John Haralson

5059 Chosin Trail
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John O. Haralson

John O. Haralson
Senior Quality Assurance
Audit Consultant

OBJECTIVE: A responsible position as an I/C or Electrical, or Quality Assurance engineer or lead in commercial, NRC / DOE / DOD projects.

Over 35 years experience in the areas of management and supervision, electronics, electrical, instrumentation and controls, quality assurance/quality control with over 30 years in the nuclear industry (both the navy and nuclear power). I have worked as a Systems Engineer, Design Engineer, I&C/Electrical Quality Control, Sr. QA Audit NQA-1 (Field Eng.) Construction Engineer, Maintenance Electrical Eng., Electrical/I&C Procedure Writer, and I&C/Electrical Maintenance Lead. Experience in ITAAC for Westinghouse AP1000. Performed most aspects of Electrical, I&C and Systems Start-Up. Nuclear Systems Design Authority on DOD, DOE and commercial nuclear power generation. Start-up Engineering Manager for the Nevada Test Sites, a Lead I/C Design Engineer on the Watts Bar Unit 2 project and DOD chemical weapons disposal construction, commissioning and operations projects. Well versed in commercial grade dedication of part, equipment and systems as it relates to replacement of Safety Class / Safety Signifficent items as it pertains to commercial nuclear power and/or DOE/DOD facilities.


Randall Allen (client to whom I reported)
Deputy Project Mgr. / Audits & Assessments Mgr.
CBFO Technical Assistance Contract (Portage, Inc.)
Contractor to the Department of Energy
4021 Nat’l Parks Hwy
Carlsbad, NM 88220
Wk – 575-234-7182
Cell – 575-725-7651

Senior Consulting Quality Assurance Auditor 10-04-2015 to 12-31-2015

Assigned to the Carlsbad Field Office, U.S. Department of Energy, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, (WIPP) Quality assurance program. There I performed a review and revision to the Quality Assurance Program Document (QAPD). DOE/CBFO-94-1012. This document establishes QA program requirements for achieving quality for all work sponsored by the CBFO, using a graded approach.
Performed a QA audit on the INTERIM VENTILATION DUCT SYSTEM. This was a newly installed ventilation system after an underground fire that was used to provide added underground ventilation for mining operations. This audit entailed instrumentation, electrical, dampers and construction records of the installation. This was a technical as well as an administrative audit that provided verification to the Dept. of Energy that the system met the design, specifications and documentation requirements

Bechtel Corp.
Blue Grass Depo. Chemical Demil
Richmond, KY 40475. 5-28-2013 to 7-10-15

Sr. Electrical Field Eng
I performed oversight of electrical construction and was the engineering point of contact for both design changes, installation problems and initiation of required design changes. I was also the prime contractor representative on system design for major modifications. Areas included: problem resolution and inspection of field installations; tracking and reporting installations; interacting with subcontractors to ensure compliance with project drawings and specifications; verified, conducting and/or witnessing acceptance tests. I developed design changes and resolution of installation issues while providing on-going constructability input to the design group. Provided design/technical interpretation/clarification; performing quality control inspections and performing QA audits of QC records of material, installation and tests to ensure safety and non-safety system would perform their intended function.

V. C. Summer Units 2 & 3
The Shaw Group Inc.®
Jenkinsville, SC 29065 12-6-2010 to 1-9-2013
Construction / Field Manager
Served as the point of contact and interface between Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA) management and construction field engineering. Provided leadership and direction for multiple discipline/functional areas as a senior construction managers. Deployed resources to achieve financial and business objectives to comply with engineering design and Nuclear Regulatory Commission, (NRC) requirements for the new Westinghouse designed AP-1000. Reviewed design to verify plant design complied with applicable NQA-1, ITAAC and regulatory requirements; as well as the constructability of the design. I have the applied expertise to create financial and operational solutions that apply across multiple functional areas. Directed the resolution of highly complex or unusual design and business problems. Provided oversite of ITAAC PM Maintenance, storage and associated construction requirements. Leveraged the performance management cycle to motivate employees and support achievement of objectives. Interfaced with Shaw and Westinghouse design engineers to establish a process for commercial grade dedication for the AP-1000 units being constructed in South Carolina.

Bechtel Power Division
400 West Summit Hill Drive
Knoxville, TN 37092 7-08 to 11-10
Senior Engineer
Planned, designed, developed, coordinated and reviewed engineering work within the Instrumentation and Controls discipline on Watts Bar Nuclear Unit 2 Completion Project, coordinated and interfaced with the day-to-day technical work of discipline engineers, specialists, designers and drafters. Reviewed and approved key engineering drawings and calculations and bid summaries. Coordinated assigned engineering work with other project groups. Provided direct design implementation that allowed old or obsolete instrumentation, equipment or systems to be replaced with new and available devices, while remaining within the guideline of the power house licensing requirements. These changes ranged from designing an interface between analog and digital systems. Converting pneumatic control loops to be a hybrid of digital and analog. Incorporation of DDS, PLC Man-Machine-Interface, (MMI) and “Smart” systems into 30 year old technology to provide a functional system.

