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Engineering (5 Years experience)

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Experience includes construction, analization, and resolution of
problematic designs, pre and final commissioning. This includes
start-up of all types of in-dustrial and oil and gas Process control
instrumentation systems, utilities, Safety Shut-down Systems (ESD, Fire
and Gas) and accessory systems (Bal-last Control Mooring and Chemical
injection), and the supervision of others in accomplishing the
aforementioned tasks. All assigned tasks are completed in a timely and
professional manner. A professional demeanor coupled with tireless
strife for excellence has proven highly successful regardless of the
circum-stances confronted.


11/04- Present Project Instrumentation and
Electircal Engineer, ChevronTexaco
Responsible for the final construction, commissioning, and start-up of
seven Nuevo Pignone Turbines with up-graded controls, Fire&Gas
Detection, and field instrumentation. ( from GE Mark II to GE Mark VI)
This assignment was in Angola, Africa, with minmal Ex-pat supervision
and a National work force.

10/03-11/04 Instrumentation Commissioning
Engineer, Deep Water Projects, Murphy Oil
Responsible for the final offshore commissioning of all spar utilities,
field in-strumentation, Process Control System, Safety Shutdown System,
and produc-tion start-up of the Medusa Spar, at the maximum capacity of
40,000 barrels of crude oil, and 21 mcf of dry gas per day. Spar
utilities being (Ballast Con-trol System, Leak Detection System, Chain
Jack System, Environmental Posi-tioning and Mooring System, Riser Top
Tension Monitoring Systems). Re-sponsibilities for the Front Runner
Spar Project included review, revision and final approval of “ALL”
testing and commissioning plans, cause and effects, safe charts, and P&
ID’s. These activities were culminated in the supervision of a near
flawless production start -up in this facility.

8/02-10/03 Instrumentation Commissioning
Engineer, J Ray McDermott

Responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of
the overall commissioning plan (testing, pre and final commissioning)
for the Murphy Oil’s “ Medusa” and the Dominion Oil’s “Devil’s Tower”
Spars. This included all utilities, process instrumentation, Fire &
Gas, and Process Control Systems. Daily activities included vendor
coordination and mobilization, problem solving, and lending technical
advise and guidiance to field personnel.
1/02 – 7/02 Instrumentation Technician
Supervisor / Field Engineer, Rabalais I & E

Responsible for the planning and implementation of post turn-around

up procedures for the Instrumentation Group at the Citgo and Koch
refineries; in Corpus Christi, Texas. Also assisted their engineering
groups in resolving problematic instrumentation issues in the field.
8/01 – 11/01 Instrumentation Superientendent
/ Engineer, Bay-Cyprus
Responsible for supervision of
Mexican National workforce constructing
and commissioning a multi-platform
facility fifty miles offshore from Playa

del Carmen , Mexico. This facility is the first for Pemex to
re-inject natural

gas instead of constantly flaring. This included planning for and the
mentation of the commissioning plan for all process control
instrumentation, Fire & Gas Detection / Suppresion Systems. And PLC’s.
11/00 – 6/01 CCO/FCO Lead Instrument Technician / Field
Engineer, Veco of Alaska
Functional check out and commissioning Instrumentation Lead Technician
for the BP Norhtstar project. Responsible for verification of,
calibration, and commissioning of all process instrumentation, HVAC
systems, Fire & Gas De-tection/Suppression Systems, and PLC’s / DCS.
This included troubleshooting and correcting problematic applications
in all motor controls and power [480vac/3 phase thru 24vdc ] and
supervision of others in accomplishing these tasks.

2/00 – 11/00 Instrumentation General Foreman, Alaska Petroleum
Instrumentation General Foreman on ARCO’s (Phillips 66) Alpine
develop-ment project on the North Slope of Alaska. Responsible for the
planning and supervision of instrumentation groups
construction/commissioning of the Al-pine Crude processing facility.
Over saw the construction and commissioning of the world”s largest
“fine water mist” – Fire Suppression System. Our scope of
responsibility covered all field instrumentation, DCS, and Fire & GAS;
from the well-head to the pipe-line, including motor controls and power
[ 480-3 phase thru 24 vdc]. I constantly, worked in conjunction with
all engineering groups to identify, solve, and correct problematic

5/98 – 1/00 Instrumentation Technician –
Supervisor , Bay, Ltd.

Responsibilities included installation of all types of process control
instrumen-tation and fine water mist fire suppression systems.
Calibrating and trouble-shooting systems for proper operation.
Supervising others working in the above mentioned tasks.

1/98 – 5/98 Instrumentation Technician, Rabalais I & E
Responsibilities included installation, calibration, troubleshooting,
and func-tional check-out of refinery/ process control.instrumentation.
This included PLC’s, DCS, and power up to and including 480vac/3 phase.

1/97 – 11/97 Electrician, Eddies Electric
Responsibilities included installing, calibrating and troubleshooting
electronic control panels and associated motors and actuators.

2/87 – 12/96 Farming, Gandy Farms

12/80 – 2/87 Service Manager / Service Technician, Totco
Responsibilities included overseeing and dispatching service
technicians to in-stall, calibrate and service a complete line of
oilfield instrumentation (elec-tronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems).

4/76 – 12/80 Instrumentation Technician, Willard
Lee Instrumentation

Responsibilities included installing, calibrating and troubleshooting
all types of oilfield and industrial process control instrumentation.

3/72 – 3/76 Avionics Electronic Technician /
Shift Supervisor, United States Airforce

Responsibilities included troubleshooting and repairing avionics radar
and navigation systems on B-52 G&H model aircraft.

Academic/Technical Attainment
? Currently enrolled – Electrical Engineering – Westin University
? 2 Years – Liberal Arts
Texas A&I University – Kingsville

? 56 Weeks – Aviation Electronics
United States Airforce

? 10 Months – Instrumentation School
North Louisiana Vocational-Technical Instrumentation School

? 6 Months – Instrumentation School
Tulsa Technical Institute

? Rusty Sawyer, Murphy Oil Corp. (504)
? Ron Sloan, Murphy Oil Corp.
(504) 458-8895
? Scott MacPherran, Murphy Oil Corp.,
(504) 561-2224
? James Calaway: ASRC Parsons Engineering (281)
? Gavin P. McClelland, Murphy Oil
(832) 725-7721
? Ravinder Fotedar, J Ray McDermott

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