Jessica Schuett

Jessica Schuett
10632 Sheridan Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55431
(763) 427-0789

• Project Manager
• Support Management
• Support Analyst
• Crisis Management Lead

• Healthcare
• Telecommunications
• Transportation
• Manufacturing
• Retail

• Call Center
• Moves, Adds & Changes
• Infrastructure Services
• Project Management
• Customer Service
• Workforce Management Tools & Reporting
• Logistical Management
• Team Development
• Planning & Budgeting
• Six Sigma & ITIL Practices
• Forecasting
• Training

• Cisco
• IP Agent/ Avaya
• Call Manager/ Workforce Management
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Multiple Ticket Systems
• Access, SharePoint

• Associates Degree
Normandale College
• Bachelors In Progress
MNSU Mankato

I am a project manager skilled in call center and logistical coordination management. I have more than 20 years’ experience giving customers the information and the tools to perform their tasks as required. I work very well with third-party providers and vendors and brings outside and inside resources to work together as one cohesive unit. I engage key audiences with tools, focus groups, surveys, and discovery and excel at relationship building and requirements discovery. I have vast knowledge & training in emotional intelligence, cultural awareness for business, & virtual staff and client engagement.
• Ten plus years’ experience working in call centers with the last five of that leading crisis management teams.
• Conducted SLA reviews for the call center. Improved first call resolution. Decreased abandoned call rates and the percentage of inaccurately reported tickets to 2nd level. Focused on developing call queues and processes that were successful to attack these items.
• 4 years Project Management
• 10+ years training, managing, & coaching Staff
• Created business charters, scope of work versus rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing. Managing crisis management and call centers it is vital to use key elements to find out the impact to the business.
• Conducted discovery meetings. Focused on the whole picture by looking at the things that are out of scope to facilitate setting of expectations for the client.


Regis Corporation Current Employer

Managing an IT Call Center for Salons around the nation that utilize Point of Sales (POS) devices, scanners, financials, and other technical requirements. Also coordinating staff, training, workforce trending/planning, and process developments or improvements.
• Created tracking and processes for metrics at call center areas that were previously unmonitored.
• Created documentation and weekly design of schedules based on Cisco reporting, call trends, vacation time, and business needs.
• Executive reporting on trends, staffing, escalations and working high priority issues as an incident manager.
• Educating employees on customer service, network hardware, & best practices

United Health Group (UHG) 2001-2015

Responsible for planning, scheduling, prioritizing and coordinating voice & data network (Move, Add, and Change) activities.
• Created, monitored, and executed project implementation for data and voice network at a multitude of real estate sites owned or leased by UHG or their new companies; including ground up implementation.
• Planned and documented change management, logistics, & execution of all pieces to a site build out, move, or decommission of the network.
• Responsible for leadership reporting to Executive Management of project status.
• Created budget forecasts and conducted future state planning
• Responsible for Procurement, Order Tracking, and Inventory Management
• Process Improvement and documentation
• Liaison to multiple groups within the information technology (IT) teams
• Extensive work with external clients, vendors, and business contacts to ensure networks remain functional and to handle any issues that need resolution for business continuity
• Assisted in creation of processes, designs, and client requirements to start new business in clinics, store fronts for Medicare, and client training centers.
• Utilized DMAIC, DMADV, and other methodologies to ensure hand off or transitions were seamless for stakeholders, project teams, and other key roles.
• Worked with the business partners & IT teams to build the understanding for capacity and infrastructure.
• Identified business cases, charters, scope of work, and cost estimations for quote & billing.
• Collaborated with all stakeholders & other project team key players across other groups.

United Support Center Technical Call Center Supervisor 2009 –2011
• Shift lead to staff at any given time that took calls for first level support
• Developed processes, training, and employee development that was implemented department wide
• Monitored, reported, and staffed adjustments for needs based on issues, deployments, changes, or anticipated (or unknown) issues that would increase volumes to the company
• Evolved our voice services support to follow our standard 24-hour model versus a limited business day model
• Key role in projects that became the foundation and model for our web support; eventually leading to chat model
• Multiple tool knowledge for call center work: Peregrine, HPSM, Workforce, and other tracking tools for managing staff, statistics, and customer requests.
• Drove multitudes of human resource efforts for coaching, training, or release of employees as necessary
• Report management, workforce documentation, training, and team engagement with other departments created other elements that drove high improvements in the call center over the years

Call Center Incident & Crisis Management Lead 2004 – 2009
• Responsible for all elevated issues coming from the call center for UHG IT 24 x 7 Operations Escalation Team
• Led conference calls, page outs, war rooms, and vendor engagement
• Utilized OVIS and other systems monitoring for escalation of issues
• Reported to Executive team summaries of issues, resolutions, post event summaries and ongoing trends.
• Created Documentation and knowledge base for lessons learned
• Developed preventative measures with our change management board
• Conducted Client, Business, or Business consultation, meetings, and process improvements
• Developed full training manual, templates, and knowledge database for any staff on the incident & crisis teams
• Prepared implementation that created excellent consistent communication, execution, and planning

Additional experience
• Call Center representative for railroad logistics company
• Inside sales for manufacturing of auto parts and warranty repair
• Responsible for supporting field service personnel using mobile devices
Additional Activities
• Handled finances for the Girl Scouts Product Management, E-Bay Sales, and personal business work.
• Extensive work in non-profit and volunteer work; planning, managing, working with vendors, communications, design.

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