Hoa Nguyen

Hoa Nguyen
477 N Palo Alto Street
Mountain House CA 95391
C: (650) 218-4696
E-mail: nguyenathome@gmail.com

Experiences in camera, medical devices, networking, telecommunications, data communications (L2 & L3) and embedded software/firmware development. Specialized in low-level driver and board support package. Recent experience includes designing and implementing low powered security camera, creating customized Microsoft Windows XP and 8 embedded operating systems for medical devices. Looking for a technical engineering position in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Selected Achievements:
• Embedded Software Engineering Lead for a security camera startup Butterfleye using TI DMVA2 and CC3200 processors.
• Team member in developing Cytometer Management Systems for BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer which is designed to support cell analysis for research and clinical applications.
• Project lead for a desktop 8-port XFP L2+ 10GB Ethernet switch using Broadcom BCM5675 and BCM56501.
• Project lead for a residential gateway project using Broadcom BCM96348 chipset.
• Project lead for a 12-slot chassis based L2+ Ethernet switch using Marvell chipsets GT-48360, GT-48370, and GT-48304.
• Team member in developing and implementing a VoIP ADSL router, responsible for ADSL driver and MGCP protocol.
• Team member in developing and implementing a gigabit Ethernet switch for a startup company, responsible for porting PSOS and BSP on the Power PC 860/603 hardware platform.
• Team lead for a wireless communication system and network management system, first installment base was with Cable Cox.
• Project lead to develop a PC-to-minicomputer software program for a DG Aviion RISC platform.

• Tools: Code Composer CCS, Uni-flash, Visual Studio 12, .NET framework 3.5/4.0, WCF/WPF services, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft SDK/DDK, MS Visual C++, IAR Embedded Workbench, JTAG debugger, Agile software development scum methodologies, Eclipse, Rational Rose, RiscWatch Processor probe, SDS debugger, Diab compiler, Clearcase, GDB debugger
• Languages: Assembly/C++ (10+ years), Java (5+ years), C# (2+ years), Perl (2+ years)
• Embedded RTOS: pSOS/vxWorks (10+ years) Linux (7+ years), Windows XP/8 (7+ years), Nucleus (6+ years)
• CPU/NPU: Intel Atom, ARM 9, ARM Cortex A7, RISC, MIPS, Power PC
• Peripherals: I2C, SMB, SPI, PCIe, UART, RS-232, RS-485

Butterfleye Inc., San Mateo, California
Embedded Software Engineer Lead, October 2014-present
• Worked with TI CC3200 and DMVA2 to create the smartest camera. Architected and designed firmware for the Activity Based System (ABS), timeline, video analytics. Interfaced with cloud servers and iOS application. Familiar with ARM Cortex M4.
• Worked with Android Jelly Bean and Lollipop to develop security camera for a startup company. Familiar with Samsung 5260 (ARMv7-A for ARM Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A15) and Mediatek. Company is running out of funding.

Becton Dickerson Incorporated, San Jose, California
Senior Firmware Engineer, 2007-October 2014
• Collaborated with Systems Engineers to define systems and firmware requirements, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) requirements for the FACSVerse Flow Cytometer.
• Participated in the design and implementation of the Cytometer Management Systems for FACSVerse Flow Cytometer.
• Participated in the design and implementation for Resource Access Agents (Fluidics, Universal Loader, Laser Positioning, Camera, Filter Mirror, LED)
• Designed and implemented the Universal Loader as a subagent running on ARM board to manage devices such as motors, shaker, and Camera. Designed and implemented boot loader.
• Customized Windows XP Embedded and Windows 8 Embedded Standard for the FACSVerse Flow Cytometer. Worked on Windows Power Management to support system shutdown and programmed wakeup.
• Designed and implemented installation program to install FACSVerse firmware onto instrument. Installed USB drivers for Camera, FTDI devices.
• Board bring-up for digital data acquisition board.

