436 Greenleaf Road, Conyers, Georgia 30013
+1 470 424 1692
URL: www.linkedin.com/in/jcnad

Employment History:

• Emerson Process Control System Engineer at Baxalta – July 2015 to present

• Emerson PCS Technical Lead in the Albumin Process Building
• Configuration, commissioning and loop check of Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, VFDs and
traditional I/O devices
• Integration and testing of 3rd party devices including but not limited to Rosemount transmitters
and valves, Saunders valves, Topworx valves, ABB drives, Schneider motors and Allen Bradley
• Creation, modification and implementation of DeltaV software, e.g. equipment and control
• Troubleshooting and investigation of issues encountered during pre-commissioning activities
• Installation and set-up of DeltaV hardware, e.g. thin clients and smart switches
• Installation of DeltaV hotfixes
• Upgrade of DeltaV controllers and I/O cards
• Installation and maintenance of Asset Management System (AMS)
• Clean-up and maintenance of DeltaV configuration database and graphics
• Shakedown/commissioning of Equipment Modules, Phases and Recipes
• Documentation, implementation, testing and validation of changes using the BioVoke Change
Management System

• Control Automation Engineer at Emerson Process Management – March 2013
to present

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provides high level technical support, consultation and on-site/remote diagnostics on
products/systems which include but not limited to DeltaV DCS, DeltaV Backup and Recovery and
Guardian for end user customers and engineering organizations worldwide (Asia, Europe, South
Africa, Middle East, Australia, North America and Latin America)
• Delivers troubleshooting and problem analysis to installation, configuration and integration issues
• Creates, reviews and modifies Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) to provide technical information
for the customers
• Provides coaching and mentoring with a view of enhancing DeltaV knowledge and
troubleshooting skills
• Serves in a technical lead role on improving processes and developing and rolling out
troubleshooting tools which include but not limited to the Data Collection & Analysis and DeltaV
Data Collector utilities
Major Projects:

Qatar Gas Emergency/Disaster Recovery

• 24/7 on-call support in case of an emergency which includes but not limited to Cyber Security
threat or compromise on the process control system

Baxalta Program Covington

• See first page

• SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Engineer at Manila Electric
Company (MERALCO) – March 2008 to February 2013

Duties and Responsibilities:

Operation and Maintenance of SCADA Distribution Automation (DA) Equipment

• Used test equipment necessary in conducting basic operation of the SCADA-DA equipment
• Evaluated requirements of and performs advance operation jobs for SCADA-DA equipment
• Performed daily monitoring of SCADA-DA Network facilities
• Evaluated and prepared report on trouble resolution and performance of SCADA-DA equipment
• Coordinated with concerned SCADA teams and other offices on the commissioning and trouble
resolution of SCADA-DA equipment
• Monitored troubleshooting procedures and processes to ensure all trouble resolution adhere to
safe engineering practices and standards
• Performed and implemented routine Preventive Maintenance and Testing of SCADA-DA
equipment as well as perform corrective measures on the equipments as a result of the PMT
• Maintained SCADA-DA equipment configuration database integrity

Installation and Commissioning

• Facilitated SCADA-DA project implementation
• Certified SCADA equipment functionality prior to energization
• Performed local test on SCADA-DA equipment
• Interfaced DA equipment on the electric system
• Established link between additional devices and the DA equipment
• Performed testing of one-to-one correspondence of system point database between RTU and
Master Station through localized simulation
• Conducted energization of SCADA-DA equipment
• Verified correctness of DA equipment being controlled, its status and alarm displays at Master
• Verified correctness of metering values between DA/SA equipment and Master Station

Configuration of SCADA-DA Equipment

• Gathered and encoded data to facilitate configuration of the SCADA-DA equipment
• Configured DA equipment
• Performed on-line testing with DA equipment
• Conducted simulated functionality test with the Master Station
• Checked error logs for any corrections needed in the configuration
• Implemented the configuration/reconfiguration of SCADA-DA equipment


• Identified basic components of the SCADA-DA infrastructure
• Gathered and evaluated feedback on the operation of the existing SCADA-DA system
• Consolidated electric system single line diagrams
• Gathered, analyzed and reviewed system, equipment and project performance statistics and
presents them in the form of graphs, diagrams, histograms, charts, etc.
• Identified electric and SCADA-DA system and user requirements
• Coordinated the projects with concerned offices
• Identified and consolidated resource requirements such as major SCADA-DA equipment,
materials and manpower needs
• Prepared budgetary cost estimates


