Hussein Sallam

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to introduce myself and credentials to you in reference to the VP/Director of Engineering position with National
Engineering Resources in Brooklyn Park, MN. The following is a quick introduction and a summary of my background:
I am a senior engineering executive and a product development specialist with extensive experience at the VP and C levels leading
global multi-disciplined technical organizations, strengthening them with strategic partnerships, and leading them to develop,
manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge technologies, products and service. In addition, I have extensive experience in the
device/sensor networking and software platform device integration technologies that are at the heart of the instrumentation and
automation industry and the modern product as a service delivery model. Some highlights of this experience includes:
• Startup and business experience founding and leading Business Devices, Inc. to develop the first web services IoT/M2M
software service platform to integrate Sensors, RFIDs, and other real time devices with telemetry, control, and M2M
• Developing and delivering many consumer electronic products including the first noise canceling headsets 10 years before
Bose, the first wearable head-mounted display (HMD) 14 years before Google Glass, the first touch-based Flat Panel Display
10 years before Apple, the commercial fully functional wearable computer, and the first home digital media server appliance to
support IEEE 802.1AVB (Audio Video Bridging).
• Defining, developing, and delivering mobile wireless telematics applications for the automotive industry.
• Defining, developing, and delivering a number of wearable technologies and products for consumer & industrial application.
• Developing IP and patents to extend and apply Web Services and Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) to simplify and
automate the integration and networking of real time devices and sensors with enterprise, industrial, and telemetry applications.
I have:
• Extensive experience and deep understanding of the strategic and complex technical issues that drive technology and business
decisions backed by a Masters in Systems Engineering and an Executive MBA.
• Over 20 years of new product development (NPD), manufacturing, and product lifecycle management (PLM) experience
leading strong multi-disciplined teams end-to-end from concept definition, to requirement gathering, architecture, design, and
development, vendor qualification, acquisition, and supply chain management, system and subsystem level test & validation,
QA, regulatory approvals, manufacturing release, volume production, business development, sales support, field support,
sustained engineering, and managed obsolescence.
• A strong international track record of building successful partnerships, guiding technical groups, and creating fundamental
architecture-level convergence and buy-in across functional and organizational boundaries with software and hardware product
development, supply chain, manufacturing, System Integrators, VARs, Distributors, and OEM/ODM channel partners in the
US, China, India, as well as in many other countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa, and Australia.
• Extensive experience communicating, and presenting business, technology, and product strategies and roadmaps to
business executives, partners, and customers in simple understandable terms that enable intelligent business decisions.
• Proven track record of technical innovation with a number of US and international patents issued and pending.
• Repeatedly demonstrated my ability to:
o Establish strategic direction and support multiple successful technical and business development programs.
o Build strong multi-disciplined teams and lead them end-to-end through the entire product development life cycle.
o Manage P&L and lead product management and business development functions to provide the critical market,
business, and sales development support needed to achieve business goals and objectives.
o Determine the strategic internal skill sets and external partnerships needed to meet business goals then recruit, hire,
and staff the right technical resource, as well as identify, negotiate, and contract with the right strategic technology,
product development, service provider, supply chain, and manufacturing partners needed to meet these goals.
o Provide the critical day to day program and project management leadership that proactively anticipates and manages
technical risks ahead of time to bring multiple product development projects on-time and on-budget.
I look forward to hearing from you after you review the professional highlights noted in the attached résumé.

Hussein Sallam

Fulton, MD • 410.336.0866 •
Overcomes complex technical challenges … Builds and strengthens business relationships
Senior Engineering and Product Development Executive with vast experience developing innovative technology and strategies,
building and leading multi-disciplined teams, strengthening them with strategic partnerships, and leading them to develop and deliver
cutting-edge networking technologies, products, and services for the IoT, wearable, automotive, telematics, enterprise, and consumer
markets. Extensive expertise in product and service networking technologies and in device integration, IoT, and cloud service delivery
platform technologies that connect and extend product functionality and build the product ecosystems that are at the heart of the
modern Product as a Service delivery model.

