Director Of QA

• Director of Quality Assurance / Testing Management with over 17 years of experience in building QA processes, testing methodologies, teams and organization.
• Built comprehensive QA infrastructures, which included manual and automation testing to support internal software development and engineering.
• Hands on leader.
• Successfully directed QA efforts for commercial releases of various software products.
• Expert in building consensus with key stakeholders and C-level’s regarding key QA initiatives and projects.
• Well versed in all aspect of modern testing including Mobile and an AGILE expert.
• Expert with QA metrics, best practices, policies, processes and procedures, project control and risk assessment.
• Diplomatic personality: developed a collaborative/non-adversarial relationship with engineering, which is used on resolving problems and/or creating an environment of problems preventions.
• Extensive experience in running and building large global QA organizations distributed across the US, India, China and Europe.
• Strategic visionary, expert in all phases of QA testing from unit, functional, regression, integration and performance.
• Expert in the entire SDLC life cycle and provided gate solution across it.
• Strong communicator and skilled in presentation.
• Established the QA center of excellence and instituted QA metrics across our entire QA organization.
• Experienced with CMM, FDA regulation, 21 CFR 11, GMP, QSR, ISO regulation.
• Mobile testing, for platform availability and performance and load testing.
• Mobile operating systems: native IOS app, Android and native windows phone and limited customer had to test their BlackBerry. In addition to that we tested and validated other portable devices such as IPad.
• Automated app testing simulating hundreds and even thousands of devices in the cloud including tablet.
• Area tested for mobile devices:
• Functional testing
• Performance testing: low battery, bad network coverage, low available memory
• Memory leakage.
• Interrupt testing: incoming calls or network coverage outage and recovery.
• Usability testing.
• Installation testing.
• Certification testing.
• Security testing: check vulnerabilities to hacking, authentication and authorization policies, data security, session management and other security standards.
• Location testing.
• Load testing: simulate hundreds and thousands of end users activities to identify network bottleneck and application limitation and bugs.

Software: Java, J2EE technologies architecture, XML, Web Services, Messaging, C++,TFS, ,NET,
Perl, Shell scripting, FORTRAN, Quality Center, LoadRunner, QTP, Rational, Test Manager,
Clear Case, Selenium 2.0.
Systems: Window 10, Mac, UNIX, Linux.
Databases: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server.


Berkshire Hathaway Specialty insurance Boston, MA November 2015– June 2016
Senior Director of QA Consultant

• Building up from the scratch the QA department.
• Hired an offshore team of 40.
• Increased customer satisfaction from 30 % to 75 %.
• Increased testing coverage from 20 % to 60 %.
• Started automation.
• Mentored existing team on automation.
• Built from scratch the performance department and helped performance testing.
• Mentored our QA team on performance testing.
• Helped architect automation framework.

Global Business Consulting services ( GBC), Jacksonville, FL-Boston, MA May 2008 – November 2015
Senior Director of QA
• Directed the QA department and managed it staff.
• Increased customer satisfaction from 20 % to 95 %, Automation from 0 % to 80 % of all functions,
• Increased testing coverage from 40 % of our customers to 97 %.
• Mentored existing team on automation and help building it up from scratch to cover all major functions including 100 % of regression testing.
• Built from scratch the performance department and helped performance testing,
• Mentored our QA team on performance testing.
• Helped architect automation framework,
• Helped automation team build libraries in .NET, Java, C++, and Python.
• Assisted and architected complex data testing including data warehouse.

• Built and maintain a highly effective QA organization.
• Expert with all of the test-related aspects of the software development life cycle.
• Responsible for monitoring, integrating and delivering on all our QA processes.
• Running large QA organizations with distributed teams.
• Directed and managed the entire QA test processes and methodologies including functional, integration, automation and performance testing.
• Hired an offshore team.
• Managed budgets of $5M+
• Built the QA environment, code management, and deployment.
• Developed a long term plan for growing and maturing the QA organization
• Utilized Agile methodology and attended daily Scrum meetings.
• Lead, managed and directed all aspects of quality assurance including new products testing, regression testing, functional, automation, load and scalable testing.
• Established a strong working relationship with our business partners.
• Responsible for all ongoing testing activities including new development and production support across the entire organization.
• Successfully delivered on time, on scope, on budget tested products.
• Reviewed test plans and test cases.

