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Jonathan Lamb Jan 6, 2015
2516 Silver Lane NE #101St Anthony MN 55421 Cell: 507.398.8501


Eight years of IT experience, one in health care at the Mayo Clinic. I’m comfortable communicating with clients.
Previous positions, projects, and accomplishments exhibit proficiency in:

Prioritization and multitasking
Most positions held have consisted of multiple projects running simultaneously, and many required
self­prioritization of duties. I do prefer to focus on one primary project.
Team work
Have been a successful member of several teams, including that of Ground Guidance,,
and Best Buy POS software support. I greatly prefer working as a team.
Have changed projects, roles, and technologies frequently in my career.
Attention to details
During my time at Best Buy, I made functionality changes to existing systems requiring precise
understanding and modification of a complex database system. Due to high traffic, the
project included attention to multiple levels of optimization. Ground Guidance put soldiers’ lives on the
line. These tasks required focus on details.
Requirement Definition
Regularly met with clients, managers, and users to determine their requirements and the impact to products.

Professional Experience

Personal Video Game Dev, St Anthony, MN Jun. 2015 – Dec. 2016

I am passionate about designing and creating, and I took this time to focus on developing and implementing
a novel game concept which focuses on providing players a great collaborative experience to enjoy with
their friends. Tasks included finishing the game design, learning the Unity framework,
building/managing/tasking a frequently­changing collaboration team, architecting and implementing the
game alpha. Primary Technologies: Unity, C#

Primordial/Polaris, St Paul/Plymouth, MN Nov. 2012 – Jun. 2015

Software Engineer
The bulk of my time was spent on the Ground Guidance team, an offroad routing API for the military,
where my responsibilities included continued development on the API, research into more effective routing
models, and integrating the API into multiple platforms for deployment with troops. I also spent 4 months
as the primary developer on an optimal placement tool for the AEGIS missile defense system using AGI.
Primary Technologies: C#, Java, Android, AGI

Reside, St Louis Park, MN Oct. 2010 – Nov. 2012

Developed custom web applications and sites on the Salesforce Platform. I successfully delivered on many
projects involving eight­person teams and lower. During my many projects, I have operated as developer,
lead developer, technical architect, business analyst, and directly led other developers’ time and work. My
largest project, at over a year, was developing the next incarnation of, a points
redemption portal for Honeywell. Primary Technologies: VisualForce, Apex, SOQL, Salesforce CRM

Aware Web Solutions, St Louis Park, MN Sep. 2009 – May. 2010

Web Programmer
Developed new websites for multiple clients using the Sitecore CMS and .NET. As part of a virtual
company, I worked from home most days, with the exception being a few months on site at General Mills
where I was a programmer for a new site. Worked both individually and as part of a six
person team. Primary Technologies: C#.NET, VB.NET, Sitecore, JavaScript

USI Wireless, Minnetonka, MN Aug. 2009 – Sept. 2009

Software Engineer
Made numerous modifications and additions to existing internal web applications and the underlying
database. Primary Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL server, SQL

Accenture, Minneapolis, MN Oct. 2007 – Feb. 2009

Internal Jan. 2009 – Feb 2009
Technical Architecture
My role was to create a web­based user interface to Unit Architecture Standards repository in order to
allow Accenture to manage projects more efficiently. I was part of a small team composed of myself, a
senior software architect, and three business analysts. Primary Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate,
Rational Software Architect, Websphere Portal, XML

Best Buy Mar. 2008 ­ Oct. 2008
POS Application Support
Supported the Point of Sale software at Best Buy. Including myself, my team consisted of three
programmers and nine analysts. I worked both independently and in conjunction with other
programmers/analysts as projects required. Examples of work:
• created a C# library to retrieve encrypted login info and updated an existing application to make
use of that library
• created documentation of that library and performing knowledge transfer to teams in India on
integrating the above library in their own code
• created and executed SQL scripts on live Best Buy store servers
• researched production issues
POS Encryption Testing
Performed testing on the Best Buy POS register software. Validated data at both the POS register
database and POS server levels. Performed in­store validation during software installations.

Java Boot Camp Oct. 2007 – Nov. 2007
Participated in a 4 week boot camp to develop object oriented programming skills using Java in a formal,
team based, structured environment. Created a Java web portal and database as part of a six­person team.

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN May 2004 – Dec. 2005

Student Worker
Managed vulnerability analysis of corporate DMZ (around 200 systems) for network security shortcomings
and presented findings/suggestions to executive committees. Performed tuning of intrusion detection
systems for a managed services solution trial. Reviewed/revised information security policies. Created
documentation for new equipment. Researched Blackberry’s security features and implementation and
presented results/suggestions.


Covenant College Sep. 2002 ­ May 2006
Bachelor of Information Computer Science

Technical Skills

Sitecore CMS Developer, Salesforce 401 Developer


Visual Studio .NET, Android Studio, Eclipse, AGI


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