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After carefully reading few job responsibilities and qualifications for this position, I come up with few
sentences to prove that I am the right potential candidate. My educational background and work experience at
DC Water allow me to understand the water and wastewater treatment utilities further. During my college time,
I have participated in a project "simulation design a wastewater treatment plant with AutoCAD, " which proves
that I am familiar with the AutoCAD and can use AutoCAD and SUMO to do designing work. As a research
assistant, I know how to manage different projects at the same time and write technical reports. What's more, I
have passed the Fundamental of Engineering Exam last December, which makes me more qualified for this
George Washington University Sept 2017 – May 2019
Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Relevant Projects:
Research Study on Contaminant Diffusion Model:
• Used MATLAB to generate 3D diffusion model for contaminants
Shanghai University of Electrical Power Sept 2013 – June 2017
Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Engineering
Relevant Projects:
Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Simulation:
• Select the treatment process based on the influent flow and water quality.
• Calculated the head loss based on pipe length, pipe inside diameter and fluid velocity, etc.
• Draw out a wastewater treatment plant floor plan and three-view drawings of every structure by AutoCAD.
Investigated Ozonation Degradation Characteristics of Natrii Diatrizoas
• Explored the effects of different ozone concentrations, pH, temperature and inorganic ions on the Ozonation
degradation of Natrii Diatrizoas.
• Developed the ideal ozonation degradation condition for Natrii Diatrizoas.
Research on the Degradation Mechanism of Nitrogenous Herbicide and Features of the Disinfection By-products
during Degradation Process:
• Utilized liquid chromatography to analyze degradation trends of a certain Nitrogenous Herbicide under different
reaction conditions such as ozone additions, pH, reaction temperatures, various inorganic ions.
• Applied gas chromatography to evaluate the disinfection by-products under chlorination degradation and ozonation
Passed Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (EIT) Dec 2019
DC Water, Research Assistant Jan 2019 – March 2020
1. Evaluation of thermal hydrolysis as solids pretreatment step before anaerobic digestion:
• A full-scale sampling of biosolids treatment facility with focus on the chemical and physical characteristics of sample.
• Evaluation of THP temperature and time contribution on anaerobic performance and dewaterability.
• Existing plant process engineer in evaluation and troubleshooting final dewatering.
2. Operation of partial denitrification anammox pilot for application of short-cut nitrogen removal to mainstream
wastewater treatment:
• Tuning and optimization of aeration and COD dosing control system (AvN control, PdN control, MeOH control)

Hange Chen Resume 1
• Evaluation and optimization of partial denitrification selection and anammox contribution while mainstream
conditions and quantification of potential cost saving.
• Reporting of pilot result to pilot team and biosolid research group.
3. Optimization of conventional denitrification filters for shortcut nitrogen removal:
• Start up and operation of pilot filter using 2 different media types (sand and expanded clay).
• Evaluation of different media types for AnAOB environment and retention.
• Reporting result to research peers.
4. Validation of new settling parameter for settling behavior prediction.
• Measuring settling parameter including TOF. SVI, ISV for 3 full scale samples.
• Characterization of sludge composition and EPS composition.
Shanghai Qingpu Wastewater Treatment Plant, Intern May 2015- Jun 2015
• Measured the influent and effluent wastewater parameters daily and discussed with team members then generate a
report discussing how influent characteristic will affect the treatment efficiency of each step.
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd, Operation Department Intern May 2014-Jun 2014
• Learning from operation team about how turbine running, pre-treatment and cycling treatment of boiler water,
wastewater disposal system, as well as whole process monitoring in control room, etc.
• Proficient in laboratory procedures, safety protocol, and advanced equipment operation such as pipetting, titrating for
water quality methods.
• Knowledge about principles of wastewater treatment including primary, secondary biological treatment, and tertiary
treatment including nitrogen and phosphorus removal.
• Proficient in using AutoCAD, MATLAB Simulink, and using Python to analyze data.
• Areas of focused training include Environmental, Chemical, Mathematical, and Computer Science.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Experienced in work as part of a team to solve complex problems.
• Languages: English, Mandarin.
Liu Y, Hu C, Gu J, Chen H, Review of the Disinfection Technology of Drinking Water, Published in Journal of Shanghai
University of Electric Power, 2016, 32(4):380-384
Hu C, Li A, Chen H, Analysis on the Teaching Reform of "Solid Waste Disposal Project". Guangdong Chemical Industry,
2017, 44(15):292-292.
Ladipo-Obasa, M., Huynh, H., Forney, N., Chen, H., Riffat, R., Wett, B., deBarbadillo, C., Bott, C., and De Clippeleir,
H.(2020) Demonstration of practical mainstream deammonification schemes balancing treatment efficiency with complexity
and cost. In Proc, IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference 2020, Helsinki, Finland.
Forney, N., Ladipo-Obasa, M., Chen, H., Ali, P., Riffat, R., Wett, B., deBarbadillo, C., Bott, C., and De Clippeleir, H.(2020)
Optimization of partial denitrification – anammox with complex carbon sources under different process configurations. In
Proc, WEFTEC 2020, Louisiana, USA.
Fofana, R., Huynh, H., Phan, D., Chen, H., Kimberly, J., Al-Omari, A., Bott, C., Delgado-Vela, J., Murthy, S., Wett, B.,
Parsons, M., Akyon, B., Liu, W., deBarbadillo, C., and De Clippeleir, H.(2020) Impact of phosphorous limitation on partial
denitrification – anammox polishing filters. In Proc, WEFTEC 2020, Louisiana, USA.

Hange Chen Resume 2

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