Edward Schwinn

Edward Schwinn
Unique experience in multiple fields.
I am a veteran of two tours overseas with the Army National Guard with over 21 years of service. I have worked in many capacities and
enjoy the challenges of attempting to become the best at whatever position I fill. I enjoy being a part of a team but can work on my own.
My biggest driving force is taking care of my family, in doing so I believe in being loyal and becoming the best for whoever facilitates me to
obtain that goal. I have managed and followed and am very comfortable in either role. I believe that my various work experiences
combined with my military time and this new degree allows me to bring many new tools to any job.

Baton Rouge, LA 70811

Automation Engineering Technician Stupp Bros Inc. Baton Rouge, LA
November 2015 to Present
Maintenance on PLCs within the plant, using primarily, Rockwell controllogix 5000. Maintain
panelview systems. Troubleshoot PLC networks. Work closely with the electricians to troubleshoot issues with wiring, sensors, etc. Programming ladder logic in Studio 5000.

Field Service Technician MTI Baton Rouge, LA
March 2014 to Present
Service and installation of MTI merchandising security systems.

Materials Movement Unit Supervisor Stupp Bros Inc. Baton Rouge, LA
June 2014 to November 2015
My duties include but are not limited to, Performing as supervisor and support for the Materials
Movement Unit. We service the H.F.W. and S.A.W. steel pipe mills, Stupp Coating mill, truck
shipments, and rail shipments in and out. I typically supervise around 20 to 30 personnel on a
shift, dealing with heavy machinery, locomotive operations, large outdoor forklifts, and misc
smaller machinery to safely service each mill, each on independent schedules along with the rail and truck shipments.

Technician Assistant Satellites Unlimited Inc. Hattiesburg, MS
May 2014 to June 2014
Inc. Summer internship, installing television and internet satellite systems for Dish network in residential and commercial locations. I left for a few reasons, one being I was getting paid less
than I did last year, another was that I needed to focus on finding a permanent job, but the main reason I left was because I didn’t fit into the assistant job and didn’t want to take a full
technician position when I wasn’t sure I would stay long term.

Student Lab Manager University of Southern Mississippi, The Hattiesburg, MS
August 2013 to May 2014
I maintained the engineering labs as a student employee. Duties included: equipment repair,
inventory of equipment, compiling lists of needed parts for order, maintaining the security of the labs, and programming door locks. I left because the job was a student position and I

Squad Leader Army National Guard
April 1993 to May 2014
I was previously a member of the MSARNG for over 21 years. My job specialties include recon,
unmanned aerial vehicle operations, communication systems operation and repair, first aid,
infantry tactics, several vehicle operations, several weapon specialties, supervision of many
subordinates, hazardous materials transportation specialist, inventory management and transportation, security of civilian transportation vehicles, etc. Enlistment date April 7th 1993
Deployment July 2004 – Feb 2006 Stateside active duty Feb 2006 – Feb 2007 Deployment May 2009 – May 2010 My effective retirement date is May 1st 2014

Tech intern Satellites Unlimited Inc. Hattiesburg, MS
May 2013 to August 2013
Inc. Summer internship as installation technician assistant. Installed and serviced Dishnet television and internet systems. During my time as an assistant, the technician I was assisting grew in his
job from a tech level 3 to a tech level 5. He had been in the job for over 2 years before I
started. He maintains tech level 5 today. I was not just an assistant, I mentored him and some
other technicians in possible techniques I learned while working for DirecTV. I left because I
started back to school.

Squad Leader/Sergeant Army National Guard Batesville, MS
May 2012 to January 2013
Resources I secured a lot of 800 series military surplus trucks. I also repaired and attempted to sell the trucks for the non-profit organization until it shut down its Hattiesburg location. The owner
refused to pay rent on the lot and the mechanic who we were using which caused the location to be forcibly closed. I left because I was living on the lot as part of my pay and could not
remain there when the facility closed.

Raw milk receiver Borden Dairy Hattiesburg, MS
February 2012 to May 2012
Company My position with the company was as a raw milk receiver which entailed testing the incoming
milk for bacteria, antibiotics, butterfat level, acidity, taste, smell, and contaminates. Once the raw milk passed the testing phase I was responsible for unloading the truck by pumping it into
silos which I also maintained as far as cleaning and sterilization system which had to be
performed every time the silo was emptied and within a certain time frame of the last cleaning
cycle. I also was responsible for cleaning and sterilizing the tanker trucks once they were
unloaded. This was an FDA approved, inspected and regulated procedure. I was laid off along with everyone at the facility who had less than 1 year of seniority due to cutbacks.

Installation / Repair Technician Multiband
February 2007 to May 2010
Corporation My responsibilities included Installing the DirecTV systems and Wildblue internet systems. I also
served as a trainer for newly hired employees and was chosen as the VIP technician for the
North MS area. I finished my employment with only 2 service calls ever being initiated behind my work. I left because during my military deployment my family moved out of the area and
there was no Multiband offices withing 350 miles of my new residence in Hattiesburg Ms. Upon
returning stateside I enrolled and attended USM earning a BaSc in Computer Engineering
Technology (4 year degree).

