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Dhruvin J Naik
dhruvinj@buffalo.edu; www.linkedin.com/in/dhruvinnaik ; https://github.com/dhruvinj/Projects

Seeking a challenging engineering opportunities in area of engineering design, development and


University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Jan 2014-Dec 2015
Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering, GPA – 3.9/4.0

K.J Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai University, India Aug 2009-July 2013
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Courses:
Design and analysis of algorithms and data structures (coursera), Finite element analysis,
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Optimization in Engineering
Design, Introduction to Combustion Diagnostics, Physical Fluid Dynamics, High Performance
Computing, Smart Materials, Advanced Material Science


• Programming: Algorithms, Datastructures, C++, MPI, OpenMP, Unix scripting, GRINS, Cantera,
QUESO, LINUX, MATLAB – MEX interfacing, PDE toolbox, MATLAB, Bash Scripting, Python
• Pre-Processor: ANSYS Meshing, Fluent Meshing, Comsol Multiphysics
• Solver: ANSYS Fluent, CFX Structural analysis – ABAQUS, ANSYS Mechanical, Comsol
• Design and Manufacturing: PTC Creo, Solidworks, AutoCAD
• Data Visualization: Paraview.
• Version Control System: Git, BitBucket.


Graduate Student Researcher, Thesis:Towards Uncertainty Quantification for 2D Premixed
Laminar Flames (C++ , Matlab, Python, Trelis, bash) 2014-15
• Developed mathematical model using asymptotic analysis of low Mach number Navier
stokes equations, generated geometry and meshed the domain of interest in trellis,
formulated the problem with correct boundary conditions.
• Constructed Finite element approximation for governing equations, set up the Bunsen
burner flame problem with oxygen ozone mixture flame, constructed transport, thermal
models for species. Currently working on applying Bayesian statistics to understand
uncertainty involved in chemical parameters.
• Set up the Free flame with correct transport and kinetic model. Applied Bayesian statistics
using C++ by linking open source software QUESO and Cantera to calibrate the chemical
parameters and mprove mathematical model and efficiency of engine.


Graduate Trainee, Camlin Fine Sciences, Thane, Maharashtra, India Oct 2013 – Dec 2013
• Design cooling tower, monitored performance of vapour absorption machine. Achieved
higher cooling capacity by correcting pump flow rate. Supervised functioning of chilling
plants and fixed water pumps and utility lines.
• Trained a team of mechanics to achieve higher efficiency while minimizing the downtime.
Intern, Sophisticated Tool Aids & Machine Mfg., India July 2011 & July 2012
• Designed a system which works on organic Rankine cycle which uses refrigerant for waste
heat recovery and manufactured various components needed for system by using CNC
machine and various machining processes
• Developed M code for CNC machine for machining and drilling process.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Projects
• Stability Analysis of Convection-Diffusion equation by Finite Element Method Fall 14
Implemented Upwind, Streamline Upwind Petrov Galerkin & Galerkin Least Square stabilisation method
for convection dominated flows.
• Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Thermocouple (Matlab) Winter 2014
Implemented Picard Iteration Method of successive substitution and Newton’s Method for non-linear
heat conduction equation. Analysed behaviour of system and convergence when subject to different
boundary condition
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Projects Fall 2014
• Numerical Simulation of one sine wave defect in metal skin of wind tunnel (C++)
Implemented Iterative Methods of Successive Over-Relaxation and Alternating Direction Implicit method
to study the effect of the perturbation on the uniform inviscid subsonic flow.
• Numerical Methods for solving 1D Euler Gas Dynamic Equations (Matlab)

Implemented Finite Volume Methods of Godunov, MUSCL, Finite Difference methods like Upwind with
Van Leer Flux Vector Splitting, McCormack Method and Weighted Essential Non Oscillatory to solve Euler
Gas Dynamic Equations.
• Numerical Simulation of 2D lid driven cavity flow and backward facing step flow in
curvilinear coordinates (C++ , Matlab, Ansys) Spring 2015
Implemented Artificial Compressibility Method for Pressure-Velocity coupling with 4th order Runge-Kutta
time stepping with Implicit Residual Smoothing and Local time Stepping which increased the
convergence rate on both uniform and stretched grids. Verified results with Ansys simulation
High Performance Computing Project
• Calculating area of mandelbrot set (C++ , MPI) Fall 2015
Implemented C++ program for calculating the mandelbrot area for the grid of complex numbers.
Partitioned the grid across two communicators to distribute the workload and studied strong and weak
scaling for number of processors ranging to 100.
Design and Analysis Projects
• Optimising Resource Allocation for spread of infectious diseases 2012-2013
Developed a mathematical model of disease propagation in a finite population and studied optimum
resource allocation using agent based modelling.
• Wind Turbine Gear Box Failure Analysis (Solidworks , Ansys) Spring 2015
Applied FMEA method for wind turbine failure, created CAD model and assembly in solidworks and
carried out FEA anaylsis in Ansys, anaylsed stress on individual gear and shaft with different input


• Elected as President of ISHRAE (Indian society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning engineers) Students’ chapter for 2012-2013, General Secretary of
Students’ chapter for 2011-2012.
• Arranged various inter- college and intra college events and competition.
• Managed 23 other engineering stduents in the committee to achieve optimal performance
in the team.

• Comsol Multiphysics and Ansys Fluent

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