John Fenstermaker

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John Fenstermaker
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Brick, NJ 08723

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John Fenstermaker
283 Drum Point Road ? Brick, New Jersey 08723
(732) 740-3958 ?
Highly motivated engineer with 30 years of commercial and government experience. Skills include programming, electronic design, PCB design, mechanical design, RF design, motion control, automated diagnostics, testing, troubleshooting, instructional design, and documentation.


Blackhawk Management Corporation

A government contractor specializing in the sustainment of legacy military systems.

Subject Matter Expert

Responsible for RF design and testing.

? Redesigned five immediate frequency modules for a microwave airborne direction finding system.
? Designed new RF phase detectors for a microwave airborne direction finding system.

Senior Engineer

Responsible for design, testing and troubleshooting.

? Redesigned eight RF and digital circuit modules for a legacy airborne direction finding system.
? Developed automated and manual test procedures for both RF and digital circuits.
? Specified and completed MIL-STD 461 and 810 testing on a legacy RF receiver.
? Supported the production of a microwave frequency synthesizer.
? Specified and installed a 30KW AC power system for flight line equipment.

Cares Built, Incorporated

A manufacturer and reseller of medical X-ray equipment.

Electronic Engineer

Responsible for supporting the development of a digital X-ray detector.

? Specified, designed and implemented a serial camera interface to eliminate noise issues and simplify system interconnects.
? Redesigned a five-element lens assembly to allow 50 pounds of glass to be replaced by 10 pounds of plastic.
? Assembled and tested a prototype digital X-ray detector.
? Installed and repaired X-ray equipment.

Lab-Volt Systems, Incorporated

A manufacturer of technology education systems.
Design Engineer

Developing training hardware and accompanying computer-based courseware.
? Developed hardware and courseware for the FACET digital communications program. The hardware demonstrates classic communications circuits using digitally synthesized signals that guarantee phase alignment and provide the student with stable oscilloscope display.
? Developed courseware for several portions of the FACET fiber optics program. The courseware included hands-on experiments with splicing and bending of fiber optic cable.
? Designed test fixtures and test procedures to help manufacturing reduce test times without reducing product quality.
? Designed a new PC-ISA bus interface for CNC machines that replaces four boards with one board containing a Xilinx CPLD.
? Redesigned the ARM1000 robot and controller to reduce their cost and greatly improve reliability.
? Redesigned the ARM2000 robot controller using a PC104 CPU, reducing the board count from 6 to 2 and increasing MTBF.
? Introduced static control into the manufacturing process and reduced field failures.
? Replaced the FACET system’s static-generating styrene plastic with antistatic ABS plastic, without retooling the molds.
? Created an online library of the company’s drawings to make the engineering department more efficient.
? Converted all embedded PC designs to PC104, replacing obsolete and unavailable ISA motherboards and increasing reliability.
? Developed a bi-directional parallel port interface to allow a PC to use its standard printer port to control a robot that includes a home position.
Support Systems Associates, Incorporated

A contractor providing engineering support to the military.
Electronic Engineer

Providing VAX-FORTRAN support to the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) on the Hierarchical Integrated Test Simulator (HITS).
? Developed a variable delay scheduler and a delay primitive to preserve fault timing of the simulation.
? Developed the HITSTAP utility to convert HITS output to Simulation Data Format (SDF) and provide CASS compatibility.
? Closed various problem reports by providing properly documented code changes.
John Fenstermaker

Concurrent Computer Corporation
Page 2

Formerly Perkin-Elmer Data Systems. A manufacturer of Real Time and Scientific 32 bit computers.

Member Technical Staff, Processor Development

Responsible for the specification, design, simulation and debug of various computer system components.
? Redesigned the C4000 clock bus arbitration board. The new design eliminated 15% in parts cost and reduced clock skew 500%.
? Developed the hardware and software for a network of HC11 microcomputers to report errors on the C4000 system.
? Designed the CDS-Master board. It included a switching power supply, real time clock, GPIB, RS232 and self-diagnostics.
? Designed the MC68020, DRAM and I/O portions of the C4000 Analyzer board. This design was also used on the W-Bus
tester, reducing design time.

Engineering Aide

Finding and solving: operating system, processor memory and I/O design problems on mini computers.
?Redesigned 3280 power interface signals, allowing recovery from power failure.
?Provided on-site customer support for the National Weather Service and FAA Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) project.
Technician Level Five

Wrote installation manuals and product test procedures. Also tracked problem reports and managed lab equipment.
Technician Level Four

Debugged hardware designs, coded applications and device drivers to support 3280 processor and I/O development.
? Programmed a monitor to replace 6803 emulators, averting a delay of several months. Received “Extra Value Club” award.
? Designed the 3280 CPU and I/O back-panels using a segmented design, saving over one month of design time.
? Designed a CPU clock board that replaced three designs, reducing inventory costs and saving several weeks of design time.

Technician Level Three, Systems Test Department

Assembled, tested and debugged model 7/32, 8/32 and 3200 series mini-computer systems.


? Computer Languages: ‘C’, FORTRAN, ADA, LabView, Basic, Assembly-(CAL32, VAX, Intel, Motorola)
? Computer Systems: Microsoft-(DOS-Windows), Linux, Unix, Apollo-Agis, Concurrent-(OS32, Xelos and RTU), VAX-VMS
? Analysis and Design: Analog, Digital, Microwave, Power, Computer, Printed circuit board, Optical, Mechanical
? Troubleshooting: Electronic, Electrical, Industrial controls, Radio Frequency, Optical, Mechanical, Software
? Drawing: Mechanical, Schematic capture, Block diagram, Parts list, Wire list
? Technical Documentation: Requirements, Specifications, Instructions, Procedures, Presentations, Training
? Precision Measurements: Electrical, Radio Frequency, Optical, Mechanical
? Assembly and Rework: Surface mount and Through hole PCBs, Cables, Optical, Mechanical
? AC Wiring: Single and Three Phase, Diesel generators, Load centers, Raceway, Flexible and rigid conduit
? Mil Standards: 461 (EMI/EMC), 810 (Environmental testing), 202 (Component testing), 130 (Marking and Identification)

Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ

Associates in Applied Science – Electronic Engineering Technology (AAS-EET) 1982 GPA 3.28

Other Qualifications

United States citizen with passport and drivers license
Secret security clearance
Member Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) (0392787)
Federal Communications Commission – Commercial General Radiotelephone Operator License (PG-3-21293)
Federal Communications Commission – Amateur Extra Class Radio License (N2PHX)
Electronics Technicians Association – Master Certified Electronics Technician (US74)
Computing Technology Industry Association – A+ (BADDTT4351-1D9BE0)

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Current Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Work Status: US – I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

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