3770 Canterbury Lane, Apt 130
Bellingham, WA
Cell (781) 244­4710

06/14­Date: Senior Electrical Engineer. Alpha Technologies Inc. Bellingham, WA.
Design and build for mass production ac to dc and dc to dc state of art power converter.

02/12­06/14: Senior System Engineer. Allegro Microsystem, Inc., Manchester, NH.
Create IC datasheet. Design DC/DC converter EVB, including EMI filter, power train
and feedback loop circuits. Provide excellent customer support.

04/10­02/12: Senior Design Engineer. GE Energy. 601 Shiloh Rd, Plano, TX. Support the
development of several POL isolated and non­ isolated DC­to­DC power converters.
From Conception to mass production, I completed the following projects.
­ KNW015A: Isolated DC­to­DC, (36/75) V to 3.3V 15A Module: Low­profile active­
clamp forward peak current mode PWM DC/DC convertor.
­ CDC1000: Power Entry Module (PEM), 1000W (­36V) to (­75V) at 27A: EMI front
end filter, inrush control, and hot swap with oring Mosfet circuits. Implement Digital
control with I2C for a microcontroller, OCP, UVP/OVP, and thermal shutdown.
­APXD010A: Non­Isolated DC­DC 9V­55V Input for 10A/3V or 2A/32V Output:
Synchronous PWM Voltage Mode Buck Controller using TI (TPS40170) controller.

10/2007­04/10: Senior Design Engineer. Emerson Network Power, 7575 Market Place
Drive, Eden Prairie, MN, 55344. Custom design, prototype and support the
manufacturing of DC to DC POL converters. From conception to mass production I
accomplished the following custom designed projects:
­VRM11 DC to DC 120A (0.5­1.6V) Module for Microprocessor Application.
­SIL60C3 60A and SIL90C3 90A (1.35 & 1.5V) Modules for Memory Application.
Non­isolated multiphase interleaved buck converter with 8­VID digital PM­Bus,
ISL6334. These products were sold to SUN, EMC, CISCO, and IBM.

02/99­10/2007: Electrical Design Engineer. Vicor Corp., 25 Frontage RD, Andover, MA.
Design, prototype and support the manufacturing of module power components. I
designed and released to production the following products:
­ PFC 600W Maxi Brick Modules. A universal (85­264) Vac module. Boost converter
with quasi resonant circuit to achieve zero current soft switching.
­ PFC Flatpacs 575W Power Supply for Off­line & multiple (5­54) Vdc Outputs:
EMI filter to meet EN55022 class B limit, PFC and a dc to dc modules.
­ Front­End Auto­Ranging Module for AC off­line Application: Mini brick provides
an auto ranging circuit and an EMI filter to meet EN55022 class B limit.
­ Output Passive and Active Ripple Attenuator Module. Mini brick module provides
an excellent low and high frequency ripple attenuation.

04/97­01/99: Electrical Design Engineer. Tectrol Inc. Downsview (Toronto), ONT.
Custom design, prototype and support the manufacturing of SM power supply systems.
­ DC­to­DC 820W Multiple Outputs (5.2V 115A, 3.5V 175A, 12V 10A, 2.1V 8A,
­12V 5A, ­5V 4A): Two single ended out of phase forward converters. I used a third
converter for the low output power with Mag amp control for the ­12V, ­5V, and 2.1V. In
front end, I designed an EMI filter to meet CISPR class B. Project includes schematic,
bill of material creation, and agencies approval such as CSA, UTV, VDE, and FCC.
Product was sold to 3 Com.

01/95­12/96: Electrical Design Engineer. (CIPP) Canadian Independent Power Products
Inc. St. Thomas, Ont., Design, prototype and support the manufacturing of custom design
SM power supplies. Achieve following projects:
­480W 48V Unity Power Factor Battery Chargers. I used a single half bridge dc­to­dc
converter with PFC and EMI filter.
­36V to 75V Input to (12V, 5V, 3.3V, ­5V) Output 50W Auxiliary Power Supply.
I implemented Fly back topology with multiple outputs.

07/90­12/93: Research and Teaching Assistant. Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.
Develop state­of­art new techniques to reduce switching losses, and switching harmonics
of HF Switch­Mode PWM Dc­to­Dc Converters. Design, simulate and prototype three
topologies of soft switching approaches. Provide Power Electronics lab demonstrating
and tutoring.

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. 09/88­05/92.
Master Degree in Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics.

Master thesis: New DC Bus Commutated PWM Converters, and
Three IEEE Papers:
[1] Essam Morad, Phovos D. Ziogas, and G. Joos. “High Frequency High Power Dc­to­
Dc Full Bridge Converter with Zero­Current Zero­Voltage Commutation”. IEEE APEC­
1990 Conference Record, PP. 771­777.
[2] Essam Morad, Phovos D. Ziogas, and G. Joos. “A DC Bus Commutated High
Frequency Half Bridge Forward PWM Dc­to­Dc Converter”. IEEE PESC­1991
Conference Record, PP. 216­222.
[3] Essam Morad, Phovos D. Ziogas, and G. Joos. “A Zero­Voltage Dc Bus Commutated
High Frequency High Power PWM Three­Phase VSI.” IEEE APEC­1992 Conference

Operating Systems: Window 2007.
Software Packages: Pspice, MathCAD, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point

Languages: Bilingual

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

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