Allied Telesis Incorporation, San Jose, California
Senior Software Engineering Manager, 2001-2006
• Developed Linux network device drivers, U-boot. Responsible for board bring up.
• Lead a residential gateway project using Broadcom BCM96348 chipset. Worked on 802.1x and RADIUS server.
• Lead software effort for desktop 8-port XFP L2+ 10GB Ethernet switch using Broadcom BCM5675 and BCM56501.
• Lead a 12-slot chassis based L2+ Ethernet switch using Marvell chipsets GT-48304, GT-48360, and GT-48370. Worked on VLAN, GARP, and IGMP snooping.
• Promoted to software engineering manager in 2003 to manage a switching group.
• Promoted to senior software engineering manager in 2004 to manage switching, media conversion, and gateway products. Software group later moved to New Zealand.

Dialpad Communications Inc., Santa Clara, CA
Senior System Software Engineer, 2000-2001
• Designed and added features for the IP-PBX Enterprise Access project to provide Voice-over-IP for corporate network. Provided protocol integration with OEMs and technical documentation including white paper. Familiarized with Cisco 2600/3600/5300 configuration, ISDN, T1/E1, and Q.931.
• Integrated Voice-over-IP server software with OEM partners for the IP phone project. Provided protocol integration with OEMs. Worked on Quality of Service (QoS).

NEC USA Inc., San Jose, CA
Senior Software Engineer, 1997-2000
• Designed voice-over-IP software component for an IAD project. Particularly responsible for implementing the RTP (over UDP/IP) stack and interfaced with DSP drivers (AudioCode, VoicePump). Worked with jitter buffers, CODEC G.711, G.723.1, and G.729.
• Ported MGCP stack from Solaris to VxWorks. Assisted in debugging and testing H.323 (RAS, H.225, H.245). Familiarized MEGACO (H.248), and SIP.
• Lead a pSOS to VxWorks migration effort for the IAD project. Responsible for Boot code BSP development using MIPS R4000 processor.
• Implemented and tested ATM (AAL5) driver.
• Developed ADSL ATUR driver to communicate with ATUC (DSLAM). Implemented Embedded Operation Channel (EOC).
• Implemented OSPF routing protocol. Worked with TCP/IP stack.
• Designed and implemented proprietary SNMP MIBs on VxWorks (Epilogue SNMP agent) and WindowNT v4.0 (SNMP Extension Agent). Implemented ATM MIB, and ADSL MIBs.

Nashoba Networks, Littleton, MA
Co-founder/Principal Software Engineer, 1994-1997
• Key member of a three people team to design and implement a multi-processor (Power PC 860/603e) token ring switch with optional FDDI uplink daughter card or ATM (AAL5) uplink daughter card. Company later bought by Cisco.
• Implemented the PSOS Board Support package (BSP) for PowerPC 860 hardware platform. Worked with Boot PROM and low-level serial driver.
• Implemented FDDI and ATM driver. Maintained the token ring driver.
• Evaluated Station Management Software (SMT) and ported it to the switch with optional FDDI uplink daughter card.
• Designed and implemented OSPF and BGP routing protocols.
• Ported Epilogue envoy and attach SNMP agent. Implemented FDDI MIB.

3Com, Billerica, MA
Principal Software Engineer, 1992-1994
• Successful team member to develop a low-end multi-purposed router for a 68360/68040 platform.
• Implemented token ring driver and Ethernet driver.
• Ported the IPX/SPX RIP and SAP protocols from Router Engines Inc. to 3Com LANplex FDDI uplink card.
• Enhanced IP RIP routing protocol to RIP2. Worked extensively with TCP/IP stack.

NEC Technologies, Inc., Boxboro, MA
Principal Software Engineer, 1989-1992
• Lead a Wireless Transport Communication System project for a cable installation base. Particularly responsible for designing and implementing the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) DLL to control the communication system and to interface with the attached modem and global positioning system (GPS).
• Lead a Network Management System (NMS) project for NEC desktop image system. Created white paper, specification, and proprietary MIB. Particularly responsible for designing and implementing the Desktop Management Interface (DMI), Desktop Security, and Server Management.
• Worked with OEM partners to port Ethernet and token ring drivers (NDIS, ODI, LANtastic, Banyan and diskless PC platform) onto NEC Image platform.

• Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. M.S. Electrical Engineering
• University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois. B.S. Computer Engineering
• London University, London, England. Majored in Mathematics
• Park Lane College of Education, Leeds, England. Advanced degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics

• Strong team player and individual contributor. Willingness to learn with interest in new challenges.
• U.S. citizen.
• References available upon request

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