Technology & Product Development Strategist and Execution Leader

Product & System Architecture Global Program & Project Management Vision & Strategy Alignment
Standalone & Embedded Design Product Life Cycle Management Strategic Business Development
Wired and Wireless Networking SOA & Cloud Service Models Strategic Partnerships
Infrastructure & End-User Products Agile Product & Project Management New Ventures & Acquisitions
Application Integration & Analytics Platform & Product Line Strategy Contract Negotiations
Technology & Product Innovator
• Founded the first company dedicated to developing infrastructure webservices-based IoT software, server products, and cloud
services to integrate and network remote wireless and wired devices and sensors with fixed and mobile real-time IoT/M2M
enterprise applications and designed an award winning standards based multi-protocol RFID receiver. Business Devices, Inc.
• Received New Incubator Company of the Year Award, Maryland 2013. Business Devices, Inc.
• Designed, developed, and delivered the first fully functional commercial, hands-free, voice activated Mobile Windows-Intel
based Wearable computer as well as three subsequent generations of Wearable computers with Sony Digital Products and IBM
Pervasive Computing Labs, the first wearable head-mounted display (HMD) 14 years before Google Glass, and the first touch-
based Flat Panel Display 10 years before Apple,. Xybernaut.
• Designed and developed the first noise canceling headsets (10 years before Bose) sold under NoiseBuster and NQ100 brand
names and recognized as 1998 Product of the Year by Computer Telephony Magazine. Noise Cancellation Technologies
• Developed the first desktop audioconferencing electronic echo & noise cancellation technologies, ICs, and Internet-based
products sold and marketed by Intel under the name ProShare Desktop Video Conferencing System. Tellabs.
• Developed first wireless controlled IP based home digital media server/appliance marketed under the Wurlitzer brand name to
stream 100 internet radio channels, acquire and store content, and synchronize multi-room audio streams. Gibson.
• Developed a new cutting-edge wireless and satellite technology incorporated into a European Telecommunication Standard
Institute standard that extended digital media service to mobile users worldwide, doubled capacity, improved QoS, and
provided strong anti- legacy protection. WorldSpace
• Developed global strategic partnerships and managed strategic multi-national product development programs and projects to
develop, deliver, and deploy the first ESDR consumer and OEM products and 24×7 digital media and telematics service
delivery network and all the network infrastructure and end-user software, firmware, and hardware subsystems including the
wireless front end, baseband, and service layer decoder ASICs/Chipsets, the first mobile hand-held consumer & Automotive
OEM receiver products, and the realtime backend business and service delivery IT systems. WorldSpace
• Designed and released the first Linux-based embedded software technology platform and server network appliance products to
cut the cost and time to market for M2M application developers and system integrators by over 75% by giving them uniform
transparent API to real time data streams from sensor, telecom, and multi-media I/O devices. Computer I/O.
Professional Experience
IoT Strategy Consulting, LLC, Fulton, MD/Principal & Managing Director 2013-Present
A technology and product development, engineering, and business development consulting company focused on M2M/IoT applications for the industrial,
enterprise, and consumer markets.
Principle consultant covering all aspects of technology, business, and product strategy and development focusing on embedded and
standalone wireless and wired device and sensor integration and networking M2M technologies, product, and services, as well as as
the realtime device and sensor communications and messaging, and event and streaming data, analytics, and cloud application
integration that constitute the rest of the IoT technology stack.
WorldSpace Satellite Radio, Inc., Silver Spring, MD/CTO & EVP 2006-2013
An international wireless and satellite technology company with over 500 employees, providing digital audio, infotainment, and telematics products and
services for the global mobile consumer and home markets.
Technology and engineering executive, providing oversight of all technology, engineering, and product development of the network
infrastructure systems, consumer & OEM end-user products, and the operations of digital media content delivery service networks
throughout the globe. Oversee a $22M budget, while managing 77 staff members located in 11 countries in more than 5 continents.
