Automation Field Service Engineer

Humble, TX

(832) 526-6052
• Over 12 years of successful experience in the U.S. military, private sector, and offshore drilling installations.
• Expertise with serviceLab trending software and Simatic Manager, Siemens PLC’s S7-300 and S7-400 STL, LAD, FBD programming, software installation, and testing.
• Familiarity with Allen Bradley RS-Logix 500, 5000, and Tia Portal. PLC Ladder Logic, multi-meters, process meter, hydraulic machinery and wiring sensors.
• Diagnostic proficiency in identifying/resolving defects in pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems.
• Dependable and no supervision needed for any type of assignment given.
• Knowledgeable in technical research, and schematics/blueprints.
• Record of progression to assignments of increasing responsibility and authority.
• Proven capacity to safely operate a wide array of equipment.
• Skilled in equipment testing, problem resolution and maintaining equipment in ‘on-line’ status.
• Adept in training and development of new personnel.
• Outstanding ability in quality and process improvement.
• Object Oriented Programming skills, Java, Objective-C, MySql database, PHP, and Html.
• Fluent in Spanish, and English.
National Oilwell Varco, Houston, TX March 2013 – Current
Automation Field Service Engineer
• Successfully completed over 35+ projects on rig installations for several of our customers.
• Strong knowledge of NOV controls systems Cyberbase, and Amphion.
• Conducted software upgrades/updates installs in Siemens PLC’s in drilling equipment, and completed commissioning and testing.
• Provided startup support for new offshore drilling installations.
• Performed HMI software upgrades on Siemens HMI’s with WinCC Flexible, and iFix GE.
• Maintained software version control of PLC software, HMI, documentation, on internal NOV servers.
• Updated firmware in modules as needed.
• Live monitoring of software to aid in the process of troubleshooting faults.
• Live monitoring of Wago I/O modules through profibus and Ethernet.
• Troubleshot field devices such as linear transducer, pressure transmitters, torque sensor, proximity sensors, liquid level, and load sensing devices.
• Examined PLC systems with diagnostic buffer, and stacks.
• Analyzed networks to up keep redundancy.
• Created several training guides for junior personnel to learn about PLC systems.
• Trained and troubleshoot several NOV drilling equipment and cranes controls and software.
• Knowledge of ABB drives interface, and Drive Windows.
• List of NOV equipment worked on: Top drives, Drawworks, Iron roughnecks, Hydratong, Hydraracker, Raised Backup System, Elevated Backup Tong, Mud Pumps, Drilling Data Server, Drilling Flight Recorder, Knuckle Boom Cranes, Riser Gantry Cranes, Cathead, Cyberbase chairs, Smart Drilling Instrumentation, Anti-collision systems, Rotary tables.

Walgreens Distribution Center, Houston, TX
Maintenance Technician
• Performed Planned Maintenance on all machinery, including motors, conveyors, hydraulic presses, pneumatic belts, AC motor drives, motor controllers, and overload.
• Lubricated, greased chains in machinery, adjusting of chain tension as well.
• Troubleshot electrical components, such as power supplies, PLC’s, solenoids, switches, overloads, and replaced parts as needed.
• Knowledge of AC/DC voltage 480/277, 240/120/24, and low voltage controls.
• Capable of reading hydraulic schematics, and diagnose faulty components, such as valves, relief pressure valves, solenoids, wiring.
• Developed a Lockout/Tag out log system in order to keep an efficient way to track equipment out of service.
• Tracked inventory of all parts used for repaired, through the Computerized Maintenance Management System (WebTMA).
• Maintained up to date technical manuals for machinery.
• Troubleshot AC Frequency Drives, setup parameters, DeviceNet (communications) and wiring.
• Made modifications to equipment to prevent damaged, such as installing extra sensors on conveying equipment.
• Troubleshooting of AC and DC motors, replacement of bearings, encoders, and brushes.
• Minimized operations downtime by quick response, and accurate troubleshooting of machinery.

Plastipak, Highlands, TX
Injection and Blow Mold Technician
• Retained to conduct maintenance for Nissei Stretch Blow Molder, a new Japanese machine with four cycles to produce PET plastic bottles, Mold, Heat, Stretch and Blow, and Eject.
• Performed all maintenance on all 3 Nissei Stretch Blow Molders, including troubleshooting of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components.
• Conducted maintenance of Packaging Machines, Strapper, Extruder, as well as Material Hoppers including hourly logging of temperatures.
• Daily inspection of hydraulic levels on all reservoirs, inspections of hoses to prevent leaks, to minimize downtime.
• Conducted change of tooling with overhead crane in a safely manner.
• Key contributor to installation and start-up of three new machines with affiliated conveyors.
• Kept all tooling, organized and tagged ready for next scheduled cycle.

United States Navy, U.S.S. Donald Cook, DDG-75, Norfolk, VA
Interior Communications Technician, 3rd Class (2008)
• Designated as Lead Integrated Voice Communications System (IVCS) Technician.
• Operated main onboard phone system.
• Ensured critical communication paths were available at all times.
• Performed all maintenance with no formal training.
• Managed the movie program and maintained the Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) and its peripheral equipment.
• Maintained two communication control switchboards, 250 phones and over 500 terminal jack boxes.
• Delivered backup phone system readiness on a consistent basis.
• Assumed responsibility for videotapes/DVDs for Ship’s Information Training and Entertainment (SITE) system.
• NOV Technical College
• Siemens Programming 1
• Cyberbase Controls Training
• Amphion DE Controls Training
• MS Office 2010
• Electrical Safe Working Practices Training
• Fall Arrest Training
• Interior Communications Training (Navy Electrical Trade School).

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