignment of legs, as well as reviewing inspection documentation, X-rays & other NDE reports. Coordinated all support activities needed for American welding company from local Mexican yard, translated technical information, approved time and reviewed subcontractor invoices.

*QA Coordinator Exterran IP (Gas Compression Station) June 2014-August 2014
As QA coordinator over Latin America projects I coordinated with the foreign office for mobilizing of equipment, selection of QA/QC site and shop inspectors and their reporting efforts. Attended project KOM/PIM as well as all weekly update/ progress meetings, ensured all vendors were aware of requirements and performed or coordinated vendor surveillance inspections.

*QC Wyatt Field Ser.(Petrochemical Construction) April 2014-June 2014
Ensured scope of work was followed as described by client, overseeing crews working on pressure vessel. Vessels opened, cleaned, repaired, restored, visually inspected and tested. Also reviewed X-rays and other NDE reports requested for repairs and/ or informational shots.

*QC Lead Ohmstede (Petrochemical Construction) Feb2014 – March 2014
Oversaw the performance of 6 quality inspectors, one Document control clerk, and ensured communication with subcontractors, third party inspectors, engineering and updated client on a daily bases.

*QC Performance Contractors (Petrochemical Construction) Feb 2013-Jan 2014
As Quality assistant Manager assembled all test packages and establish communication with all vendors such as NDE, concrete mix, valve and gasket and welding supplies sub-contractors. Responsibilities include STO (system turnover management), field inspection, traceability, and hydro testing, pre and post system inspection, civil & structural. As well as reviewing, approving NDE reports and time from inspection companies.

*QC Inspector Oceaneering Intervention & Engineering April 2011-Feb 2013
Responsibilities included, validate back log of data books ensuring all information correlated, Quality Plan, BOM, Weld map, NDE report to the specification and results recorded. Inspector in different departments working with the fabrication of frames for umbilical’s, UTA’s, mud-mats, reals, ensured traceability of welds, NDE, MTR’s. VT inspected couplers for umbilical’s and Junction plates per procedure prior and after testing. Pull testing of structures included pad eyes, UTA boxes, mud-mats, umbilical frames. Hydro testing (FAT & FIT) of subsea products included Junction plates, umbilical’s, smart flanges, B-cons, smart clamps, smart taps, UTA’s, junction connector, jumper connector. All testing involved working with customer TPI, ensuring all documentation and traceability was available for TPI to review prior to testing.

*QC 1 Altair Strickland (Petrochemical at BP Texas city) Jan 2011- Mar 2011
As a night shift inspector, oversaw welding on pipe, and vessels ensuring that all required steps are being followed per recommended WPS welding procedure specification and hold points are signed off, weld maps are field in with correct stencils and reflected on reports. Coordinated NDE inspection (LP, MT, RT, PMI,ET).

*QA/ QC Carlton Staffing (Vendor Surveillance) Sep 2010 –Nov 2010
Acting as the eyes and ears of my client, over saw weld start up, welding in process (according to WPS), pre/post of sand blasting and coating per coating procedures(off shore products), pre and post dimensional inspection for machining of parts with very min. tolerance.

*QC S REF-CHEM (Petrochemical Maintenance & construction) May 2009-Dec 2009
Responsibilities for the specific contract included, document control, making hydro pkgs., weld mapping ISO’s, keeping track of WPQ of welder’s onsite, coordinating with the clients QA welds completed and NDE being performed PT, MT, RT. Perform field surveys, quality audits to ensure procedure is followed. Also over saw the civil department, reviewing that Mix documents before a pour were per customer specs.

*QC 1 Performance Contractors (Petrochemical Construction) Sep 2008 –Mar 2010
As an employee for a specific contract for this company oversaw rig welders, inspected their fit ups, VT of welds completed, performed quality audits, quality meetings to educate personal and maintaining a daily update of welds and weld map, punching and selling hydro pkgs was done upon completion of task.

*QC 1 Repcon Inc(Petrochemical Maintenance &Construction) Oct 2006 –Feb 2009
While working several projects for Repcon, my responsibilities included VT, PT, and package assembling and selling. Over saw production of pressure vessel welding, and coordinated all NDE also performed high temp PT. Flange sealing surface inspection for pipe, valves, and pressure vessels prior to assembly and hydro/pneumatic testing. Ensured all inspection reports were documented correctly, and approved by client prior to testing, performed quality and safety audits with and without client representatives.

*QC 2 Hydril (Oil and Gas Manufacturing) Jul 2007—Oct 2007
Performing as the weld shop night inspector ensured proper procedure following of SAW&MIG machines, as part of my responsibilities schedule NDE crews. Also performed as a dimensional inspector of vertical, horizontal mills and CNC lathes; this was in process and final inspection.

*NDT Tech. PT, MT, UT Professional NDT Services, Inc. Mar 2006-Jun 2006
This was a temporary job while in school where I performed PT, MT, UT examinations on down whole drilling lines.

*Material Handler GoodmanMan.(Heating & Cooling) Mar 2004 — Nov 2005 Driving a forklift audited supplies going to assembly lines for quality assurance and also participated in the transportation of the same in a timely manner, this enabling inventory control as well quantity delivered, under time frames.

*QC tech Certified Tech. Ser. (Petro Chemical Construction) Mar 2001 — Nov 2002
Responsible of the document control for the QC department (piping, E&I, structural, welding). Conducted field surveys for traceability and completion point. Supervised WPQ’s and scheduled NDT crews for RT and PT examinations, also sold hydro’s.

* Expeditor/Translator/ Inspector Tampico, México Apr 1997 — Jan 2001
My work in MEXICO varied from expeditor, translator, Quality Control inspector, my job was to ensure that the American inspectors were fully aware of what was spoken in the engineering meetings, as well as translating there conversation. As expeditor I maintained control of pipe, spools, fittings, large and small bore valves and managed 7 employees. When working as Quality Inspector in the Yucatan peninsula I performed vendor surveillance of weld shops, structural weld inspections, NDT and over saw the performance of 10 welders. When working in Tampico I inspected the performance of welders fabricating oil rigs jackets and installation of equipment on the rig. Accompanied equipment offshore to be installed on rig, ensure quality installation.

CE.CA.TI. #24 Certificates
Machining manual lathes, mills, stick welding, dimensional inspection.
Center of professional study’s Certificate
40hrs. Course of ASME sec. 9
The Ocean Corporation March 2006 – October/06/2006
First aid, rigging, ROV (remotely operated vehicles) 40 hours hazmat, materials & process VT1, VT2, VT3, PT1, PT2, MT1, MT2, UT 1, UT2, ET1, ET2,40 hours radiation safety, RT1, RT2.
Real Education Certificate
120hrs. API 1104

CWI #13080381 (API1104) Exp. 2016
ACCP Level ll VT #164852
TWIC CARD expires: 11-26-16

LANGUEGES; English 100%, Spanish 100%
Brazilian visa Expires: August 2024


Recommendation letters and reference upon request.

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