Key highlights
• Managed the development and deployment of an advanced and strategically critical mobile digital media networking technology
that was later incorporated into the ETSI ESDR standard to deliver subscription based digital media services to mobile users
via hybrid ground wireless and/or satellite technology. Managed a global organization and a large number of global technology,
product, and business partners to develop all the software, firmware, and hardware products and systems that implement and
deploy all the end-user mobile consumer and OEM receivers products and all the digital content production, transmission &
broadcast, ground wireless, uplinks, satellite, Conditional Access, and back-end business ESDR networking infrastructure
systems, including:
o Developing the ground wireless-satellite digital waveform with the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen, Germany.
o Developing the Service Layer message based software API, and the message handling stacks that allow intelligent system
wide configuration, monitoring, and control functions as well as the handling customer orders, payments, and service
activations in real time with the Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen, Germany.
o Developing the hybrid baseband ASIC and the complete ESDR chipset with ST Microelectronics in Milan, Italy.
o Developing the Conditional Access System with Certicom (now Research in Motion) in Ontario, Canada.
o Developing, outsourcing, and managing the Subscription Management System (SMS) software that integrates the CRM
and backend business systems, the Conditional Access System (CAS), and mobile receivers to activate individual receivers
with various levels of subscription services with Accenture.
o Developing the head-end encoders and RF uplink systems with SED in Saskaton, Canada.
o Developing the mobile handheld automotive Aftermarket satellite radio receiver with Delphi in Kokomo, Indiana.
o Developing an automotive OEM/ODM Receiver for Fiat cars with Fuba (now Delphi) in Hannover, Germany.
o Negotiating a ground wireless network deployment agreement and successfully deploying the first generation ESDR
wireless network achieving 99.5% coverage in metropolitan Milan in Northern Italy with Telecom Italia.
• Developed two chipset generations including the RF Tuners, Baseband Decoders, Service Layer Decoders, and Conditional
Access Processors and used them to develop high-end and entry-level handheld consumer receivers, OEM automotive
receivers, and a reference design to license third parties to develop their own receivers.
• Managed the development of an iOS software application that uses Bluetooth to turn an iPhone into a virtual automotive
OEM satellite radio that controls, plays audio, and displays graphics from a hidden aftermarket receiver.
• Developed a new band-segmentation frequency & coverage plan for Europe to leverage the new ESDR technology re-
programmability feature to double the capacity of the 12.5MHZ L-band spectrum available in Europe and enable the service
to meet the Pan-European mobile roaming requirements of the European automotive manufacturers.
• Produced a savings of $10M in R&D expenses by restructuring the management team, eliminating unnecessary R&D expenses
by replacing the fixed legacy technologies deployed in Asia and Africa with the more advanced standard ESDR mobile
technology developed for Europe.
• Managed the global restructuring and continued operations of the company on behalf of the court appointed officer during
the critical chapter 11 period keeping the company afloat, raising over $39M in DIP financing, and ultimately successfully
selling the company’s technology, product, and network assets to a new company and continued to support the new buyer as
a Post-Merger Consultant after the sale.
Gibson Corporation, Washington, DC./CTO 2005-2006
A $200M international privately held digital media, consumer, and music instruments technology, products, and service company.
Managed the technology, product development, and product management for all technology subsidiaries, which include Gibson
Technologies, Gibson Labs, Gibson Audio, and Gibson Digital Music Service, where he developed a number of cutting-edge
technologies and products including developing and patenting platform authentication and low-latency network bridging
technologies incorporated into IEEE802.1AVB Network Bridging standard, developing and deploying Internet radio software and
hardware receiver products, as well as developing cloud-based streaming radio service and online music store to sell and download
content from the major music labels including Sony, Universal Music, Warner Music Group, and EMI.