Eliza corp.com, Beverly, MA March 2007 – May 2008
Director Of QA – a software medical marketing company.
• Built the QA department and managed IT staff.
• Managed the QA budget.
• Managed onshore /offshore team.
• Built the QA environment, code management, and deployment.
• Developed a long-term plan for growing and maturing the QA organization.
• Established strong working relationship with business partners. Responsible for all ongoing testing activities including new development and production support across the entire organization.
• Led development of all aspects of quality assurance including new products testing, regression testing, automation and load testing.
• Involved in AGILE and attending the daily Scrum meetings.

Lumigent Tech, Acton, MA April 2003 – March 2007
Director Of QA – an audit database company for the medical industry and financial institution
• Audited the following products: Oracle, SQL and Sybase. Small start-up company that worked exclusively with financial companies, high availability and high transaction systems, such as: Fidelity, Citibank, Fannie Mae, etc.
• Built the QA department and managed it staff.
• Hired an offshore team.
• Managed onshore /offshore team of 55 direct reports.
• Managed budget of $4M+.
• Built the QA environment, code management, and deployment.
• Created and managed test plans and test cases.
• Developed a long term plan for growing and maturing the QA organization
• Established strong working relationship with Business partners. Responsible for all ongoing testing activities including new development and production support across the entire organization
• Successfully delivered on time, on scope, on budget tested products.
• Successfully restructured and centralized all our testing.
• Improved products standing (favorable vs. unfavorable) through Data Quality and Capital Calculation testing including overall Capital number (collateral vs. exposure)
Environment: JAVA, J2EE architecture, XML, C++; QA tools: Quality Center, QTP, LoadRunner; CM tool: Clear Case, VSS. Systems: Linux Red Hat, Windows, NT 4.0, and UNIX system 5, Sun OS, HP-UX, and AIX. Databases: Oracle (8, 9, 11), Sybase, I, SQL Server7.0, SQL 2000

American Red Cross, Washington, DC July 2001 – March 2003
Sr. Load Test Architect (contract)
• Led 4 QA projects.
• Ran performance engineering department, a team of 55 QA engineers.
• Established baselines for stress testing & load testing.
• Presented results and made recommendations to senior management.
• Created performance test plans and ran some of the tests.
Environment: JAVA, J2EE, LoadRunner 7.51,Winrunner 7.5,TD 7.6, WebSphere, VB, Oracle 9i, client server, FDA regulated, MS Project, XP, 2000, NT, Unix, Requisitpro, Rational Robot, Test Manager, Clear Case. Two of the teams were offshore.

Petrovantage.com, Cambridge, MA Sept 2000 – July 2001
Director Of QA
• QA Director for web-based oil trading application that used mainly ASP, Java technology, and WebSphere from IBM as it development platforms.
• Built QA department infrastructure, establishing test methodology & procedures and managing the staff and budget.
• Built QA environment, code management, and deployment.
• Created test plans and the test planning efforts for the QA department including test cases creation, managing and administrating the bugs database.
• Introduced Test Director and hired 25 engineers and lead another team offshore, which consisted of 25 engineers.
• Involved in the manual and automation testing, which included writing automation scripts for functional, scalability and stress testing responsible for identifying application bottlenecks.
• Tested and simulated user experience on different browsers and application servers like WebLogic 6.1, 7.0, Tomcat and Apache.
• Performed LDAP and security testing.
Environment: JAVA, J2EE Architecture, C++, WebLogic 6.1, 7.0, WebSphere, XML, Tomcat, Apache, LDAP, WinRunner 7.0 2, Load Runner 7.5, Test Director, SQL server 2000 database, IE 5.5, IE 6.0, Netscape. Win ME, NT, XP, 98, 2000, 2000 server, PVCS; WinRunner, LoadRunner, Oracle, WebLogic.

