Daniel Klingelhutz

Daniel James Klingelhutz
Waconia, Minnesota 55387 –– Email: dannyk331@yahoo.com

To the person in charge of hiring for the available position:

In 2012 I graduated from Hennepin technical college with a focus on fluid power and automation robotics. The courses I was taking help educate about old and new machinery in the robotic and fluid power field. In my opinion, one of the most interesting items about automation robotics and fluid power is programmable logic controls. This program allows you to update and run the machinery that functions the way you want it to run. Another program that I find interesting is the CNC program. This program allows you to program an object on the computer and run it to see if your program will work. If it does the correct task that you have programmed it to do, you can save it to an USB port. At this point you can walk the USB port over to the CNC machinery and run your program. In fluid power we covered hydraulic pumps, actuators and conductors in detail.
I do have previous employment history where I have shown my ability to quickly adapt to high-stress situations. I also pay attention to details, which will be important in the robotics and fluid power field. My values of respect, accountability, communication, teamwork, and pride are the keys to my successful college experience. In the past years I’ve been working as a traveling service tech working on many different recycling machinery and dealing with customers. I also have been refurbishing box baler’s for resale.
Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume is attached for your reference. I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss my qualifications and the position. I am available to begin working immediately.

Daniel James Klingelhutz

Daniel James Klingelhutz

Daniel James Klingelhutz
– Email: danklingelhutz@yahoo.com

Education: Diploma-fluid power, automation robotics at Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie, MN
(GPA 3.76)
Work Experience:
July 2008- as needed Personal care attendant:
Brother’s Keeper, Shakopee, MN
• Demonstrated problem-solving abilities and organizational skills in caring for a young child with Autism Independently.
• Illustrated leadership abilities in setting up and educating parents on the child’s schedule/program.
• Showed excellent oral communication skills in the ability to keep Brothers Keepers up to date with any concerns regarding this special needs child.

May 2006-June 2008 Do It Best, Chaska, MN
Customer Service/Cleaning Technician: (went out of business)
• Answering customer’s questions and coming up with solutions to their problems.
• General stocking.
• Assisting customer’s to locate desired items and instructions on use.
• Routine cleaning and minor repairs.

July 2009-2014 Swedlund Exteriors
• Lawn care
• customer care
• Gutters instillation
• Snow plowing, shoving
• Cutting and trimming tree’s

June 2010-August 2010 Wayne Dulwalter plumbing

Labor-temporary work
• Working with home owners
• Fixing pipe lines
• Parts runner

May2012-January2013 Recovery systems
• Fixing hydraulic recycling equipment
• Trouble shooting equipment
• Dealing with customers
• Welding
• Upkeep shop
• Wiring up systems
• Working on baler equipment
• Preventive maintenance

May 2013-september2014 The City of Victoria
Park and Recreation- temp
• Maintaining parks
• Maintaining ball fields
• Cutting the towns grass
• Retaining my class A driver license
• Hauling dirt and gravel
• Dealing with town attendants
• Landscaping
• Watering tree’s

January 2014 – May 2014 Emerson/Rosemount
Tech-temp work
• Dealing with operator on why the machine is down
• Making sure all the preventative maintenance is done for the day
• Making sure all the service calls are taken care of
• Helping the other techs

June 2014-present Cherne/Kiewit
• Welding and fabricating
• preventative maintenance on equipment
• Working on equipment
• Making sure all the orders are made
• Making sure all the equipment works
• Cleaning up work areas
• Helping coworkers fix job boxes
Notes and Activities:
For many years I have been maintaining vehicles and farm equipment with my family on our farm in Chaska, Minnesota. I have had many encounters with tractors breaking down and the need to repair them, and I found myself drawn to the hydraulic systems in these vehicles. Thank you for your time.

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