Business Devices, Inc., Columbia, MD/Founder & President 2001-2005
A software startup which develops a Web Services based device technology, middleware, and server, products and services to network and integrate real time
fixed and mobile devices, appliances, and sensors with home, enterprise, and M2M/IoT applications.
Founded and managed the company which was recognized as the Maryland New Incubator Company of the year in 2003 from
ground up, provided strategy, technology, business, product development, and product management direction and vision, developed
and marketed technology, intellectual property, cloud-based and end-user software products and services that automate the process
of capturing and distributing real-time and streaming data from devices and sensors for seamless integration into enterprise,
industrial, and IoT web service applications including the SOA device integration software “dial tone” technology, patents, and the
first generation of SOAP/Web services based server software platform and embedded software products to automate the process
of integrating and networking sensors and devices with fixed and mobile realtime IoT enterprise applications, and the first RFID
middleware platform to meet EPC global standards, which included the Electronic Product Network version of Auto-ID Reader
Protocol, Auto-ID Savant, and Object Naming Service specification.
Computer I/O, Laurel, MD/CTO & VP Engineering 2000-2001
A Venture Capital funded provider of communications software, embedded software, products and services company.
Directed the development of software, server, and network appliance products that provide the communication industry and M2M
system integrators with the embedded and standalone solutions they need to integrate into their products uniform and transparent
access to remote real-time Telecom signals and live streaming data including developing, releasing, and supporting a devices and
sensor data communications software platform/middleware product, a line of robust multi-channel data collection and processing
servers and network appliances, and the first realtime Linux-based software and embedded software technology and I/O Server
Network Appliance products that offered telecommunications, data acquisition, remote monitoring, and test and measurement
OEMs and system integrators a standard, customizable, network-programming interface to build realtime network-based IoT and
M2M applications.
Xybernaut Corporation., Fairfax, VA/VP Engineering 1997-2000
International leader in consumer, industrial, and enterprise Wearable Technology, Systems, and Solutions.
Developed three generations of a mobile wearable computer products that generated over $20M in revenue with strategic partners
worldwide including the first commercial mission critical Intel based Mobile AssistantTM wearable computer with voice user interface
(VUI) software implementing acoustic characterization, context limited searches, and specially designed vocabularies for the hands-
free operations, a second generation with Sony Digital Products (SODP), and a third generation with IBM Pervasive Computing
Lab that was the first commercial mass produced wearable computers to run Windows® 98/2000/NT, Linux and SCO Unix
operating systems, to be used by the Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) for the Mars Training Mission funded by NASA and SETI
Institute as well as by the Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity (CAIP) in “Warfighter Preparedness” research
program, and to feature in a movie. Developed a number of cutting-edge wireless I/O devices and peripherals that enabled mobile
hands-free applications including SVGA head mounted displays and cameras, wrist worn keyboards, touch sensitive flat panel
displays, and the first day light readable flat panel display.
Previous Experience
Director of Engineering, Tellabs, Ashburn, VA
VP of Engineering, Noise Cancellation Technologies, Inc., Linthicum, MD
Director of Design and Product Assurance, IDE Corporation, Billerica, MA
Education • Professional Development
Executive MBA, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Master of Science, Systems Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry and Zoology, George Washington University, Washington, DC
Publications • Patents
• “A GEO satellite system for broadcast audio and multimedia services targeting mobile users in Europe (2008) Presented
at the 4th Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems – ASMS 2008
• “WorldSpace Planning for Launch of European Mobile Satellite Radio Broadcasting Service”, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting
Union Technical Review Magazine, No. 236. October-December 2008 (P.21)
• Adding Audio to the Desktop Revolution, Teleconferencing Magazine, Volume 14 No.3, 1995.
• Numerous US and International Patents Issued and Pending
Affiliations & Board of Directors
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers & IEEE802.1AV ~ Ethernet Alliance ~ Consumer Electronics Association,
(CEA) ~ UPnP ~ Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) ~ Coral Consortium
Board of Directors: WorldSpace Italia, Business Devices, Inc., American Business Group


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