RetailExchange.com, Boston, MA March 1995 – July 2000
Director Of QA
• E-commerce application for the retail industry.
• Built QA department infrastructure, establishing test methodology & procedures, and managing the staff.
• Established code deployment strategy and establish working plan with the development group.
• Involved in manual testing and wrote automation scripts for a B2B e-commerce application for the retail business.
• Managed a group of 17 internally and a group of 24 from an outsourcing company.
• Utilized Mercury WinRunner6.5 for functional testing, LoadRunner6.0 for load testing and Test Director for defects tracking.
• Built and performed performance test scenarios using LoadRunner to identify bottlenecks, problems in the hardware and performed load testing on terminal server.
Environment: JAVA, XML, SilkTest, SilkPerformer, SQL server 2000, WebSphere, VB, Platforms: WinNT, Win 98. Browsers: Netscape, IE5.0, AOL5.0. Database: SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 8i. Tested a VB (visual basic application) and validate customer data send in XML format. CM: Clear case.

GTE Internetworking, Cambridge, MA March 1994 – March 1995
QA Project Lead (contract)
• Lead QA Engineer on GTE’s SA (Stats Advantage) Project, which utilized SDS (Stats Delivery System).
• Stat Advantage is a customer service Internet based application, which was developed and customized in house to record traffic and activities on customer’s web sites.
• Used system for data collection, SDS, receives updated information via an SNMP based network from all the routers employed by GTE.
• Information accrued in 15 minute cycles in order that all customers as well as members of GTE’s Network Operation’s staff have timely and reliable access to information regarding network planning, operations, and ‘flexible billing’.
• Chief Architect of a capacity planning system.
• Designed and programmed software to simulate customer load, stress testing of servers, and benchmarking of client performance.
• Developed test plans and cases, which included a series of documentation and guidelines, geared towards streamlining engineering efforts.
• Managed the testing of all systems to verify Y2K compliance.
• Ensured data accuracy for a reporting billing application, also reviewed and verified all stored procedures.
• Contributed to monthly quality control team meetings instituted to chart and maintain system and billing integrity. Lead a group of 15.
Environment: UNIX: System 5, HPUX, Informix, And Oracle 8i: Win95, NT, Web Browsers: Netscape, Internet Explorer, Tools: CGI Script, Java, Perl5, WinRunner and LoadRunner.

QA Project Manager / QA Engineer
• Supervised and engineered Dialinx, a web hosting service for GTE’s customers.
• Developed test plans to simulate a customer connection session, which was implemented to capture the following relevant data; connection time, band rate, error messages, city and state of origin, and security verification.
• Designed and wrote the program that parsed and exported to an Excel spreadsheet all previous data listed.
• Reported test results to Senior Management.
• Created a second program that parsed data specific to customer’s modem usage and calculated the per city average.
• Reported findings to Project Management to increase the number of modems allocated
• Integral to project direction and definition.
• Regular participant in Dialinx core team meetings.
Environment: UNIX, Win95, and Perl5. Lead a group of 5

EDS, Waltham, MA Sept 1992 – Feb 1994
QA Lead/ Software Engineer for Liberty Mutual
• Built a QA team of 30 engineers, responsible for testing a C++ application, using Tuxedo as TP monitor and Sybase as a database.
• Participated in the analysis phase of project and defined the business requirements needed to create a claim services application.
• Member of the prototype team working in conjunction with project architects.
• Established the claim functionalities and number of transactions required for the system design, prototype was built using Tuxedo, Corba and Sybase.
• Coded two APIs (application programming interfaces), one of which was programmed using Java to detail state requirements; a parameter established in the analysis phase.

MS in Computer Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1996 – 1998
Courses: Efficient Algorithm, Object Oriented Databases, Randomness in Computation, Parallel Processing, etc.

BS in Electrical Engineering Technology, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 1988 – 1992
Courses: Electronics, Electrical Circuits, C, FORTRAN, and Hardware Design

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