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John H. Damet
Home 402-868-3875
Cell 402-274-7217
BSNE, Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas
PdMA Advanced Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE) Analysis
Category III Vibration Analyst, The Vibration Institute
Level II Thermography, FLIR

All aspects of recording, troubleshooting, and analyzing Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Program data including Lubrication, Vibration, Thermography, and MCE analysis. This includes the use of software programs required to interface with each of these technologies, PdM test equipment, and calibration of PdM test equipment. I have experience dynamically balancing plant equipment from fans to turbine-generators. Assisted Power plants within NPPD with dynamic balancing of turbine-generators and resolving other vibration related problems.
User of SAP which is the primary program used to generate, record, and track all work related processes performed. I also provided the initial training to plant personnel in the use of this program.
AMS Machinery Health Manager used for vibration (CSI 2130 Analyzer) and oil analysis (CSI 5100 oil analyzer).
I set up and used National Instruments software programs EZThomas (vibration data acquisition and analysis) and EZAnalyst (bump tests to determine natural frequencies.). These software programs were are used for vibration data collection with a 618E multi-channel vibration analyzer. I have used up to 15 channels to record simultaneous vibration data to be analyzed. Recorded vibration data was is used to identify equipment problems. Based on the analysis of the data, specific recommendations can be made to repair the equipment. Following repairs, this equipment was used along with the CSI 2130 Analyzer to perform acceptance testing during Post Maintenance Testing.

2003 to 7/1/2013
Nebraska Public Power District
Cooper Nuclear Station – Brownville, Nebraska
Electrical Support Engineer
Responsible for continuous development, training, implementation, and maintenance of PdM Technologies used to detect, quantify, and trend insipient equipment problems including vibration data used in the In Service Testing of pumps. The goal of these PdM programs was to detect and document early equipment problems. After identification and documentation, recommended solutions were made. These were presented to plant management to allow for proper prioritization, planning and scheduling of necessary repairs. The ultimate goal was “No Unanticipated Equipment Failures.”
Databases for each of the technologies including Vibration, Oil Analysis, Thermography, and Motor Circuit Evaluation were set up, and used to store the raw data obtained from the plant equipment in performance of each the work activity.
Preventive Maintenance activities are used to schedule and perform the testing and data collection on equipment which makes up the working part of the PdM Program. All PdM activities are Preventive Maintenance (PM) driven, with the exception of emergent work or post maintenance testing. The PM’s were developed using Standardized Equipment Templates modified specifically for CNS as part of the Preventive Maintenance Optimization Program. I assisted in this effort which resulted in the PdM basis documents that identify the reasons for performing each PdM activity and the frequency each PdM activity is to be performed.
I helped to develop and I controlled/maintained an extensive spread sheet program/data base (PdM Web Page and PdM Watch List) used to track progress of equipment identified to have problems and were in need of repair. Progress was tracked from the early identification of the problem, to work package development, to repairs made to equipment, and through post maintenance testing. The PdM Web Page and PdM Watch List data base was made available to and used by all plant personnel. The data base was accessible via the CNS Plant Home Web Page. The PdM Web Page and PdM Watch List data base included all the equipment mentioned above as well as all the equipment included that was in the vibration, thermography, lube oil analysis, and motor circuit evaluation programs.
I developed a lubrication sampling and testing program to meet the Regulatory Compliance requirements of the Plant License Renewal Program. This consisted of onsite testing and off-site testing of oil samples. The purpose of onsite testing was to perform a preliminary analysis on oil samples taken from plant equipment to screen for particulates and water. The purpose for the off-site testing was to have an accredited oil analysis facility perform a more detailed analysis of oil samples and document the results in a spread sheet. The results of the oil analysis could then be trended for any degradation/contamination. By trending the results of the oil analysis, specific equipment problems could be identified and actions taken to perform repairs if necessary. I developed the procedure used to perform these tests which lists the specific equipment required to be included in the program, types of lubricants that are tested, and acceptance criteria for all the oil analysis results.
I also controlled, updated and maintained the master lubrication list used by the operating plant for all lubricants used.
During plant refueling outages, I was a Step-up Supervisor for the Electrical Engineering Support Group to coordinate associated engineering activities to provide timely support the outage work schedules.
Other responsibilities included associated program procedure development and revisions, procedure reviews, development and reviews of 50.59 documents, and other activities associated with Electrical Engineering Support.

1996 to 2003
FIN (Fix It Now) Team Engineer and Supervisor
I was a part of the FIN (Fix It Now) Team performing emergent work on plant equipment. This included work package development, developing minor modification packages, and coordinating with operations and other departments to perform the work activities through post maintenance testing.
1990 to 1996
Maintenance Engineer
I was Responsible for vibration and thermography. Maintained the master lubrication list. I assisted Maintenance, Engineering, and Operations in support of all daily work activities and outage work. During this time I performed balancing of the main Turbine Generator.
Outage Scheduler
I updated and prepared daily updates/charts detailing all scheduled outage work.
Work Week Scheduler
I prepared the daily work schedule used by all plant personnel to perform the regularly scheduled work.

1980 to 1990
Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation
Wolf Creek Nuclear Station – Burlington, Kansas
Maintenance Engineer
I was responsible for identifying and initiating the procurement of spare parts used by the plant during plant start-up through the first year of operation. This included all the nuts and bolts to major spare equipment such as reactor coolant pump motors. I was part of the team involved in the initial identification and development of PM activities for all plant equipment. I was involved in the Plant Startup/Testing of the installed equipment. I performed initial vibration testing and balancing of plant equipment during this time. All code safety, safety and relief valves were tested on the plant site prior to plant operation. I was the engineer responsible for performing set pressure testing of all the code safety, safety and relief valves in the plant. These efforts continued from initial systems testing through plant start-up testing through initial power assention to full power operation.
I performed the initial balancing of the main turbine and generator prior to placing the unit on line for the first time. I also performed vibration analysis and balancing of plant equipment
I prepared the initial spare parts budgets which passed the audits of the Kansas Corporation Commission. Prepared Maintenance Department yearly/outage budgets.
I was part of the team that developed and implemented the original Equipment Qualification Program.

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