Joseph Schroeder

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Joseph Schroeder
2008 – Dec. 2015 Clearwater Paper Corp. Elwood, IL
Maintenance Manager/Project Manager
• Directed and Managed a team of 29 mechanical, electrical and planning technicians for a 24/7 tissue manufacturing facility
• Coordinated and strategically maintained an annual Maintenance budget of $6.5M, with continued yearly efficiencies and cost reductions of $350k+
• Implemented and maintained Commitment Based Safety (CBS) process within the maintenance department. Also maintained the site’s safety concern log process and safety work order review program.
• Designed and implemented an Internal Maintenance Apprentice program to hire within the facility by utilizing on the job training (OJT) and the online “TPC” training program. Also the account manager for this training for four other sites within the Corp.
• Key team member of obtaining and maintaining all Sustainability and Environmental data for quarterly and yearly internal and third party auditing requirements
• Coordinated and Implemented all yearly (QC) equipment upgrades, customer requests and guidelines to maintain all date code tracking processes
• Key team member of a Corp. Wide Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS). (JD Edwards and 9.1 revision)
• Managed all new capital equipment purchases, cost justifications, installation costs, spare parts review and audited PM inspection reports
• Implemented a maintenance reliability program utilizing Signum/Mobile oil analysis, Fluke Thermography, Emerson vibration remote data collection, ultrasound inspection and PM routes
• Coordinated, maintained and updated all facility, equipment, layout drawings and files for review and auditing purposes within the Corp
• Key team leader in TPM implementation process and leader of directing the “Meantime Between Failure” process to determine additional capital cost and needs to increase “OEE”
• Coordinated all 5S and CI events throughout the maintenance department to increase overall efficiencies and standardization of the department.
• Department lead in Root Cause Mapping (RCM) for both Mechanical and Electric failures

2005-2008 Clearwater Paper Corp. Elwood, IL
Maintenance Manager
• Directed and managed a team of 23 mechanical, electrical and planning technicians divided between two sites within Illinois and Michigan for high speed, 24/7 tissue manufacturing facilities
• Coordinated and strategically maintained an annual Maintenance budget of $4.5M, cost reductions of $250k+, within labor, parts and contractors
• Managed all maintenance trouble shooting training for new technicians hired into the industry
• Reviewed and maintained all recommended spares inventory for all current and new equipment, both mechanical and electrical
• Lead team member of reviewing efficiencies and implementing parts standardization to reduce a $3.2M store room inventory
• Managed and implemented all equipment upgrades to obtain a Corp. standard of 70% machine uptime
• Managed and implemented all (mechanical/electrical) manufacturing alterations to equipment requested by sales and customers to continue increased competitiveness throughout the tissue industry
• Key decision team member on new and used equipment capabilities and purchases

2002-2005 Clearwater Paper Corp. Benton Harbor, MI
Maintenance Supervisor/Lead Planner
• Coordinated and strategically maintained an annual Maintenance budget of $1.9M, combining labor, parts and contractors
• Implemented the JD Edwards (9.1) CMMS system, trained all technicians and planners to utilize the overall process and PM inspection generation point
• Assisted and trained all (Electrical/Mechanical) technicians to improve troubleshooting skills and overall capabilities
• Coordinated a monthly equipment outage and PM inspection plan in coordination with production as a 24/7, 365 days a year mill
• Coordinated a quality roll testing process to improve overall machine efficiencies and product quality

2000-2002 Clearwater Paper Corp. Benton Harbor, MI
Lead Maintenance Technician/Planner
• Troubleshot and maintained all tissue converting, facility and compressed air equipment to gain 65% + or higher equipment uptime
• Created and built all equipment PM inspections and timely/schedule parts replacements
• Coordinated all technical interviewing and hiring process to cover 24/7 manufacturing
• Reviewed all necessary electrical and mechanical spares and built a full parts inventory store room consisting of $1.5M

1997-2000 U.S. Tissue Corp. Benton Harbor, MI
Lead Maintenance Technician/Planner
• Troubleshot and maintained six high speed tissue converting lines, facility and compressed air equipment to gain 65% + or higher equipment uptime
• Maintained and tested all building systems (Fire suppression, alarm systems etc.)
• Troubleshooting support (Electrical/Mechanical) for two mills within Michigan
• Implemented a hiring process for additional technical support.

1992-1997 Pak-It Inc. St. Joseph, MI
Lead Maintenance Technician/Planner
• Troubleshot and mech/elect maintained 21 pieces of plastic injection assembly equipment consisting of heat tunnels, sonic welders, hot plate welding machines, cylinder presses and all pneumatic tooling involved in the process.

University of Wisconsin
• 2007 – 2009 Maintenance Management, Project Engineering and TPM engineering Bachelors certificate program

Southwestern Michigan College
• 2000 — Allen Bradley PLC industrial programming course

Lake Michigan College
• 2001 – AC/DC (24v- 480v) industrial maintenance course

Dupont Training Systems
• 2001-2015 Maintained annual 21 course safety and environmental certificates

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Tru Draw CAD, JD Edwards computer management system, Smart Draw charting systems and Parcview OEE monitoring systems.

Excellent trouble shooting skills, both mechanically and electrically and a thorough thought process to reduce overall operating costs and increase equipment efficiencies.

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