Mentor junior engineers, designers and drafters by providing appropriate on-the-job training for their professional development. Promoted the creation of a work environment, supported by leadership, which fosters openness, trust, communication, teamwork, empowerment to promote their growth and development for the future.

Job Knowledge:
Knowledge and understanding of technical and cost issues related to selection of design features. (Not all good technical ideas or design are practical if the cost of the design outweighs the benefits)
Knowledge of engineering work planning and control methods.
Knowledge of precedents in the discipline and of principles and practices of related disciplines. Knowledge of related construction practices and the economics involved.
Broad knowledge of industry/regulatory codes and standards, and design criteria pertinent to the particular discipline.
Knowledge in commercial grade dedication of part, equipment and systems as it relates to replacement of Safety Class / Safety Signifficent items as it pertains to commercial nuclear power. (Watts Bar Unit II)

National Security Technologies
P.O. Box 98521, M/S NTS304
Las Vegas, NV 89193 8-07 to 7-08
Nuclear Systems & Start-up Engineering Manager
Defense Facilities & Nuclear Operations Nuclear Engineering & Compliance
Executed the Startup Test Program in accordance with the startup test program manual. Ensured the Startup Test Program was fully integrated with other Nevada Test Site (NTS) or subcontracts entities, as required, to safely and efficiently administer the Test Program. Developed Startup Test Program metrics that predict future performance (e.g., safety, cost, quality, and schedule). Developed Startup Test Program schedule and budget estimates as requested. NTS deputy design authority for the nuclear modifications, constructability or changes to facilities or operations. My area of expertise was controls, (I&C), electrical, proximity devices and process systems. These systems required the incorporation of remote handling equipment, PLC, DDS, MMI and automation. I provided startup support to projects and engineering in the development of functional and operational performance requirements. Approve project-specific test plans, after thorough review to verify all applicable DOE orders and requirements have been met. Reviewed NQA-1 applicability and verified Quality Control was maintained and Quality Assurance recorded/documented installation. Assigned test personnel as required to implement the requirements listed in the startup and test manual. Provided startup test records management according to DOE orders. Coordinated implementation of project-specific test plan. Established commercial grade dedication process and program for part, equipment and systems as it relates to replacement of Safety Class / Safety Signifficent items as it pertains to DOE.

BWXT Pantex
P.O. Box 30020
Amarillo, Texas 79120 7-06 to 7-07
Lead Electrical Field Engineer. Performed oversight of electrical construction and served as the engineering liaison for subcontractors and the prime contractor on system design for major modification for the Pantex facility. Interpreted design drawings and specifications for constructability after sub-contractors submittal. Performed field verification of materials, equipment installation, and workmanship. Ensured results meet design requirements. Duties and responsibilities included: problem resolution and inspection of field installations; tracking and reporting installations; interacting with subcontractors to ensure compliance with project drawings and specifications; reviewing subcontractor submittals; verifying, conducting and/or witnessing acceptance tests; providing on-going constructability input to the design group; providing design/technical interpretation/clarification; and performing quality control inspections.

Washington Group International
Richland, WA 99352
Waste Treatment Plant – High Level Waste 2/02 to 12/03
Served as the High Level Waste facility design authority. Reviewed all electrical and instrumentation design for the high level waste disposal facility and either accepted, rejected or made recommendations for change for each step in the project design development. This was a technical, operability and maintainability review that included safety, non-safety, information highway, DDL, Man Machine Interface, as well as analog and remote handling systems, (manipulators). I served as DOE’s design representative while employed by Washington group. Bechtel was the architect engineering and constructor.

Washington Group International
Boise, ID 83729
Pine Bluff Chemical Demil. (DOD facility) 1/04 to 7/06
Provided technical support to shift Operations management and operating personnel with regard to regulatory requirements, procedures and guidelines. As a shift engineer, I directly interfaced with the QC engineer on shift and was responsible for ensuring the facility was capable of performing the disposal of toxic agents per specified regulations and all safety and non-safety equipment was maintained within engineering tolerances during my shift. Served as the immediate point of contact for the shift supervisor in the event of an off-normal occurrence that required engineering resolution that was in close proximity to and or in a chemical agent and demilitarization facility. I was authorized to make system design temporary alterations that would remain in effect until a permanent resolution was obtained. This was especially important during off-normal situations. Coordinated work assignments to meet project established schedules and budgets. Maintained constant review of job status and initiated corrective measures to overcome delays and protect the public.

