James Walber

James Walber
Email – walberj56@gmail.com
Cell – 612-618-4305
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameswalber
SUMMARY Dedicated professional with experience in software design to implementation. Able to see the “Big Picture” and keep it in focus. Extensive software/machine interface design skills. Strong Oracle PL/SQL experience. Experienced with full development life cycle of applications, developing applications for 7×24 production environment. Unparalleled experience in SEMI Secs/Gem communications.
Event driven design
Serial communications
Visual Studio
C / C++/C#
.NET 4.5
Oracle PL/SQL
TIBCO Business Works
TIBCO Business Events
TIBCO Rendezvous
Agile Methodologies
EXPERIENCE Seagate Technology 2013 –2015
Sr. Staff Analyst
• Developed and maintained host control software to integrate wafer processing equipment with factory processes.
• Coordinated with cross-site team in UK on development and software support.
• Primary tools Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, XSD, XML, TIBCO) Oracle SQL Explorer, SECSIMPro
• Experience in MVVM, WPF, C#, Oracle, TIBCO messaging, SECS/GEM, TFS, a Scrum environment.
• In-house SME on SEMI Secs/Gem communications.
• 7×24 Support of manufacturing data systems and legacy applications.
Seagate Technology 2008 – 2013
Staff Analyst
• Switched software development platform from Delphi (Pascal) to C# .NET platform.
• Key team contributor in re-design for in-house operator client software from the ground up using the latest Microsoft standards and practices.
• Convert legacy applications from Delphi to .NET.
• Designed SOA services via TIBCO Business Works. Message driven Oracle DB loader, integration services to utilize current MES
• Pilot TIBCO Business Events Project: Converted current BW Oracle loader service to Business Events to increase functionality and efficiency.
• Measurement Sampling System: Designed and developed sampling systems integrating process data and in-house APC system to reduce number of parts measured. Results: reduced process steps, reduced handling damage while maintaining process control.
• Designed, developed and implemented factory tool/operator software with Secs/Gem interface.
• In-house SME on SEMI Secs/Gem communications.
• 7×24 Support of manufacturing data systems and legacy applications.
Seagate Technology 2002 – 2008
Sr. Engineering Specialist – Wafer Information Systems
• Designed, developed and implemented factory tool/operator software. Direct interface to current factory MES system. Utilizing tool control when possible to allow software control of process parameters to run on specific items, allowing greater flexibility and security.
• Automated Process Control (APC) in tools capable of individual part processing as well as batch processing when possible.
• Migrated current factory data system to Oracle, utilizing common table structures and methods to add commonality of tool data.
• In-house SME on SEMI Secs/Gem communications.
• 7×24 Support of manufacturing data systems.
Seagate Technology 1993 – 2002
Tech Specialist – Wafer Information Systems
• Wafer Data collection system: Co-designed, developed framework and applications for wafer factory. Primary emphasis on process event recording, real-time data collection, automation and process sequence verification.
• Rejects Tracking System: Designed, developed, and fully implemented factory wide slider rejects tracking system. Results: Unprecedented access to individual reject information for analysis and process control.
• Designed and maintained numerous database systems.
• Designed and implemented software for automated and semi-automated production equipment for slider manufacturing.
• Key Novell network administrator, maintaining 3 servers (including Novell versions 3.11, 3.11 SFTIII, 3.12, and 4.10 SFTIII) with approximately 125 users.
Seagate Technology 1987 – 1993
Senior Development Technician – Automated Media Eng.
• Designed electronic hardware, software and build automated equipment for Thin Film Media processes.
• Maintained and supported Robot cassette handling system at all levels; including hardware, electronics and software.
• Involved with automated media startup, and engineering support for production.
• Setup and supported Media Novell network, including hardware and server support.
Magnetic Peripherals, Inc. 1984 – 1987
Senior Development Technician – Advanced Component Technology (ACT)
• Designed and implemented microprocessor hardware and software interface for research and pilot production multi-station vacuum sputtering equipment.
• Developed and maintained control software to support R/D effort.
• Maintained vacuum equipment to support research efforts.
• Setup experiments to investigate different materials and/or sputtering techniques to achieve desired film characteristics. Assist with mechanical and electrical design and fabrication of vacuum equipment.
W. H. Brady Co. 1979 – 1984
Vacuum Specialist / Senior Electronics Technician
• Operated and maintained high vacuum research pilot production equipment. Designed and installed chamber fixturing. Designed and constructed prototype web sputtering system.
• Developed in-house tests to determine film characteristics.
• Experienced in deposition techniques including RF, DC, and reactive sputtering; Ion Beam deposition and thermal evaporation.
• Assisted with digital electronic designs in machine and process control applications.
• Designed and fabricated prototype electronic equipment.
• Developed hardware and software interfaces for specialized manufacturing equipment
• Developed prototype samples for lab evaluation.
EDUCATION Lakeshore Technical College
Associate’s degree, Electronics Technology – Graduated with Honors
CERTIFICATIONS SAFe Practitioner 06 / 2015
Scaled Agile, Inc.
PATENTS Capacitance Switch Detection Circuitry Issued 06 / 1983
US Patent: 4389583 • Inventors: James Walber • https://www.google.com.ar/patents/US4389583
Detection circuitry for a capacitance switch including a source of two-state electrical pulses that are supplied to two clock nodes 180° out of phase, a buffer connected to one of the switch connection nodes, means between the clock nodes and the switch connections to maintain the buffer input at one condition when the capacitance switch is closed and to cause the buffer input conditions and the buffer output signal to vary with the two-state pulses when the capacitance switch is open, and a frequency detector connected to the buffer output.
Resistive, Capacitive Switch Array Issued 10 / 1983
US Patent: 4412209 • Inventors: James Walber, Norman J. Frame, Jan M. Janick • https://www.google.com/patents/US4412209
A switch assembly with a different combination of resistance and capacitance associated with each of a plurality of switches and with as few as two leads connecting the plurality of switches to external circuitry. The external circuitry detects switch activation by sensing combined resistance and capacitance across the switch leads.
Membrane Switch Construction Issued 11 / 1993
US Patent: 4415781 • Inventors: James Walber, Norman J. Frame, Jan M. Janick • https://www.google.com/patents/US4415781
A membrane switch in which the switch activation produces a change in the combined resistance and capacitance across leads of the switch.

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