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• Extensive and intensive experience and application in numerical simulation (CFD, FEA, FSI)
• Proven abilities and experience in new product development and product performance optimization
• Demonstrated hands-on technical skills to setup and verify simulation model to solve technical problems as well as abilities in applying mathematical models to describe physical phenomena
• Excellent project management and leadership skills in product development and innovation

Manitowoc Food Group Inc, Manitowoc, WI
Staff Engineer03/2015-10/2015
• Internal technical consulting for product design and performance optimization
• Technical management for the corporate tech center
• Structural analysis of refrigerator door hinge (wear analysis of dynamic loading)
• Structural and vibration analysis of cold beverage stand (using ANSYS Mechanical)
• Condensation analysis for refrigerator door (combined flow and thermal analysis)

SimuTech Group, Des Plaines, IL
Sr. Engineering Analyst02/2014 – 11/2014
• Provide technical support for ANSYS software product pre-sale
• Understand the details of customers’ engineering workflows and mechanism
• Assist customers in simulation-driven product development
• Create and demonstrate novel simulation solutions to assist ANSYS software product pre-sale
• Provide answers to all CFD/FEA technical support cases from clients
• Accomplish billable engineering consulting projects and services
• Model buildup and correlation of simulation and test results for a super-sonic gas turbine
• Multi-species mixing flow simulation of the transportation piping system of a paper plant to meet industrial requirement and then optimize designs
• Aero-dynamic simulation of a truck with different designs at the trailer back to reduce drag force

Technology Center, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Glenview, IL
Project manager, Sr. Staff Engineer (CAE/CFD)10/2010 – 10/2014
• Participating in verification, validation and development of new product by applying numerical analysis
• Generating concepts/designs for new product and modifying and troubleshooting existing products for improvements and meeting design objectives
• Project management
• Scoping project requirements and generating action plan for all levels of project complexity
• Conducting and coordinating analysis aspects of complex projects according to the documented plan, utilizing the efforts of team members to complete tasks in time
• Project costs/budgets, tech report and documentation for each stage and complete of project
• Directly supervising less experienced personnel as specifically assigned
Selected FEA and CFD projects:
• Model buildup and correlation of simulation and test results for a super-sonic gas turbine
• CFD model buildup for design validation and optimization of super-sonic gas turbine (ANSYS CFX)
• Combined thermal and flow simulation on super-sonic gas turbine and its cooling system
• Structural analysis on super-sonic gas turbine for stress and deformation under centrifugal loading
• Model and harmonic analysis, and fatigue analysis on super-sonic gas turbine for deformation, stress, acceleration response at given rotational speed (using ANSYS Mechanical)
• Super-sonic gas turbine re-design and optimization using Solidworks based on CFD/FEA results
• Research and product development of long range suction hood for welding fume exhaustion
• Project manager and main researcher/contributor from initial concept to scope, design, verification, testing, all the way to prototype to enable ITW welding group gain a market of $24,000,000.
• Comprehensive simulation on medical electro-mechanical check valve (ANSYS Mechanical & CFX)
• Structural analysis (non-linear material and contact) on check valve assembly for deformation
• Fluid structure interaction (FSI) on medical check valve for design validation and optimization
• Modal and harmonic analysis on check valve deformation and test investigation to resolve the noise/vibration issue of electro-mechanical check valve
• Condensation simulation of automobile LED head lights (ANSYS Fluent)
• Combined thermal and multiphase flow simulation for temperature and condensation distribution
• Product design validation of new ink head in printing technology
• Multiphase transient simulation on the movement of ink drop from new ink head
• Design validation and performance prediction of new automobile transmission oil filter
• Simulation and test data correlation on filters with kinds of porous media designs
• Simulation on pneumatic/hydraulic system (pressure drop vs. flow curve, etc.)
• Vibration analysis on stencil of printing machine
• Product development of new automatic melding gun
• Thermal analysis for heat transfer simulation and design validation

Gardner Denver Inc. (GDI), Quincy, IL06/2004-10/2010
Corporate Analyst (CFD/CAE), Lead CAE Engineer
• Corporate technical management
• Establish numerical simulation (FEA/CFD) team companywide
• Develop analytical models for products and provide training to team member
• Evaluate capabilities of numerical simulation team member
• Support all GDI divisions, from early stage development to manufacturing application of GDI Innovation processes by providing technical expertise and leadership in CFD/FEA modeling
• Provide fundamental understanding and develop advanced process technologies in the fields of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
• Provide guidance for product design optimization through the simulations results (CFD/FEA)
Selected FEA projects:
• Autofrettage analysis of fluid end (ANSYS Classic, multi-stage loading and non-linear analysis)
• Failure investigation of baffle rings in high-speed multiple-stage blowers (ANSYS Mechanical &CFX)
• Structural analysis on baffle ring assembly using the surface loading from CFD results (FSI)
• Combined modal and vibration analysis on baffle ring assembly
• Comprehensive fatigue analysis on baffle ring assembly
• Structural and vibration/harmonic analysis of skid for powertrain (ANSYS Mechanical)
• Structural analysis and design optimization of liquid ring pump impeller (ANSYS Mechanical &Fluent)
• CFD simulation on liquid ring pump impeller for surface pressure/loading
• Structural analysis on liquid ring pump impeller using surface loading mapping from CFD results
• Liquid ring pump impeller re-design and optimization (using Solidworks)
• Structural and fatigue analysis of compressor crack shaft (ANSYS Mechanical)
• Thermal and structural analysis of Marine Loading Arms for transferring Liquid Natural Gas
• Combined structural and thermal analysis with multi-stage loading
Selected CFD projects:
• Flow simulation of centrifugal separator/cyclone (ANSYS Fluent)
• Transient multi-phase mixing flow (DDPM+DEM collision model) with user defined function
• Numerical investigation and development of high-speed single-stage blower (ANSYS Fluent & Icepak)
• Numerical investigation and design optimization of blower impeller
• Combined thermal analysis and flow simulation of blower motor cooling system
• Numerical simulation and product design optimization of steam ejector (ANSYS Fluent)
• Combined simulation of multi-species mixing flow and heat transfer
• Product performance increased by 20% after optimization

Rexnord Industries Inc, Seal Operation, Wheeling, IL01/2001-03/2004
CAE/CFD Engineer
• Foremost researcher and developer of shallow HYDROPAD mechanical seal used in aero-space engineering
• Developed a mathematical model to predict seal performance in all pressure conditions
• Test validation of theoretical prediction of seal performance
• Increased market share from 15% to 40% and revenue from 15 million (2001) to 21 million (2004)
• Design of seal using Solidworks (components, assembling, bill of material, tolerance stack up calculation)
• Finite element analysis (FEA) of seal (structural, fatigue, vibration analysis)
• Thermal analysis of contacting face seals (heat transfer, heat convection calculation, etc)

• M.S., Civil Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
• M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
• B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Professional Development/Training
ANSYS: Fluent, ICEPAK, Dynamic Meshing, CFX, Workbench, ANSYS Classic
ANSYS Mechanical, Simulation Structural Nonlinearities, Simulation Dynamics
SolidWorks, PTO Creo, OpenFoam, C/C++, Fortran, Optstruct, Hypermesh, Abaqus

Additional Info

Current Career Level:
Experienced (Non-Manager)

Years of relevant work experience:
10+ to 15 Years

Date of Availability:

Work Status:
US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

Active Security Clearance:

US Military Service:

US citizen

Target Company:
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Target Locations:
Selected Locations:
US-IL-Chicago North


Willingness to travel:
Up to 25% travel

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