Jordon Bachmeyer

Dear HR,
I would like to apply for the Manufacturing Engineer opportunity at your company. With my education and experiences from the work place I would be a strong asset to your company.
My education from Minnesota State University, Mankato has taught me the fundamentals of theoretical engineering and applied engineering. Classes such as Statics, Strength of materials and Dynamics, and Computer Aided Design taught me about the theoretical side of engineering. I used CAD software to design parts and then used what I had learned in Statics and Dynamics along with FEA to determine if the current design of the part was over designed or under designed. My Thermodynamics and Automotive research methods classes were focused more on applied engineering. In these classes I learned to test and collect data on parts that allowed me to make physical changes to the part based off of the calculations made from the data that was calculated. I was able to apply what I had learned and continue to learn more about engineering in my Senior Design Project. My Senior Design Project was to be a part of the Formula SAE team. The team designs and builds a Formula race car from the ground up. I had a system on the car that I needed to design to help make the car successful. Doing the project I got to go through all the steps to engineer a part. I started with researching then moved on to designing and creating different iterations of the part, with an approved part came the design for manufacturing stage, with a part that could now be manufactured I manufactured the part. After the part was manufactured, I tested it and made sure that it worked with the rest of the car and that it would not fail.
Being an Engineering Intern at Cambridge Metals and Plastics I was able to work on projects and gain experience working in a manufacturing setting. I was able to work with PDM and PLM software that allowed me to send jobs through production and allowed me to look at previous run jobs and the time it took to do each step through production. I designed different carts and stands that were need for in house use. This allowed me to improve my designing for manufacturing abilities. I did time studies on machines to determine if they were operating the way we wanted them to and were not hurting production. I worked with the quality department to help set up new welding fixtures to make sure that the parts came out in tolerance. I organized all drill fixtures so that they were easily accessible by how often they were used. Working at Crystal Cabinets and Shopko I learned how to work with a variety of people from very different backgrounds. This helped me to become a better employee because I learned to be more patient and understanding with people.
Through my education and work experiences I have become a hard worker and determined to be successful. I enjoy having my hard work pay off and getting to see the work I have put in to produce a successful product
Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this position. I look forward to hearing from you so we can talk more. I can be contacted by phone at (763) 482-9302 or by e-mail at (

Jordon Bachmeyer

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