IT Technician/Network Technician

Worcester, MA


Worcester, MA 01610

IT Technician/Network Technician Robert Half Technology Westborough, MA
February 2011 to Present
Robert Half Technology

CompuCom – Hanover Insurance
o Export and Import email files
o Utilization of VMware, exchange, and active directory
o Understanding of basic windows server 2008
o Software configuration of dell desktop and lenovo T400 series laptop with windows 7
o Managing multiple provisioning of computer system
o Retaining and wiping computer systems for legal and company procedures

Lowell High School & Mount Wachusetts Community College & Hopkinton Public School
o Loading software based on user specifications from ticketing system
o Managing simultaneous privisions at once
o Utilization of naming convention for computers and laptops
o Adding computer systems to a domain controller
o Mapping network drive
o Imaging IBM and HP computers
o Repair IBM and HP hardware/software components
o Troubleshooting and diagnostic of IBM and HP desktop computers

Amcomm Wireless
o Installation of Windows 7
o Migration of user profile from windows XP to windows 7

UMass Memorial Hospital
o Understanding domain controllers
o Adding users and computers to a domain structure
o Creating a shared network drive
o Creating a domain controller by invoking the dcpromo.exe
o Quality Control inspection of software compatibility with Windows operating system
o Basic knowledge of windows active directory
o Replace HP hard drive, power supply, video card, and laptop keyboard
o Scanned HP computer hardware and software for virus utilizing malwarebytes and AVG antivirus software/kaspersky
o Diagnose HP computer hardware issues on desktop and laptop computers with software tools such as ultimate boot cd, RAM diagnostics, hard drive diagnostics, linux OS
o Installation of ergo arms in hospital facilities
o Final inspection of installed computer systems

Pharmacy Technician Walgreens Pharmacy Worcester, MA
September 2008 to July 2014
Walgreens Pharmacy
o Assisted Pharmacist by filling prescriptions
o Handled incoming calls from patients and doctors
o Utilized the program Intercom Plus to check on the status of a prescription
o Resolved insurance issues
o Verification of patient insurance
o Quality inspection of medication
o Calculations of medication dosage
o Processing multiple insurance claims
o Proper placement of medication within the pharmacy environment
o Followed HIPPA protocols and data privacy
o Followed FDA regulations in returning, damages, and recalling of medicinal drugs
o Followed standard operating protocols in pharmacy environment

Quality Control Ameridose Westborough, MA
March 2012 to April 2012
o Adhering to standard operation procedure (SOP)
o Followed good manufacturing practice in a clean room environment (GMP)
o Performing proper manufacturing deviation report
o Quality inspection of sodium chloride injection (IV) bags
o Quality inspection of medication related to dosage, strength , and appearances related to standard documentation
o Clean room gowning
o Understanding of aseptic techniques
o Inspecting proper labeling of medication strength and dosage
o Understanding basic material safety data sheets (MSDS)
o Followed proper procedure for disposal of medication

Bachelor of Science Biology Worcester State University
Worcester, MA
2004 to 2009

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Cisco Networking Academy
o Configuring RIP, OSPF, RIPv2, EIGRP protocol on Cisco routers
o Understanding of Frame Relay, HDLC, PPP, VLAN
o Installation of Windows XP and Windows 7
o Making cross over and straight through UTP cables
o TCP/IP version 4 (subnet, VLSM, route summarization)
o Understanding cisco devices (cables and connections, command line interface)
o Routing (static routing, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF)
o Switching (VLANs, spanning tree protocols, VTP, VLAN trunking)
o Extending the LAN (wireless LAN)
o WANs (HDLC and PPP)
o Network Security (access control list)
o Understanding DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP

o Quality Inspection & Process development
o Complying with cGMP requirements
o Understanding of gowning & clean room protocol
o Work instructions & run sheets
o Knowledge of using measuring tool such as micrometers and Height gages
o Utilizing good manufacturing practices
o Demonstrate excellent knowledge of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
o Utilization of aseptic techniques in a laboratory environment
o Applying safety protocols in a laboratory environment
o Cell counting using a hemocytometer and cell plating utilizing aseptic techniques
o Usage of different types of microscopes
o Good documentation of lab experiment and attention to details
o Staining and culture of microorganisms
o Usage of lab equipment such as centrifugation, spectrophotometer, gram scales, and fume hood

CompTIA A+
Cisco Networking Academy
Understanding HIPAA and FDA
Quality inspections of products and medication
Understanding of safety protocols
Followed good manufacturing practice
Followed standard operating procedures (SOP)
Quality documentation and record keeping of medical products
Understanding of aseptic techniques
Documentation of lot number
Good hand and eye coordination
Utilizing basic microscope technique
Proper disposal of chemical and biohazard waste
Gel electrophoresis
Configuring RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF protocols on Cisco routers
Understanding of DNS and DHCP
Understanding of Frame Relay, HDLC, PPP, VLAN, and ACL
Understanding of IP addressing, subnetting, subnet mask, VLSM, wildcard mask
Understanding of TCP/IP
Assembly of a desktop computer
Preventative maintenance and troubleshooting process
Understanding of wireless technology 802.11a, b, g, n
Knowledge of Cisco IOS commands

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