Joseph Ragland

Joseph Ragland
251 Nuthatch Court
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January 2016

RE: Candidate for Senior Electrical Engineer

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for reviewing my resume. I am applying for a position as a Senior Electrical Engineer or Project Engineer. I have over 25 years of design and hands-on experience with Electrical, Electronic, Electro-mechanical, and power distribution systems.

My engineering experience involves the following:

• Hardware design projects involving microcontrollers, analog, and digital circuitry
• Software designs involving microcontrollers, PLC, HMI, SCADA (Visual Basic)
• Installation, troubleshooting, and startup of electrical Switchgear Power Systems
• Design communication protocols and Modbus drivers: RS485, RS455, RS232
• Designed Automatic Test Equipment to inprove productivity using GE PLC and HMI
• Test, service, and upgrade controls on all types of Automatic Transfer Schemes
• Controller designs for Low & Medium voltage breaker schemes
• Designed Protective Relay schemes for Navy Switchgear
• Provide assessments and evaluations for manufacturing and field applications
• Project Manager responsibilities: proposal/design/layout/packaging/cost/budget/production
• Customer support, startups, field service, installation, testing ,training and commissioning
• Provide documentation and drawings using Visio, and Promis-E (CAD)
• Create interfaces for Woodward Engine Controls and PLCs
• Mil spec testing (shock & Vibration), CE testing, and UL/CSA qualification testing
• Work with vendors, suppliers, contractors, unions, Consultant Engineers, and customers

I have done extensive traveling to hospital sites, Data Centers, manufacturing plants, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, water treatment plants, and military bases throughout the US for system start-ups, field service, customer training, product presentations, installation, and assessments. My traveling also includes installation of controls in Canada.

My strongest assets are my ability to learn quickly, able to work independently or in a team environment, good communication skills, resolve problems effectively, and the ability to multi-task.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Joseph Ragland

Objective: To obtain a Senior Electrical Engineer Position


May 1988 BSEE Degree – Fairleigh Dickinson University
March 1978 Engineering Program – Devry Technical Institute


January 2015-Present

Emergency Transfer Controls…Three Bridges, NJ
Self-Employed (design, service, and install industrial controls)

• Upgrade Automatic Transfer Schemes in low medium voltage Switchgear
• Install Network communication between controllers and SCADA
• Designed controls for throw over schemes in power distribution systems
• Upgrade controls on Generator Switchgear
• Interface protective relays to controllers
• System integration of various control schemes in Switchgear applications
• Install, test, and commission controls on ATSs, MM, and MTM Schemes
• Interfaced controllers to Woodward Generator products
• Provide system interface drawings using Visio (CAD)
• Provide evaluations and assessments on Switchgear and transfer controls
• Design and present Power Point presentations to customers and Engineers
• Workup quotes and proposals on standard and customize transfer schemes

December 2013-December 2014

Mistras (None Destructive Testing)…Princeton New Jersey
Senior Project Engineer (Controls/Power)

• Evaluate field issues: electronic packaging, and power requirements
• Prepare and review documentation: schematics, layout, power distribution
• Design power section and board level designs
• Create drawings using Visio and some AutoCAD
• Design testers for stepper motors and sensors
• Design communication scheme for controllers: RS232 and RS485/RS422
• Install and setup controls for multiple motor drives/controllers
• Field trips for upgrading and serving controls
• Install and test ultrasonic transducers, encoders, and proximity switches
• Interface with customers regarding their application and/or field issues

October 2011-Dec 2013

General Dynamics Information Technology….Philadelphia Shipyard
Senior Engineer (Assist NAVSEA engineers with electrical/electronic controls)

• Reviewed and prepared training manuals for the LHA6 Class
• Provide practical training exercises for the LHA6/LHD8 MCS school training
• Simulate and evaluate field issues related to the LHA6 and LHD8 ship class
• Evaluate in-house issues (faults) relating to the MCS
• Assisted in Profibus and Modbus training material related to the LHA6/LHD8
• Reviewed HMI operation for Navy Staff training
• Provided training material for understanding the MCS Network Scheme
• Reviewed and revised technical manual
• Knowledge of diesel and turbine generators controls
• Service trips to LHA6 Class ships for troubleshooting and assessments
• Have government clearance
• Understand operation of PLCs, Networks & control interface, and VME bus