Fluor Hanford
P.O. Box 1000, H2-16
Richland, WA 99352 6/00 to 2/02
Maintenance Planner/Scheduler
Provided planning, using the Site’s work management system. Scheduled and measured work based on program plans, production forecasts, long and short range plans. Formatted activity description for input into scheduling system, review and analyze work documents for proper classification, priority and description. Prepared work documents authorizing maintenance and calibration. Prioritized, estimated, and established man-hours and manpower needed for job completion. Reviewed work schedules generated, analyze schedules for consistent logic, provide information in order to procure needed material and develop job packages for jobs. Provided guidance to entry-level incumbents.

Master-Lee Hanford Corp.
Richland, WA 99352 7/99 to 6/00
Contracted to the Dept. of Energy, (DOE) Hanford project, Washington. Assigned as an electrical/instrumentation procedural writer/developer for the development of start up and maintenance procedures associated with the Long Term Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Project. Developed instrumentation and process controls start up and post start up maintenance activities procedures for DOE.

Marseilles, IL 61341
La Salle Power Station 1997 to 4/99
Instrument/Electrical Maintenance Analyst/Planner
Served as the Instrument and Control Surveillance Coordinator and performed the following tasks: scheduled and tracked surveillances; interfaced with management; investigated LER’s; tracked and performed Root Cause Analysis reports; and performed corrective action evaluations of LER’s.

Clearwater, Florida 33761 8/98 to 10/99
Provided independent oversight, problem identification and resolution of process issues effecting Ontario Hydro Nuclear (Canada) maintenance task planning program (Bruce Nuclear Electrical Generation Station). Provided class room and practical application of maintenance work packages. Developed a “planner’s guide” and provided coaching, implementation and training for these new guidelines. This established and re-enforced the use of a standard work package. Provided recommendations and guide lines for maximizing the use of human performance techniques when developing maintenance work packages.

South Texas Project, (STP)
Bay City, Texas 1987 to 1997

Instrument and Control Technician

Planned and/or performed preventative and corrective maintenance, and surveillance testing on all safety related and non-safety related Instrument Control Loops and Systems PLC, DDS, FIBER OPTIC, ETC. Provided hands on review of assessment packages and insured proper use of procedures, vendor manuals, drawings, System Matter Expert, (SME), and provided Job Task Analyst, (JTA) data to training dept. for the following:
Westinghouse 7300 Protection and Control Systems (7300)
Engineered Safety Features Status Monitoring Systems (ESFASS)
Westinghouse Electro-Hydraulic Turbine Control Systems (EHC)
Digital Rod Position and Rod Control Systems (DRPI) (CRDM)
Qualified Display Processing Systems (QDPS)
ATWS Mitigating System Actuation Circuitry (AMSAC)

Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Port Gibson, Mississippi 1981 to 1982
Startup/System Engineer
Performed most aspects of electrical, I&C and systems start-up, design and construction, at these stations:

Senior Electrical, Instrumentation and System Engineer at the following plants:
• Sequoyah Nuclear Power Station, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee 1986-1987
• South Texas Project, Bay City, TX 1984-1987
• Coal Gasification prototype Dagget, California 1983-1984

USS Ranger
Aviation Electronics Technician 1972 to 1976
Maintained equipment for Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) both passive and active, communications, navigation, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), and the Automatic Carrier Landing System, (ACLS) for the attack aircraft A-6 Intruder and the KA-6D tanker.

Native born U.S. Citizen

• Aviation Electronics A and C school
• Extensive I/C systems training
• Qualified on all plant operations and control systems at the South Texas Nuclear Power Plant. (STP), including, Reactor Protection systems, Digital Rod Indication, Electro Hydraulic turbine Control, In-core and Ex-core radiation monitoring, plant general area rad monitoring, primary and secondary steam loop controls, etc.
• Maintenance Procedure writing.
• Chemical Weapons disposal
• Toxic waste disposal
• Incinerator control system
• Control of toxic material by use of cascade ventilation.
• Nuclear Planner
• Addition specialized training for DOE site specific equipment and systems
• DOE Certified Sr. QA Auditor / QC Inspector.
• Level III start-up and test engineer in both electrical and I&C disciplines at the following locations:
◦ Perry nuclear power generation (Westinghouse)
◦ Grand Gulf nuclear power generation (Bechtel)
◦ South Texas Project (Bechtel)
◦ Nevada Test Sites (NS Tech)
◦ VC Summer units 3 & 4 (Shaw)

• BACKGROUND IS HEAVY INDUSTRY, POWER PLANTS AND HAZERDIOUS (Nuclear and Chemical de-Militarization) Waste Management and Start-UP.

• BS Electrical Engineering, Trinity Southern University, Plano, TX 2003
(Verified by Backgrounds International, 1075 S. Yukon St. Ste 300, Lakewood, CO 80226) for Dept. of Defense, (DOD)

• MS Electrical Engineering, Suffield University, Twin Falls, ID 2006
(Suffield University is not recognized as an accredited university by all employers. The university did carry a national accreditation that was accepted by the Dept. of Energy, DOE, during their background investigation in 2006.)

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