Geoffrey Mika

Geoffrey L. Mika
2041 San Sebastian Ct. #110, Nassau Bay, Texas 77058 – Cell: (808) 840-3253

Geoffrey L. Mika
Professional Profile:

Manufacturing professional with domestic and international experience in all facets of Business Improvement.
Manufacturing expertise in Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas drilling and processing, Electronics, Medical
Device, Appliance Manufacturing, Furniture, Food and Beverage, consumer product manufacturing and many non-
manufacturing venues. Experienced in Manufacturing Engineering, Part and Process Design, Programming, Set-up
and Maintenance. Managed and trained Six-Sigma Black Belts, facilitated Quality Circles, and Process Action
Teams and conducted over 450 Kaizen/Lean events to achieve and maintain continuous improvements. Developed
methodology to sustain improvements by stressing „Culture Change‟ and worker ownership of processes. Advocate
of: “By the People, For the People, With the People” philosophy.

Author #1 selling Kaizen book, Kaizen Event Implementation Manual in USA and China (Mandarin edition)
21st Century Continuous Improvement – January 2014
Yellow Belt Training Manual – 2016
Authored 5 additional books on Manufacturing Improvement.

Areas of Expertise

Master Black Belt, AlliedSignal, Bendix Brake Div. St. Joseph, MI.
Sr. Tool and Process Engineer, Chrysler Corp. Trenton, MI (4 years Internship)
Journeyman Tool and Diemaker, Ford Motor Co. Dearborn, MI (4 Apprenticship)
Associate of Science, Management, Henry Ford CC. Dearborn, MI
Sensei Training, Shingijutsu Consulting Co. Japan
MRO Certification, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
ISO Auditor Certification, Handley Walker Co. Tustin, CA.
APICS Certification, Orange Co. Chapter, Tustin, CA.
Design for Manufacturability/Six-sigma, Monroe & Assocs. Detroit MI
Author of numerous magazine articles on “Lean Manufacturing” and “Tool and Process Engineering”

Professional Summary

Kaizen Sensei, Houston Texas 1-4-2014 – 9-12-2015
Consulted with Coca-Cola, implementing Continuous Improvements at plant level

Director, Continuous Improvement, Ashley Furniture, Asia 2-1-2011 to 10-1-2013
Responsible for 6 plants in China, 3 in Vietnam, for the implement of a Continuous Improvement program company
wide by training complete workforce. Established a Lean Champion program to identify then eliminate waste
Company wide, using the appropriate Lean tool. Used Value Stream Maps and Business Assessments while
working with management to achieve company goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan. Achieved dramatic
improvements to throughput and profit. Authored Policies and Procedures documents appropriate for Asian
business. Established and trained sales people on “Ride Along” program where they rode along with delivery to
customers then interviewed them as to their satisfaction with their recently purchased Ashley products and delivery
then used feed-back to improve their sales delivery and be able to understand the customer‟s needs better
Created complete Continuous Improvement training program in Mandarin.

Kaizen Sensei, SL MTI, Matamoros, Mexico 5-2010 to 1/20/2011
Trained workforce of two plants in all aspects of Lean Manufacturing and Process Development. Implemented
Toyota Production System and methodology of continuous improvement. Implemented TPS, SMED, Zone 5S,
Kaizen Suggestion Program, Conducted Process Reengineering Events to reduce manufacturing costs, throughput
time and improve quality.

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Geoffrey L. Mika

Master Black Belt, Cameron, Houston, TX 6-2008 to 2-2010
Applied the Toyota Production System and Design for Manufacturability principles to international operations,
improving profits, quality and output. Serviced 12 plants. Improved machining and manufacturing processes.

• Improved manufacturing processes to reduce time and cost resulting in 34% more output per product
• Trained Black Belts and complete workforce in Design of Process for Manufacturability
• Coordinated improvement projects amongst plants, using „Best Practices‟ and Tool and Process Engineering
expertise. Improved outputs of all manufacturing processes; machining, welding and assembly
• Established and tracked pertinent metrics at each plant

Lean Manufacturing Manager, Systron Donner, Concord, CA 9-2006 to 6-2008
Establish and Implement a “Lean” culture to all areas of the business by using the tools of the Toyota Production
System and the Work Smart Management System. Reduce throughput time, improve profitability and quality.

• Established a “Kaizen Performance Group” of personnel from all disciplines of the business.
– Establish appropriate metrics and infrastructure to track and adjust the system as needed.
– Trained all levels of management and production in the concepts of “Lean”.
– Trained and developed “Lean Champion‟s” program plant wide.
– Conducted Value Stream Mapping and created improvement implementation plans
– Improved production output by 35%, by using Kaizen tools
• Implemented a Kaizen Suggestion program.
• Conducted Kaizen Events throughout the business, not just in production areas.