January 2007-December 2012

Emergency Transfer Controls…Three Bridges, NJ
Self-Employed (design, service, and installation of industrial controls)

• Designed SCADA Networks for transfer schemes and Generators
• Created Network interfacing using RS485 Modbus, RS455, and Ethernet
• Designed controllers for transfer schemes in power distribution systems
• Integrated controls for Switchgear and transfer scheme applications
• Designed and built customized panel boards for Switchgear applications
• Installed, tested, and commissioned controls at various critical sites
• Interfaced controllers to Woodward Generator products
• Complete turn-key operation from concept, packaging and manufacturing
• Provided electrical drawings: single line and three line in Visio (CAD)
• Provided evaluations and assessments on Switchgear and transfer controls
• Provided customer training and Power Point presentations

March 2002–December 2006

SPD Electrical Systems L-3 Communications.., Philadelphia, PA Senior Electrical Engineer (Navy Switchgear)

• Designed control schemes for medium voltage breakers
• Designed Bus and Generator protective schemes: SEL Protective Relays
• Troubleshoot Switchgear and Switchboard problems
• Evaluate cost reduction schemes for Switchgear testing
• Designed and built test equipment for Switchgear testing
• Created Network schemes and proposals for system integration
• Write design proposals for Power Distribution applications
• Assisted in test plan preparation for shock, vibration, and EMI testing
• Parts and components selection and evaluation for Mil applications
• Created technical drawings breaker controls and Protection

May 2000–March 2002

Ingersoll-Rand, Inc., Annandale, NJ
Senior Electrical Engineer (Controllers for DC power tools)

• Provided customer support to keep plant production online
• Traveled to building facilities and manufacturing plants for start-ups, field troubleshooting, and application assistance
• Troubleshoot and repaired controllers: circuitry, mechanicals, and graphics screen
• Re-designed hardware: digital, analog, power supply, UPS & battery charger circuits
• Resolved problems and issues at vendors relating to production and manufacturing

October 1998-May 2000

Distek, Inc., South Brunswick, NJ
Project Manager (Pharmaceutical products)

• Managed new design projects: software, hardware and packaging
• Supervised Mechanical, Electrical, and software engineers
• Designed hardware: power supply, DC-DC converters, RS485 network, MPU/DSP circuits, display drivers, ATE for production, and motor controls
• Designed schematics using ORCAD
• Traveled to pharmaceutical plants for servicing and start-ups.
• Wrote design specifications, status reports, proposals, and final test procedures

July 1993-October 1998

Precision Graphics, Inc.
Project Engineer/Manager (Consultant/manufacturing house -complete turnkey)

• Designed all new electrical and electronic designs and involved in packaging
• Supervised Mechanical/Electrical Engineers within the department
• Designed software using INTEL, Motorola, Hitachi, SGS Micros, and Visual Basic
• Utilized PLC (GE 90-30): State Logic Programming language
• Designed hardware: Analog/digital/micro designs for mechanical interfacing
• Serial communications interfacing: RS422/RS485/RS455 and RS232
• Power supplies: linear and switchers
• Designed and built controllers for operating high temperature products, Infrared
devices, motor control variacs, and oxygen analyzer products
• ATE designs using PLCs and micro-controllers
• High power interfacing controls using SCR’s, Triacs, and contactors
• Prepared documentation/Proposal/Quotations/Specifications/Manuals
• Prepared schematic drawings using OrCAD

December 1979-July 1993

Automatic Switch Company, Inc.
Project Engineer/Supervisor (Power distribution controls)
• Supervised Software & Electrical engineers and technicians
• Designed, packaged, and released microcontroller products
• Oversea budget and product specifications
• Coordinated trade shows/training seminars/field start-ups
• Supported service, installation, sales, and marketing on new products
• Automated manufacturing
• Performed field startups for Networking and custom applications
• Conducted new product seminars: in-house and in the field
• Qualification testing for final products: VDE, CE, UL/CSA

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