• Identified system requirements for the installation design of SCADA-DA substation and field
• Verified existing plans and facilities of the project site
• Interpreted supplier’s drawing for integration to SCADA-DA design
• Reviewed and approved manufacturer/IPP design drawings
• Prepared design documentation
• Determined and layout grounding, power and electrical system requirements
• Performed electrical load calculations for lighting and power supply requirement for SCADA-DA
• Prepared detailed design of hardware configuration and internal wiring of SCADA-DA substation
and field devices and Master station equipment
• Allocated cables and maps I/O database
• Prepared detailed layouts and wiring diagrams of the different major SCADA-DA equipment such
as RTU, data concentrator, analog input module, digital input module, control output module,
marshalling or termination cubicle, intelligent electronic device (IED), relay panel, UPS and other
• Recommended changes and modified SCADA-DA design standards based on practical and
actual conditions and availability of new technologies

Process and Standards Management

• Gathered, reviewed and evaluated data to facilitate effective management of the SCADA-DA
processes and standards
• Provided assistance in developing and/or improving ISO procedures
• Developed procedures and standards for new SCADA-DA facilities and hardware specifications
for new SCADA-DA major and minor equipment
• Provided the necessary inputs on reporting statistics or data requirements
• Analyzed the functional and technical specifications of SCADA-DA equipment and devices for
system integration
• Monitored and interpreted performance of existing and newly acquired equipment and assesses
applicability and suitability of standards
• Checked and monitored accuracy of designs to ensure adherence to standards
• Conducted post-design analysis to check quality and appropriateness of designs
Project Management

• Defined major activities of projects and major source requirements
• Prepared project schedule
• Conducted regular site inspections of on-going projects
• Coordinated problems encountered during implementation
• Measured progress of the project
• Monitored performance of suppliers and contractors

Materials Management

• Accepted deliveries and coordinated with concerned offices the technical acceptance of SCADA-
DA equipment, tools and materials
• Performed laboratory and field testing, evaluation and pilot installation of SCADA-DA equipment
• Monitored and analyzed inventory and adequacy of SCADA-DA equipment, tools and materials
• Prepared an Expression of Need (EON) document for SCADA-DA material requirements

• Specialist in Communications/Infrastructure, Batch and Backup and Recovery, Emerson Process
• DeltaV Backup and Recovery
• DeltaV Batch Configuration & Implementation
• DeltaV Field Service
• Guardian
• DELL TechDirect
• Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency OPITO Certified (Certificate
• ECE Board Exam Passer, November 2007
• Licensed Electronics Engineer (PRC Reg. No. 40659)
• Dean’s Lister/DOST Scholar, Saint Louis University

Educational Attainment:
• Saint Louis University
Baguio City
Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (2002 – 2007)
Graduated Top 10% (April 2007)
DOST Scholar (2002 – 2007)

Trainings/Seminars Attended:

• Lock Out/Tag Out and Electrical Safety – December 14, 2015
• Good Documentation Practices (GDP) – December 2, 2015
• Travel Safety by Boat (TSB) – January 23, 2014
• Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) – January 20-22, 2014
• Course 7016: DeltaV Batch Implementation – September 9-13, 2013
• Course 7027: DeltaV Systems Administration – August 5-8, 2013
• Course 7032: Fieldbus System and Devices – July 29-August 1, 2013
• Course 7018: DeltaV Hardware and Troubleshooting – July 15-18, 2013
• Microsoft Course 6292A: Installation and Configuration of Windows 7 – May 3-5, 2013
• Course 7009: DeltaV Implementation – March 4-8, 2013
• International Electronics Conference and Exposition – November 22-24, 2012
• Operation, Configuration, and Programming of ORIONLX & Web Serving Application – January
25, 2012
• International Electronics Conference and Exposition – November 3-5, 2011
• Tower Climbing Safety – September 21-22, 2011
• Transformer Partial Discharge Monitoring – June 2, 2011
• International Electronics Conference and Exposition – December 7-9, 2010
• Basket Truck Operation Seminar – February 16-18, 2010
• Institute of Electronics Engineers National Convention – December 9-11, 2009
• ISO – November 24, 2009
• Defensive Driving Seminar – September 23-25, 2009
• Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) – January 20, 2009
• Electric Power System Planning & Analysis – August 4 & 18, 2009
• Overview of SCADA-DA Infrastructure Design and Standards – March 2008

Other Technical Skills:
• Computer Literate (Microsoft Office)
• Knowledgeable in Computer Trouble Shooting (Hardware & Software)
• Adept in Auto CAD applications

References and Personal data:
• To be submitted upon request

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