Corporate Director, Continuous Improvement and Process Engineering
Volex, Inc. Quincy, MA (Lived in Raleigh, NC) 8-2001 to 9-2006
Implemented “Lean Manufacturing” programs at ten North American plants. Assessed each plant‟s specific needs
then created a Continuous Improvement Plan for each facility using the concepts of the Toyota Production System.
Implemented a Six-sigma system to improve quality as well as implementing a Kaizen Suggestion program.
Improved productivity, reduced costs to the point of eliminating the need for 7 plants. One plant received the
Baldrige Quality Achievement Award for the outstanding application of “Lean Manufacturing” methods.

• Developed a “Lean Champion Program” at each plant
• Trained production management in “Lean” production techniques on the shop floor
• Conducted Kaizen Events to create an epiphany, using SMED, TPM, Jidoka, Kanban, Poka-yokes, 5S, Visual
Factory, Hoshin-Kanri, line balancing. Converted all manufacturing to cellular. Results:
– Reduced space needed by 55%
– Throughput times dropped from an average of 6 weeks, to 3 days
– Labor content decreased by 40%
– Quality increased to near 6 Sigma levels
– Units per labor hour increased by 30% – 70%
– Reduced change-over‟s from 2-1/2 hours to less than 4 minutes
– Profits increased by 13 %
– Closed 7 plants due to increased capacity gains at the 4 best plants

President, Kaizen Sensei, Wake Forest, NC 1–1997 to 8-2001
Implemented Continuous Improvement projects to global Medical, Agricultural and Manufacturing clients.

• Improved production with the implementation of the “Lean” tools and concepts.
• Trained employees, at all levels, how to implement all “Lean” tools, in an FDA environment
– Implemented improvements to medical device manufacturers
– Reprocessed key product lines
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Geoffrey L. Mika
Plant Manager, Unique Functional Products San Marcos, CA 6-1995 to 1-1997
Responsible for day-to-day operation of a manufacturing facility. Introduced the Toyota Production System, as well
as other tools to improve all aspects of the business.

• Allowed business to grow by 23% without the need for new facilities.
• Increased production by 40%. Eliminated all overtime. Quality improved by 235%. On-time shipments
improved to 97% from 82%. Profits improved by 12%. Safety and morale also greatly improved.

Consultant/Owner, World Class Management Consultants, Inc. Mission Viejo, CA 12-1990 to 6-1995
Consulted for worldwide clients, in the manufacturing, medical and food processing fields on methods and
procedures improving operations to become more profitable, better quality, using fewer resources, with improved
financial results.

• Created Kaizen suggestion program and implemented cross training certification matrix.
• Used the tools of the Toyota Production System.
• Trained production workforce in the design of least cost, most effective processes
• Established “Lean” metrics and methods of measurement of Continuous Improvements.
• Established a culture of Continuous Improvement with rewards and recognition program.

Vice President Engineering and Quality, Fey Automotive, Irwindale, CA 8-1989 to 12-1990
(Company produced after-market truck bumpers and off-road hardware).
Responsible for Manufacturing Engineering improvements, cost reductions and the application of new processes.
Improved Quality by introducing Six-sigma with extensive worker participation.

• Introduced improved processing to manufacturing, which improved capacity by 35% and improved quality by
45%. Rebuilt dies and tooling to produce higher yield and quality. Improved production throughput times by
60% and made all customer requirements for quality and delivery.
• Reduced manufacturing costs by reengineering metal specifications to lighter, stronger sheet steel, which
reduced material costs by 26%, improved strength by 15% and reduced weight by 12%
• Increased profits by 6%, Reduced on-hand inventory by 70%, Reduced shipping costs by 15%

Director Engineering, Kahr Bearing and Aerospace Burbank, CA 7-1987 to 8-1989
Directed all Engineering functions of an aerospace manufacturing company, introduced new products, reengineered
existing processes to improve yield and reduce cost.

• Trained employees in Six Sigma and SPC while computerizing manufacturing.
• Consolidated production from other plants into main facility with increases in productivity

Group Leader, (Management) Stamping Division
New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) Fremont, CA 7-1983 to 7-1987
Sent to Japan for training at Toyota Motor Co. Learning the Toyota Production System. Responsibility for staffing
and training all workers in the Stamping dept. then implementing the Toyota Production System.

• Supervised all Tool and Diemakers in daily repair and maintenance of dies and tools in stamping plant.
• Operated within the concept of the Toyota Production System.

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