Team Leader US Army National
February 2006 to February 2007
Guard This was an extended active duty tour after returning from a deployment to Iraq. I worked at the armory in Batesville full time as support for the 155 brigade redeployment and
restructuring. Duties revolved around logistics and administration areas.

Squad Leader United States Army
July 2004 to February 2006
National Guard Military deployment with the 1-155 Infantry Battalion. Duties included leadership of the company tactical operations center, primary unmanned aerial vehicle operator for the brigade
(Raven A system), primary company administrative specialist, and personal security detail for the commander and 1SG.

Security Guard Securitas Security Oxford, MS
February 2004 to July 2004
I was responsible for watching and helping prevent issues during the movie theater’s start and stop times. I also was responsible for locking up and providing security all night alone for the entire mall until unlocking the main doors in the morning and providing security for the
shop owners while they opened up for the day, until my relief arrived approx 1 hour after opening time. I used this opportunity to append my physical therapy on my ankle, which was
injured in my vehicle accident. I left to deploy to Iraq with the military.

Installation / Repair Technician New Age Electronics
November 2002 to December 2003
New Age Electronics was a sub contracted installation company who installed Phone, DirecTV,
Dishnet, Voom, and Hughesnet systems. My responsibilities included installation and repair of all above systems. I had limited experience with the phone systems in the form of repair only. I
performed the same duties as I do with Multiband in the installation and repair of satellite
television and internet systems. I was considered a lead technician until the time of my vehicle
accident and injury in late 2003. I was out of work due to being injured and physical therapy for approx 6 months and had planned on returning when my National Guard unit was mobilized to go to Iraq.

Shipping Manager/ Inventory management specialist Kimball
February 1999 to November 2002
International Batesville American Mfg. was a metal manufacturing industrial factory that made
telecommunications boxes and covers, hospital and military beds, and misc automobile parts.
They were a part of Kimball International. My responsibilities began as a janitor and quickly
moved into materials handling and then into the shipping department within the first 4 months.
I then revamped their shipping systems and converted their shipping bills from handwritten to computer generated and tracked. I built a shipping program using Microsoft Excel as a base
dynamic program that calculated weight, addressing, and shipping costs that then printed and made a database backup of each shipment. I was then asked to do the same with the inventory
management system. I set up a Kanban system to drive and track parts throughout the factory which reduced the downtime of all departments by being able to accurately track in process
inventory. I then moved on to a cycle count system to keep better track of incoming raw
materials which again reduced downtime due to a more accurate on hand inventory which allowed the purchasing manager to order materials more efficiently. When I began the cycle
count system I was moved into a new position specifically created for the inventory
management and moved out of the shipping department. I was laid off approximately 4 months before the total closure of the factory.

Miter saw operator Batesville Picture Batesville, MS
May 1998 to February 1999
Frame Cutting custom picture frames with miter saw. I left this for a better paying job

Slitter Operator Insituform
July 1996 to May 1998

BS Computer Engineering Technology University of Southern Mississippi
Hattiesburg, MS
2010 to 2014

US US Army National Guard E5
April 1993 to May 2014


Computer Hardware Security Troubleshooting

Electronics Intelligence Analysis C++

Computer Repair Windows 7 Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Computer Maintenance

Testing Customer Service PowerPoint

Team Leadership Hardware Teamwork

Inventory Management Programming Visual Basic

Soldering PLC Programming Windows

Sales Sales Management Linux

OS X Weapons Intelligence

Force Protection Security Clearance Telecommunications

Technologies Lead slitter line operator. I improved the efficiency rating of the night shift slitter operations
from 54% to 93% after 4 months on the job. I consistently outperformed the day shift by over
10%. Due to a loss of respect for management and myself as a worker, I started missing days
and was terminated due to points violation.

Steed Reality/Sardis Cleanup crew lead / conveinence store manager 04 / 1996 – 11 / 1996

Lake Trading Post Started as general labor, quickly moved to crew leader for cleanup behind construction of
cabins. Then moved to manager of the company convenience store. I left the store because I did
not feel comfortable working for the Steeds any longer after getting to know their “business
practices”. Mr. Steed was arrested a couple of years after I left for several fraud cases.

Thermos L.L.C. Setup Person 01 / 1995 – 04 / 1996

Set up line and performed basic maintenance on factory jomar and blowmold lines. Forklift
operations indoor. I asked to learn everything in the plant and they did their best to teach me.
Within 6 months I had worked at every station in the plant (approximately 75 or so). Due to my
utility, they decided not to lay me off during the seasonal layoffs but also decided to pass me
over for my annual raise. I was terminated for missing days.

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